Top 17 Free Chrome SEO Extensions for 2023, New Bloggers Don’t Know

Top 17 Free Chrome SEO Extensions for 2022, New Bloggers Don't Know
Chrome SEO Extensions New Bloggers

17 Best Free Chrome Extensions for New Bloggers: Bloggers have a lot of work to do, they have to write content, optimize websites, publish articles, and eventually promote their blog posts online and offline, Creating more and more backlinks and much more.

It’s sometimes very difficult to do all this and they need some tools to help them do these tasks quickly so that they can save time, the easiest tool extension for them.

But, many bloggers ignore it. In fact, it can reduce your work by less than 40% in 100. If the correct extension you choose.

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Even today, like blog bundles on search engines, the construction of new extensions for developer browser users is increasing every day.

If you use the Google Chrome browser on your desktop, you’re lucky, you know that out of all browsers, chrome browsers are full of both extension free and paid versions on chrome stores in millions.

Now the amount of new free extensions is very high and the number has been increasing day by day. If you were still unaware, you still have time to increase your efficiency by installing SEO extensions.

Once you’ve downloaded these Chrome extensions, it will join your Chrome browser, you can use this Chrome extension very easily with a button click.

In this article, we will know the top Best Chrome SEO Extensions for bloggers to help the bloggers to increase their productivity as well as save time.

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17 Top Chrome Extensions for Bloggers Free

1. PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a website that people use to improve their website speed, it shows what deficiency is causing your webpage to slow down.

It will provide your website with a “Performance score” for each device and also tells you if it’s mobile-friendly. It helps to increase your website speed and gives a detailed report that really important for the website.

INSTALL: PageSpeed Insight
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2. Fatrank ExtensionFatrank Extension

This is a Keyword Rank checker extension. In the SERP ranking of the search engine you are using, you can check the status of any keyword country-wise to how many numbers.

Also, Session reports and Useful links can check and use these three is also easy.

You can also analyze the ranking of your keywords. If your website ranking is down then you can improve your ranking with help of this extension.

INSTALL: Fatrank

3. Check my Links Chrome ExtensionCheck my Links Chrome Extension

Broken links can drop your website ranking down in a search engine. Therefore, the Check my links extension can help you with one click if you need to find and resolve these issues as soon as possible.

This extension will crawl your entire website and notify you of pages with problems. It will also create a list of all broken links that you can easily copy and paste for faster resolution.


4. Detailed SEO ExtensionDetailed SEO Extension

These extensions provide basic SEO information on any webpage you’re viewing.

By this you can check whether the titles and details are SEO friendly, whether the URL is correctly drafted, and can see whether the canonical tag is, using the heading tag, links.


5. Text Optimizer Text Optimizer Chrome Extension

Text Optimizer allows you to write content that’s suited to Search Engine Optimization. You can prosper your content using the Keywords suggested by Extension and SEO-friendly optimize it for higher rankings.

It offers suggestions for both Google and Bing and how customized your content is for a keyword.

Based on this, it gives you a score of 0 to 100. This is an easy way to find the main keyword and related keywords based on content from SEO keyword extensions.


6. Similarweb Chrome ExtensionSimilarweb Chrome Extension

The same web provides information about major SEO metrics and traffic to any website. SimilarWeb is an analytics tool that gives you all kinds of information related to a website such as:

  • How much traffic is coming every month on a website?
  • What is the traffic source of the Website?
  • Website top-ranking keywords.
  • Where are referral and social traffic coming from on the Website?
  • Information about your competitor’s website.

Similarweb is the best free Chrome extension but you can buy its premium version if you want to enjoy more features of this extension.

After using this extension, I feel like this free is one of the free competitor analysis tools that helps you keep an eye on your competitor’s growth and tracking your competitor gives you an idea of what your competitor’s strategy used to increase website traffic.

Tool, allows you to increase your blog traffic by stealing high-quality keywords and backlinks of your competitor and use in your website.

INSTALL: SimilarWeb

7. Full Page Screen CaptureFull Page Screen Capture Chrome Extension

Full Page Screen Capture is one of the top-rated screenshot plugins for Chrome.

It’s simple and quite easy to use. With just one click, chrome extensions for screenshots allow you to take screenshots of the entire Web page.

And you can download the image taken together in JPG, and PNG. If you want to edit, you can improve the Image by using these Shapes, stickers, Crops and other tools.

Note: If you are using Windows 10 or other versions you can also take screenshots with your keyboard button, you just click WINDOW KEY + SHIFT+ S.


8. SEO Meta in 1 ClickSEO Meta in 1 Click

I also recommend this tool when you have a page on a website that contains which keywords you use and want to clearly see the entire structure of the title.

This is useful when you want to analyse your SEO to see what conditions the competition is working on and whether to come up with new ideas or improve their structure.

This tool lets you analyze images that you have left blank titles or ALT and can view internal links and their anchor text.


9. Domain Age CheckerDomain Age Checker

Domain age is the time for a domain to exist, calculated from the moment it first registers. It is important that Google ranking is one of the factors, the older the site, the higher the search results.

Many websites have been born online to check it. However, finding, signing up, copying and pasting URLs prevent time from searching for those sites.

These are extensions where it can tell domain age how old your site or other sites are in one click, as well as SEO, backlinks for SEO experts, Guest post, and Keywords helps to make the right decisions to found out.

 INSTALL: Domain Age Checker

10. Open SEO StatsOpen SEO Stats Chrome Extension

A few years ago, it was very difficult to track and analyze the SEO of any website. Because there weren’t as many extensions and tracking software as it is today, it can be harder to toggle back and forth between many pages on Google analytics.

But, the easiest Open SEO Stats shows you SEO Stats current Web rank and personal Web pages, such as backlinks, site security, meta descriptions, indexed pages and much more, as well as not just Google data – you can also view data on Yahoo, Bing and Amazon Alexa. Just in one click.

 INSTALL: Open SEO Stats

Best Chrome Extension for Students

11. Chrome Extension GrammarlyChrome Grammarly Extension

Grammarly is a free Chrome extension which helps bloggers with spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation to check.

This Extension gets connects very easily with other online platforms – Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, MS Office, Gmail, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Docs. Grammarly gives you corrections and Suggestions in an under-redline whenever you write something.

You can implement the biggest correction if you want. This extension examines the grammar and spelling mistakes of everything you write online.

Grammarly can help you to write content for a website or for a client as well.

 INSTALL: Grammarly

12. Ubersuggest Chrome SEO ExtensionUbersuggest Chrome SEO Extension

Nail Patel has launched this powerful tool. These tools show you keyword data for Free not only for Google search results but also for YouTube and Amazon search results.

The design of this tool is quite different which attracts people. In addition to keyword research, keyword difficulties, top pages, traffic, backlinks, social sharing, domain scores, related keywords and more show.

These tools are given in both free and paid options. If you want to use it for free, you can remove the entire history with different domains 40 times, and you’ll have to buy more plans.


13. SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRankSEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank Extension

First of all, you need to know that SEO & Website Analysis extension have been created by You must be aware of woorank, if you don’t know about it; I’ll tell you that’s an online tool that can check SEO & Website Analysis report.

With this tool, we can check the position of any website. It can check a site’s backlink, technical SEO errors, traffic, etc. And also check the SEO score of a website.

Similarly, when you install this extension in your chrome browser when you open a site, you can check your SEO score in just one click.

It’s a free extension and its size is very low. It is the only size of 120kb, which does not slow the loading of your chrome browser at all.

To install it, click the button below and then if there is a new page open, it will have an ADD TO CHROME button, click it and install it.

 INSTALL: Woorank

14. BuzzsumoBuzzsumo chrome extension

It’s a wonderful Chrome extension that is absolutely free. If you’re a blogger, you’ll have a lot of work. Because you can know about the Social media popularity of a website.

When you do it in a site in Chrome browser, you can know that page Social share count data through this extension and that too visit in an online tool.

You can learn about a webpage and how many shares were made on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. How many likes, comments, and shares were found on Facebook? Apart from all this, there is a great future in that you can backlink check a site.

This extension is built by developers. You must be aware of Buzzsomo Company. It is only through its team that this extension is created. You can install this extension to your Chrome browser for free.

 INSTALL: Buzzsomo 

15. SEO quakeSEO quake free extension tool

It is a free extension tool and has been developed by Let me tell you first that there are many online tools on the site

It is the extension created by which you can check any site Google PageRank, Google Index, Yahoo links, Yahoo link domain, Bing index, Alexa Rank, Web archive age, Whois link, Page source, SEMRush rank, No, follow links. There are also some futures of it.

Highlights no-follow links, and text density, and checks and compares URLs.

You can easily install this extension with the chrome store in your Chrome browser. First, click the button below, then you will be able to see the ADD TO CHROME button, click up and install.


16. MozbarMozbar best Chrome extension

Mozbar is a free tool but also you can also buy a paid plan. If you have a blog, you must optimize your website and you’ll get good knowledge about SEO. It’s the perfect extension for you. Because this extension gives us quick information about the position of a site.

When you install this extension in your Chrome browser, open a site and Page Authority, Domain Authority, Link Profile, Keyword Highlights, etc. of that site here. You can see all this.

There are also a lot of futures in it as if you can see the SERP of a page. If you use pro version, you’ll get a lot of features.

 INSTALL: Mozbar

17. LinkMinerLinkMiner Chrome extension

LinkMiner is the top best Chrome extension that checks the broken links of any web page. It displays broken links in RED while valid URLs are in GREEN. Also, you can export your analyzing data CSV with one click.

You can install Mozbar free extension into your browser. It is free to use and you can also use the pro version if you want. You’ll have to pay some money for it.

 INSTALL: LinkMiner 


The list of Amazing and Free Chrome Extensions for SEO shared by us above is useful for bloggers and SEO experts. These Top 17 SEO-related extensions help you make the most of your time, as well as save time.

You don’t have to use each extension listed here, no, we recommend that all Free SEO extensions should be installed in the Chrome browser.

You can Extensions download what you think is right. Usually, all the extensions mentioned in this article are useful on a Daily Basis for bloggers and SEO Experts.

I hope you liked this article. If you like this blog post, please share it with your friends and family.