[For 2022] 21+ High Demand Blog Topics to Start your New Blogging Journey

[For 2022] high demand blog topics help you to start your new blogging journey
Blog Topics Ideas for New Bloggers

High Demand Blog Topics for New Bloggers

Today I am going to write this High Demand Blog Topics to Start your New Blogging Journey post it is very interesting and good. If you are going to start a blog or a YouTube channel of your own too.


So this post is very essential for you. So guys we’ll know in this post. In what Blog Topics can you write to us? At which we will get more and more traffic.


Guys, if you don’t know about Blogging at all, and searching for low competition blog Niche with high demand. So you must read our post.


In this post we are going to discuss about some most popular blog topic to start your Blogging journey.


I’m telling you some of the best Blog Topics for beginners in this post in which if you guys want to start a Blog Step by Step Guide, you will definitely benefit a lot from it. 

So let’s start without wasting any time; let’s know most profitable blog topics ideas for beginners.

What we have discuss in our post:

1.” How To ” Blog

2. Recipe Blog

3. Education Blog

4. Architecture or Interior Design Blog

5. Coupon Website

6. Review Website

7. Create Affiliate Website

8. Travel Blog

9. Jobs & Career Website

10. News Blog

11. Relationship and Dating

12. Create Blog on Trending Topic

13. PNR Status

14. Lyrics Website

15. Business Ideas Blog

16. Motivational Blog

17. Name ideas blog

18. Aquarium and fish blog

19. Photography blog

20. House Designing blog

21. Books Review blog

22. Pets blog

Low competition blog topics with high demand for 2022

1.” How To ” Blog

This is the first and high demand blog topic in such a blog of our Blog Topics List. How we can do any kind of option or function in any core topic such as computer, internet & online, technology mobile.


Explain this and if you will see in the Internet. So such Blog is quite popular. Which are described as “How To”functions. That’s if you keep good knowledge in one field. So you must create a blog of the “How To” topic.


Such blogs have very good traffic. And you can generate good revenue by monetizing such blogs with Google AdSense. Or you can use other ad network.


So we can assume that, this is a very good topic. In the List of our high demanding Blog Topics, you must create a Blog website on it. 

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2. Start a Recipe Blog

How to Start a Recipe Blog
How to Start a Recipe Blog

The second is a very good and most profitable Blog Topic ideas which is Recipe Blog. In such Blog or website we can tell about the Recipe cookies. 

If we put some kind of Recipe in the search bar of the Google today, it shows the video for the search.


That’s why it happens. Because the good written content of that recipe does not exist in Google. 

So if we will have well written content sifting good search ion optimization. Then our blog can rank easily on Google.

If you put it in your blog, we will get very good traffic on your website. And even if we have a YouTube Channel on the same.


So our YouTube Channel will also get a lot of traffic through this blog. This will be because Google always promotes a written content. 

If you know cooking very well than make a video content. And you can write to people about it. So you must create a recipe blog.


In such blogs you can not only generate revenue through Google AdSense but also generate revenue through YouTube Channel. 

So we can assume that, this is a very good and profitable blog topic. In the List of our Blog Topics, you must make a Recipe Blog.


 3. Start an Education Blog

Best blog topics for education
Best blog topics for education

This is a best blog topic ideas for students in our Blog Topics List. Guys if you’re a teacher or you have too much public interest and knowledge.


If you want to share it with the people, you must create an educational blog. In such a website you will need to write posts according to your knowledge.


Which makes the user feel good and knowledgeful in reading. In such a website you can use a YouTube channel ever.


You can understand that Google always gives more importance to a written content than a video content.


So if you write on education blog. And also provide YouTube videos of it. This is how you can earn money via Google AdSense.


But if you are also Income by YouTube. From this type of blog you can also sell your premium course online.


And that’s what you can earn. So we can assume that, this is a best blog topic idea for college students. You should start an education Blog. 

4. Start Architecture or Interior Design Blog

blog topics for interior design
blog topics interior design

It’s a good Blog Topic for students, if you work it so you can not only generate revenue from Google AdSense

And you can also get a good income by marketing Affiliate. In this you can create a blog with high traffic.


But you have to take special care of this that you have knowledge of this field or too much experience. In this type of Blog or Website you can also make your Audience your home plan like this.


How can you decorate your home? You will tell you about this in your blog. In todays if a person builds his own house. So how should see first design her layout about her in Google. Searches about how to design its interior house.


If your website will have good content. So you can get very good from your blog. And you can get good revenue by doing affiliate marketing of Amazon or Flipkart or any kind of selling website.


This is a unique blog topics. In the List of our Blog Topics, you must make a Blog website on it. And if you’re an engineer, you can also get to make 2D and 3D plans from here.


5. Start a Coupon Website

blog topics for new bloggers
Coupon website for new bloggers

It’s a good Blog Topic in our Blog Topics List. This type of website can generate too much revenue. Because you see in today’s days. Any person of any kind if the mobile does anything online buyer itself.


So he searches for the product or service before buying it. At which he receives a discount. And if he can use it. It can create no blog like this given.


On which you provide coupons or an offer to your users. So in this type of website not only can you generate revenue from Google AdSense. But you can also earn good money through affiliate marketing through your coupons.


This is a very good blog topic with highest traffic. If it is in the List of our Blog Topics, you must make your Blog on it.


6. Start a Review Website

blog post topics for writers
best blog topics for writers

It’s a good and popular Blog Topic in our Blog Topics List. In such Blog you can write review of any product, movies or services.


In today’s world we see. That if we buy a service or a product like mobile laptop TV, etc. ourselves. So let’s first search for reviews about it in Google.


So if we create a review Blog. In which we can write reviews about different types of products. So we can earn money online without investment from this type of blog.


Through Google AdSense and when good traffic will start coming to our blog. So we can also get good income through affiliate marketing.

Now you must have a question coming into your mind. If we have not seen a product using or buying it. So how to write a review about it.


So I’d like to tell you that you have analysis i.e. any product you are writing about. You have to know about it and all the e-commerce websites.


You can write down a result according to the rating and review received in it. And this way you can create a review blog.


This is a very good and popular blog topic in India. So you must make your Blog on it.


7. Create Affiliate Website

High demand blog topics in india
Create Affiliate Website

It’s a good Blog Topic in our Blog Topics List. You can also get a very good income by creating an affiliate marketing website.


If you don’t know about affiliates. So I’d like to tell you. Affiliate Marketing means we sell one product or service to our users through one of our special links or one of our special coupons.


So on that we have to be sold by the company and we have got the product service sale. She gives us his commission. Which we call the Affiliate Commission. And this type of marketing is called affiliate marketing.


In today’s world, if we look at it, the income of affiliate marketing is much higher than any kind of income. But if you want to create this type of website. So you’ll need too much knowledge and capital.


But if you create such a website. So your income will be very high. This is a very good topic. In the List of our Blog Topics, you must make a Blog website on it.

High Demand blog ideas for 2022

8.  Start a Travel Blog

Best blog content ideas for beginners
Start Travel your Blog

This Blog Topic is very much popular  in now a days. If you work it in our Blog Topics, it can not only generate revenue from Google AdSense. And you can also get a good income by Affiliate marketing.


In such blogs you can write post related to travelling in your Blog. For example, if a person goes to Shimla or Jammu Kashmir. So some of the first things to do is search Google to find out about the good places to visit, good and cheap hotels. And if you’ll see it on Google right now.


So you’ll understand that the blog associated with travelling is a little less right now. So you can definitely write your blog on it.


This question will definitely come to your mind that’s if you’ve not gone for a walk in a city. So there’s about how you’ll know. So I’d like to tell you these guys.


Write your own post by reading the content in the Google and analyzing them. And in today’s date we have lots of hotel websites available on Google.


Example- OYO, MakemyTrip, Booking.com, Yatra.com. On which we book hotels. List the best hotel in that city. We can put it on our blog.


So that our users can get a good direction. This will give you a very good traffic to your blog. And you can earn good revenue through Google AdSense from your website.


And things used while travelling can also get good revenue through Amazon Affiliate. And your website will become more popular. Then you’ll also need a contact with the new hotel operator to post you promotional.


So we can assume that, this is a very good and trending blog topic. In the List of our Blog Topics, you must make Blog website on it.


9. Start Jobs & Career Website

best blog topics for college students
Best blog topics for college students

In this topic you have to write about the things people need the most in your blog. If you write about jobs and career in your blog, your blog are likely to be very traffic.


You should contact any company from your area in your blog and get good information about their jobs first. Then put it in your blog and with it how you feel any form in blog. You can tell you how to fill application for your job through people’s blog.


You can also tell people how to ready yourself for your jobs in your blog and related interview from any job how to prepare for interview.

So, you must create job Blog of our Blog Topics List.

10. Create News Blog

Top blog ideas for journalism
Create News Blog

In this type of website you can post news. I think it’s important to tell you one thing before you start news website. That in this type of website you alone won’t be able to get anything much quicker.


If you have a team of some people. Post a post that is almost every day by writing on your blog.


This way there are at least 8 to 10 posts on your website every day. You can earn from this type of website only for physical news.


Because guys we have to understand this. That’s all the news websites at the top places at today’s time. They have at least 200 to 300 news posts in 1 day.


Which is why Google gives them more importance in the news section. But if you write 10 to 12 good posts every day and post them on your website.


So in about 3 to 4 months you will get approval from Google News to your website.


After that Google will start sending traffic to your website. Also when you’re approved in Google News. So you automatically get traffic from reputed websites like Yahoo News.


If you want to create the website as a good team. So creating a news website will be very beneficial for you. So we can assume that, this is a very good and profitable blog topic.


If you act as a team. So, you must create news Blog of our Blog Topics List. 

11. Relationship and Dating

If you can work with it, your blog will Rank on Google SERP within 6 months as this high demand blog topics is going to be very Low Competition.


For this, you can watch the Video on YouTube and get some ideas from there and there you will also find a video to write Article.


And if you can do well in it, you will get a lot of Traffic and even after a lot of hard work you will be able to start a blog in 2022.


Because this most popular and low Competition blog Topic as compared to the other entire Niche. Because very few people are working on it. 


12. Create Blog on Trending Topic

If you how to start a blog with this Niche, you will get so much Traffic that you will not be able to handle it. For this, you can see Google Trends and related videos you will find it on YouTube and you can write it in your blog in text format.


You don’t have to work hard for long to Rank your Blog with this Topic. You can Daily Article Publish within a month and get your Blog Rank inside the 1st page on Google SERP. And if there is a High quality Article, Google Direct Traffic will send it to your Website.


You can work on a lot of topic like IPL, Olympics, world cup, Festivals. That means you can publish article what is happening today, like news at home or abroad, but not exact news.


And after Publish the article, you share it on Facebook Group or Page and share it wherever you want to share it so that everyone visit on your blog and as your blog traffic will coming ​on, you can’t imagine.


13. PNR Status

Did you know that India has millions of people travelling by train every day and millions of these millions of people book trains in advance, and those who book trains search on Google to find out the status of their train or the PNR Status of their booking?


If you create a website on this Niche, you can earn lakhs of rupees a month from that site.


If you search by PNR Status on Google, you’ll see some websites ranked in the top whose site is neither good-looking nor well-SEO in their site.


You can take advantage of this to bring millions of traffic to your site every day by creating your own site and SEO it and ranking it in the top.


If all sites are analyzed one by one, all sites use the same type of tool.


This is a high traffic blog topic which is why we are suggesting you to create PNR Status Website.


14. Create Lyrics Website

Lyrics Website did you know that if you analyze any lyrics provider site on the Internet on a tool, you’ll see millions of traffic coming to that site.


One of the advantages of the Lyrics website is that you don’t need to work too these sites, just you have to focus on an off-page SEO and you will easily be able to rank the lyrics of any song in the top.


If you have another website and want to create extra unworked blogs, you can create a Lyrics website, in which you can rank your site with your ideas.


If you first put the lyrics of any released song on your website, your chances of getting the rank of that post increase dearly.


For this, you can hire a fellow who can write to you the lyrics of the latest Released Song and also let you know about which song is about to release.


15. Create Business Ideas Blog

Now a days, a lot of people are looking for business ideas, so if you start a blog on top of it, you will start getting traffic and earning only by writing 150 unique articles.


It’s not that you publish 150 articles in a few days, but you’ll have to write an article daily so that your blog has complete in 150 days, following such consistency will help you succeed.


This is a Best topic to start a blog as only a few people are working on it. Traffic is also very high. So related Video you can see on YouTube what to do and how to do it.


A lot of people nowadays visit the factory and make videos and cover all the details in it, so you can see them and get information out of them.


16. Create Motivational Blog

In today’s time, many people suffer from some problem in Daily Life. And there are many who are worried about their career.


In that case, if you create motivational blog, you can tell them how to handle the Problems in a Life.


You can motivate them how they can move on successfully in their problems. People will like your content if it is right. So all those daily will visit to your Blog.


Therefore, Topic should be Impressive. Because it is said Content is the King and it is also true. Because if your article doesn’t benefits the user, it won’t come back to your blog. 

Profitable Blog Niches with low competition for 2022

17. Name Ideas blog

You have seen in your home or in society, that whenever a baby is born they are searching names for the new born baby. They always search for unique name for our child because name is permanent and no one wants that name of new born baby is not unique.


So, this is the best opportunity for bloggers to create your name blog. Because if you a lot of unique name with their meaning. So you should once start your name blog.


I have listed below that topic you can choose for name blog:

vName for new Born Baby

vName for Girlfriend

vName for Boyfriend

vFunny Name for your brother

vName for your friends

vName for your sister

vName for Facebook

vName for Instagram

vName for your Business

vName for YouTube Channel

vName for Website


18. Aquarium and fish blog

Aquarium and fish blog niches with low competition
Source: Unplash ( Kyaw Tun ) 

If you choose
Aquarium and fish blog niche to start your successful blog. That means you’re in right path.


If you have interest in fishes and aquarium then, definitely you should write about it.


There are so many people who create our blog on aquarium and fishes but because lack of quality information they don’t gives our reader high quality content and fails to start blog.


But if you have knowledge with interest in fishes like which type of filter is best for fishes, what type of food should give our fishes, how to clean my tanks or ponds, and how to feed them, etc. 

So, we will suggest you to start your blog with potential and work on them to publish your High Quality content.


In this way there are two ways that you can earn money from your aquarium blog, first you can earn from Google AdSense and second you will earn from Affiliate Marketing.


In this Blog Niche, you don’t work hard to find your blog post topic, because here you can write number of posts like on Fishes, filters, which type of glass we used to make our aquarium, Lights, stones, etc.


19. Photography blog

If you are a Photographer and love to click photos from your own devices, it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or amateur, starting your own photography blog is the best way to share your images with large audience.


If you have knowledge and techniques that how to click photos, then why not to share our tips & tricks with the audience. Because if have some good techniques and knowledge then, readers will interact with your content.


With your Photography blog you will inspire and educate your readers that really want to know your techniques.


This is a high demand blog topic with high competition, if you choose this niche you need to work hard to rank your blog post on top of SERP.


There are number of ways that you make money online from photography:

vYou will earn money from Google AdSense.

vYou will make money from Affiliate marketing.

vYou will make money by posting your image on different platforms.

vYou can sell your High Quality Images also.


So, if you have unique skill to click your photos then definitely start your Photography blog.


20. House Designing blog

profitable blog niches with low competition for 2022
Blog Ideas Topic: House Designing Blog

House design means, design plans of others house. If you are a Civil Engineer or an Architect, then you will definitely aware of this word.


I want to tell you that my elder brother is a Civil Engineer and he run a blog and also design house plans like 2D, 3D. He gives our knowledge and techniques to design houses to our readers and make money from it. And he charges Rs.15 per sqr. Feet to design house plans.


It doesn’t matter you are engineer or not, you just need to learn some software like AutoCad, Sketchup, etc. to start your business.


In this way there are multiple ways that you can make money online, you can make money by designing other plans, and you can get your plans from other countries also.


I want to tell you that my brother earn money from AdSense, by selling designs, and by design house plans also.


21. Books Review blog

If you are book worm and love to read, then you should start a book review blog. Because with your book blog you give reviews on book for others who wants to read that book.



Let me tell you with an example, suppose I have book review blog and you want to read any book, will come on my blog to know more about that book.


Before start reading any book everyone wants to know about it, that’s why you need to start a book blog, because with blog you can share your experience with other readers, and appreciate for reading.


In this way you can make money in 4 ways:

Ø You can make money from AdSense.

Ø You can make money from Affiliate marketing.

Ø You can make money from sponsor posts.

Ø And you can earn money by reading books.

Now you are thinking that how can we make money by reading books. There is lot of websites who paid for reading books.


So, if you are book worm you should definitely start your book blog.



22. Pets blog

Blog is only way that you can use to share your own thoughts with large audiences.


If you are pet lover whether it is dog, cat or any pet that you love. And share pictures on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, etc. and love to write about pets.


So, why not to start a blog and get you own ideas out into the whole world. With the blog you can educate and inspire your audience to have a pet on his home.


Starting a pet blog, and share your ideas with your audience, is a best way to make money online.


In this way, you can give ideas with your blog post like how to care animals, how to feed them and what to give them for food.


You can also give suggestions for how to treat when they are ill.


In this way you can make a lot of money from your blog and there are multiple ways that we can use to earn money online:

1.     By sharing photos on social media platforms.

2.     From affiliate marketing.

3.     From Google AdSense.


So, if you like this post High Demand Blog Topics to Start your New Blogging Journey for 2022, please comment to us and if there is any complaint, please tell us that too. 

So, you must try to make Blog in the Blog Topics given in the List of the Blog Topics.

We have always tried to provide accurate and accurate information to our Readers so that you don’t have to search elsewhere on the Internet and save your time.

How do you like this post. If you like this post, share it on social media so that your friends also keep in mind best topics to make blog.

If you still have a question or doubt about best topics to start blog in India, tell us in the comment box that we will answer your question.


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