[12 Easy Tips] How To Increase Organic Traffic On Your Blog Without SEO?

How To Increase Traffic On Your Blog Without SEO?
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Are you struggling to increase traffic on your blog without SEO? And looking for a post which helps you to boost your website traffic.


Don’t worry, every blogger face this problem in his/her blogging Journey.


Google has made a lot of changes in it, which has made it a little hard to rank website, and we sit all day wondering how to increase traffic on our blog without SEO.


Well, there is no point in saying that SEO whether it is On-Page SEO or Off-Page SEO is the best way to bring organic traffic, if you look at my website, 70% of the traffic on my website is organic that comes from Google, Bing, Yahoo and, other website through links.


But as I told you that a lot of people are start blogging in 2017, which is why competition has increased and they are all seo experts.


Well, if you are also a seo expert, there is nothing to say that your site will not come traffic. Its traffic will come to your site but it will take you a little time.


And in this post I’ll show, you how to get traffic without Search Engine Optimization. So start a blog in 2022 and bring traffic without SEO.


Because traffic will come sale will increase, if sales will increases you can make good money from your blog. So my friends come and start with in this awesome step.


And here I am going to share 12 Simple Tricks that you can use apply for your blog to drive more organic traffic to the blog.

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Posts Overview:

1. Focus on creating long-form content

2. Update Old Blog Posts

3. Focus on long-tail keywords

4. Use Quora to generate massive traffic to my site

5. Use Medium.com to increase organic traffic

6. Use Google Question Hub to drive more organic traffic

7. Online Advertising

8. Advertising on Facebook

9. Guest Posting to Get Free Traffic

10. Blog commenting

11. Use Social Media Platform

12. Use YouTube to drive massive traffic to your website 


How to get your blog noticed by Google?

Before I start, I’ll tell you that I’ll tell you step, equal traffic will ever come out of them.


There will be a traffic from everywhere, a traffic of 10,000 or 100,000 from somewhere, depend you said and how you work.


And don’t bring traffic than many because 5,000 targeted visits better by 15,000 untargeted visits.


Now we start ourselves from where you can learn, how to increase organic traffic.


12 Simple Ways To Increase Traffic On Your Blog Without SEO

1. Focus on creating long-form content

Focus on creating long-form content


Lengthy or long-form content always plays an important role to rank your blog post on higher positions on search engines.


You have seen that in any Niche or topic there is a high competition to rank your blog. So, this is the best way to increase web traffic to rank your blog


Whenever you describe anything in deep, deep means explain everything in detail.


There are two benefits on creating long-form content. First, your reader will interact with blog post and second is that you can achieve good ranking easily.


Once you achieve good ranking of your blog, get a lot of traffic on your blog and you can earn high amount of money.


I am always telling with my reader to go through long-form content, because this is an best free website traffic generator method.

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2.Update Old Blog Posts

Always keep your content fresh by updating existing posts.

Update old content of your website helps in these three areas:

Ø Chance of getting more Backlinks.

Ø It builds readers trust.

Ø Stay up-to-date with best SEO practice.

If you have enough content on your website r blog. So you need to update more posts instead of creating new content for your blog.


There are so many people who always create new content and publishing on his/her websites. After some time they think that we don’t have to write our posts.


I want to tell you that it is easy to update old post than the creating of new content on your blog.

There are some benefits of updating old content on blog:

·        Your post is already ranked, so don’t need to work hard for ranking.

·        Your blog post have enough backlinks, so no need of creating too much backlinks for getting rank your website.

·        To update your old content you need to write only 300-500 words but for new posts you need to write 2000-3000 words to get better rank.


3. Focus on long-tail keywords

Focus on long-tail keywords


If you are blogger then you have aware with the long tail keyword if not, don’t worry you should read- Long-tail keywords in your blog post.

Specially for new bloggers, using of long tail keyword is a boon for your website.


If you are new in field of blogging, so it very difficult to rank your blog post in higher positions on SERP, because you don’t have too much backlinks to boost your post ranking.


So, this is the best way to increase organic traffic on your website. Whenever, create my new blog, I am using this technique to boost my blog post ranking.


This is the only way that you will not lose your ranking of blog, because your article is rank with the High quality content not with only backlinks.


I am not telling that backlinks don’t works for ranking purpose. It always plays an important role on ranking of blog post. But the problem is that for new blogger it very difficult to build high quality backlinks.


That’s why advice for you that first you should focus on your Content then on backlinks.



4. Use Quora to generate massive traffic to my site

[12 Easy Tips] How To Increase Organic Traffic On Your Blog Without SEO?


This is the way that you can increase traffic to your blog for free. In this platform you don’t have to pay anything to write posts.


Here, you just need to answer of those questions which are asked by others users. And put your link in your answer to redirect user on your website.


If you want to know more in detail, you should read our post. In my blog post I have discussed about – Simple tips to boost your website traffic.


If you don’t know about Quora, I want to tell you that there are lot of people who drives millions of traffic on website by using Quora.


So, don’t let it go this opportunity.


5. Use Medium.com to increase organic traffic

Medium.com is the content sharing website, where you share your quality knowledge and drive more organic traffic to your website.


I am also using this site to increase my website traffic, because it very easy to use and also this gives you high quality backlinks for your blog.


On this, you need to share your content on medium.com.


6. Use Google Question Hub to drive more organic traffic

Use Google Question Hub to drive more organic traffic


If you are beginner, so Google question hub is the best way to boost your website traffic.


I have already written on my blog that is how to use Google Question Hub to increase organic traffic to your blog. To know more, you can check out my previous post.


You don’t work hard to get traffic from Question hub, you just need to search a question which is related to your topic and attach your answer with the question.

That’s it.


Let me tell you with the example: Suppose I create a post on “make money online” then we will search on Google Question Hub about “make money” topic and if found simply you submit your post link.


Whenever I create my new blog, using this technique to drive organic traffic on my blog.


So, I would suggest you to use this free product of Google to get free traffic to your website because in this way you can get instant traffic on website.


7. Online Advertising

Online Advertising is one of the most easy ways to get traffic to your website without social media, it’s not hundreds help that you increase your site traffic in thousands.  And Targeted visitor get can.


Online promotion is a paid system. If you want to Ads create, you’ll have to pay for every click.


What Best Advertising Company is AdWords that is a service of Google? It will targeted visitor you to sales your business, you can Ad create yourself by log in (use Gmail id) on the AdWords. It consists of 2 type Ad.


Search Ad – which i will see Google searches?

Display Ad – This will be seen in the website of others with the help of AdSense.


8. Advertising your blog on Facebook

Advertising your blog on Facebook
Source: Unplash


There is no point in saying that Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites.


In which billions of user every month use Facebook. There are so many companies that drive traffic to your website. It’s also a paid service that Facebook created.


One of the advantages of this is that it is very easy to Facebook Ad create and you don’t even have to pay much to run Ad.



9. Guest Posting to Get Free website Traffic

Guest posting is a great way to increase Blog traffic without seo and for free traffic and it’s a free service so that you can go to another site and write article for them and link your site.


On which site should guest posting be done?


You guest posting on site where a lot of people daily visit.

“Guest posting” the website that related category your site.

You guest and posting the news site, because there is a lot of traffic on the news website.


If you want to sites search guest-posting, you search Google searches i’m using (“) before and last keyword.


Ø “Guest post”

Ø “Write for us”

Ø “Guest posts wanted”


By keyword type all this, you will be able to search the high PR and good guest-posting site. But remember, when you guest posting, you won’t article approved if you don’t write your article quality and useful information.


10. Blog commenting

Blog comment is one of the most easy traffic for growing up and Link-building but you need to blog comment take care of time certain things that are as follows:-


Ø Comment on others blog to get free traffic to my website.

Ø When you comment, don’t put my name keyword box name.


Whenever I ask for a comment box my question, i link without answer it. If you like your answer, he will automatically search and come to your site.


If a comment I ask you for a link of website, link share the article they need.


11. Use Social Media Platform

Use Social Media Platform to drive more traffic


Increase Blog traffic from social media is the best way for every new blogger.


To bring visitor on your site, you have to write a unique article that visitor likes your article and forces him to share on the social media.


Now I’m telling you a little social-media site where you can instant traffic by article share yourself.


Top Social Media Platform to Increase Website Traffic:









It is some of the platform on which daily visitor visit millions you can easily traffic generate by post share on these sites and get a good result.


12. Use YouTube to drive massive traffic to your website

YouTube is also a best site ranking to provide the star without SEO site ranking. What you have to do for this you make a good video at least 5 minutes and publish it. 


When you video publish, you can link your website in description box, but remember to apply it with “https” when you put link.



It’s the best of some tips & trick which I think. If you follow any of these steps, you can certainly result get well, and if you think there should be ADD some more step, you can go to the comment box and tell us. Every question of yours is very precious to us.


And if you find our Post helpful and useful and you must have found it, if you like our article, definitely share it with your friends, you can also Share it on Social Media Platform like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. And if you have any problem, please tell us in Comment.



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