Simplest Way to Use & Install Chrome Extension in Android Mobile

Simplest Way to Use & Install Chrome Extension in Android Mobile
Chrome Extension in Android

Today, in this post, we’re going to talk about Simplest Way to Use & Install Chrome Extension on Android Mobile where you use the Internet, you’ll be well aware, if you want to use the Internet inside any smart device, you need to have an Internet browser.

If there is an Internet browser needed here, there can be no one better than Google Chrome because you get a lot of options and it’s very easy to use so how do we use Chrome Extension in Android Mobile through this post here? We’re going to give the full information in detail.

If you use Google Chrome on your computer, you’ll be well aware that you can install any extension you like in it, whereas if you want to add new features to a Google Chrome browser, you can easily install its extension and add that feature to the browser.

But when it comes to mobiles, Google Chrome is separately versioned for smart devices, if you want to install extensions in some way in the Google Chrome browser of the smartphone, there is a lot of problem doing it and if you don’t know the full details of Google Chrome, you won’t be able to use.

So we have come up with this post where we will give you the full details of how to install extensions in chrome.

Because any option separately is given within the mobile Chrome version you have to make a lot of changes to where you can go and add your favorite extension, and we’ll share it in this post.

In addition, we will also show you in this post benefits of chrome extensions on Android Phones, and which other applications you need to install to run extensions in Chrome on your mobile.

Here we install Chrome Extension on Android Mobile and how to use it.

We also want to mention here that if you need more Google Chrome-related information, you can also read other posts available on our website here we have shared information related to chrome android extensions in detail through posts.


How to Install Chrome Extension on Mobile?

If you read our post carefully, you won’t have any problem installing any extensions in your mobile’s Chrome browser because we’re telling you in exactly the detail and simple language below.

Here’s some information you want to give the desktop version of Google Chrome that comes up gives Google the option to officially install extensions so that you can install any kind of extension inside the Chrome browser inside your chrome.

But mobile is quite different because no such option has been offered by Google or features have not yet been included, so that you can install any extension slots in the Chrome of your mobile so you need to install what it is through another application.

Here we’re going to tell you about the same application through which you can install any kind of extension in your Chrome browser, so you’ll need to install the application first.

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For this, you have to resort to other Browsers that Support Chrome Extension. Yandex, Mozilla Firefox, Kiwi Browser, and Dolfin Browser are some of the browsers that have Permission to use Chrome Extension in Android mobile.

Here we are going to use Yandex Browser to use Android extensions in mobile. So let’s find out how to Chrome Extension Install on mobile.

 1. Yandex Browser Beta app needs to install you first. If you search Google it can be downloaded by visiting its official website and installing it quite easily.

Yandex Browser Beta Download

2. Once downloaded, you need to install it on your phone.

3. The size of the application is around 84 MB. Also, if you have an Android smartphone, you can also download the application by visiting the Google Play Store.

4. After installing the application, you will need to open Yandex Browser Bets App on your phone. If you open this browser, it will look exactly like the Google Chrome browser.

can you get extensions on chrome mobile

5. After opening the browser, you need to go to the search option and search by typing Store.

chrome extensions for android phones

6. After searching, the Chrome Web Store will open in front of you from where you can install any extensions.

Here we tell you that the installation process will remain the same as you do in the Chrome version of your desktop.

Chrome web store mobile

7.  Select any extension you want to install first or you can search.

8. Then open the extension and there you will see the option of ADD TO CHROME, clicking on it.

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension


 9. You’ll need to wait for a little after clicking, and after a few minutes, any extension you’ve selected will install your browser.

How to Chrome Extension Install on Mobile? You will get full information about it, but here we tell you that any extension you are installing will not work properly at times and may not open properly even if opened because Google has not officially provided this feature in any way.

You are using it through the application so there may be some problems using it so you have to take care of it only then do you have to add extensions to chrome mobile.


How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android?

Here we have provided you with this information so far on how you can install chrome-extension on Android phones but now we know here how you can use the installed chrome-extension.

Because the Chrome version of Desktop is easy to use any extension, but there is a very different situation inside mobile phones and it is still a big problem to use after installing, so we’ll show you the easiest way how do I enable chrome extensions on android and how to use Google chrome extensions.

1. The first thing you need to do is open the Yandex browser on your smartphone.

2. After you open the browser, you need to open its settings, and here’s one thing you need to keep in mind is that after you open the settings, you’ll have a new option open in front of you that will be extensions.

Simplest Way to Use & Install Chrome Extension in Android Mobile

3. Here you have to click the Extension Catalog option.

Simplest Way to Use & Install Chrome Extension in Android Mobile

 4. As soon as you click on the extension option, there will be all the extensions that you have installed in your browser so far, so before using them here, one thing to keep in mind is that you activate them first.

 5. You can open and use the extension if it already arrives.

 6. But one more thing to keep in mind here is that you don’t have to install too many extensions together in your browser because the browser won’t work properly again.

Here’s how you can use chrome extension on Android phones. Here you need to restart your browser once you have a problem using an extension or you can’t open an extension.

Even after that, if the extension is not opening or working properly even when restarted, it has to be removed from the browser and reinstalled, and then it will start working properly.


Benefits of Chrome Extensions on Android Mobile

Here we talk about what are the benefits of Chrome Extensions. And sharing all the details of why we should install extensions in our browser below:

 1.    Installing any extension in the android chrome browser makes us more features because there are many features that we don’t get in the other browsers and we need extensions other than the browser.

 2.    If you want to make a change to the browser or change its interface, it also requires an extension.

 3.  If you use social media too much, you need an extension because Facebook has a separate extension for Instagram from where you can open social media quite easily.

 4.  You can add anyone behind to your browser for absolutely free and you don’t even need to spend a single penny.

We’ve provided you with the full details here about how to add a chrome extension on mobile and if any extensions don’t work properly because there are quite a lot of applications that won’t work; we’ve also been given information about what to do.

There is a lot of reason why extensions don’t work properly because the Chrome version of mobile doesn’t officially feature from Google, which will prevent the extension from working properly, but within a few extensions, you’ll see this problem.



How do we Install & Use Chrome Extension on Android Mobile? Provide complete information about it and if you’ve noticed our post from start to end, you’ll get complete knowledge of how to extension install on mobile and how it’s used.

Here, apart from the information we have provided to you about the browser if you need any information regarding how to add an extension on android? 

You don’t have to worry at all and you can also ask us your questions through the comments below where we will try our best to answer all the questions you have through comments.