Google Question Hub: Best Way to Increase Organic Website Traffic through Google

As we all know how easy it has become to start blogging in 2023, it has become a very difficult task to bring traffic to the blog, so I will tell you today how to increase traffic on the website with Google Question Hub.

Today, we are going to talk about Google Question Hub to increase organic traffic on your Blog. Nowadays, you get everything very easily on the Internet, and many such Bloggers come every day thinking that we blog and make a lot of money by bringing traffic on it.

Today this is the best way to bring unlimited organic traffic to your website and they also use Google Question Hub to bring millions of traffic to their websites.

Bringing traffic to your website is a kind of skill in itself and in this skill you have to use different types of ways to bring traffic to your website.

So today we will talk about the same thing and today I will tell you how to increase traffic on your website for free with the help of Google Question hub, because if you learn how you can bring traffic to your website, and then can’t imagine how much traffic you can get a website.

And what is the Google Question Hub? Let us know why it works so important for Bloggers like us.

What is Google Question Hub?

What is Google Question Hub?

Google created a tool called Question Centre in 2019, which was provided to publishers and bloggers. With the help of this tool called Question Hub, bloggers can easily find the query that users are searching for on the Internet, and query information is not available on the Internet.

For example: – If you’re writing a post that is related to Blogging, you’ll need to search the search bar in Google Question Hub by writing Blogging, now you’ll have many questions that don’t have much information available on the Internet and users are searching for that Query.

You can Add those Queries to your Blog post and improve your ranking in Search Engine. This Tool can be used by a Blogger and Content Creators when you have a Blog and you can use Google Question Hub to rank their website.

Purpose of Google Question Hub

Purpose of Google Question Hub

The main purpose of the Question Hub Tool is to place questions in front of Blogger that users want to know the answer to but are not yet present on the Internet.

Here bloggers find Questions or Queries that were asked by users and whose answer is not available on the Internet.

This will make it easier for bloggers to know what users want to know so that they will cover those topics in their Blog posts.

That’s all we do, then you get a lot of traffic from the Google Question hub.

Characteristics of Google Question Hub

Ø In Google question hub, bloggers can find out the questions that are asked a lot, but still, the answer does not exist on the Internet and you can easily get organic traffic your blog by answering those questions.

Ø In addition, we get an idea to write new blog posts to bloggers. So that you can write an article on those topics.

Ø With the help of Question Hub, new and old bloggers, and content writers can easily find out what users are searching for on Google and after joining it, you will easily get an idea to write a new blog post.

Ø In this you can niche-choose your blog and pick related questions with your niche. After picking, you can grow your blog by answering that question.

Ø You can also find out the performance of your keyword after giving the answer of the Questions.

If you will know how many impressions are coming to your answer and how many people have searched you will know all these things.

7 Easy Steps to Create an Account on Google Question Hub

So far we have told you all the important things about Google question hub in this article. Now we will know how to join in Google question hub.

I’ll tell you Step By Step how to create an account on Google Question Hub:

1)- First of all, you need to click on this link to go to the question hub. After clicking on it will the page open in front of you with two options? First, log in and second signup, click on the option of Signup.

2)- After clicking on the Signup button, it will ask you to enter your Gmail, After entering mail id this will send you a verification mail.

Then, you have to log in to your Gmail account. After Account permission allows, your account on the question hub will create successfully.

3)- In the third step, you will have to verify your site to use the question hub. Here you can put your website.

4)- Now, you have to choose the language, and country, and select email. So choose Language and country.

5)- After that, it will ask you to choose your Blog niche. So, you have to choose your niche. On which you are writing an article.

6)- Then you have to add some questions, click on add button, then search your topic and select your question and click on done.

7)- Now you can use Question Hub and answer people’s questions. Use add questions to answer more.

Process of Answering on Question Hub

Process of Answering on Question Hub
  1. The first thing you have to do is Google Question Hub Open and log in. You’ll see a homepage.
  2. Now, Click on the Option of saved question. Then you can see any questions you have saved there and if you have not saved any questions, you can go to Add Question.
  3. After which the option of Submit Question and Delete Question will appear on that question.
  4. Now, click on submit a question and add the URL of the post in which you wrote the answer of those questions.
  5. Similarly, you can answer all your questions very easily after that whenever this Query is searched in Google, your Website URL will be visible to people and traffic will come to your site.

Note: Only 5 questions can be added at a time. That’s why you can save questions in your account for a maximum of 100 questions.

If you want to respond to a question, you can click the answer button in the question side and put your article link on it.

Benefits of Using Google Question Hub

Benefits of Using Google Question Hub

Let us know, the benefits of using the question hub tool and bringing a lot of traffic to your blog, and you can earn better than that.

1. The Idea of Writing Content:

After joining the Question hub, you get to see new topics in it and ideas on which topic you can write content on. There are many topics from all Google people search for which exact answers cannot be found, so you must write an article on such topics.

2. Help in Ranking Blog Posts:

When you answer in the Google Question Hub, it also improves your website ranking and also ranks your post in Google as quickly as you can.

3. Help in Writing High-Quality Content:

Google Question Hub can also increase your content quality. This gives you an idea of which topic to cover in the article.

4. Boost Organic Traffic:

Google question hub can also help you to drive traffic to a website for free. The biggest benefit you get is that you can get traffic to your blog.

And you can also increase the Quality of your Blog post by answering on Google Question Hub or putting them in your post.


Through this article, we told you what is Google Question Hub? And how does it work?

I hope you liked this method to increase Organic website traffic through Google with Question Hub in today’s post. Question Hub fresh helps a lot in idea find topics.

The fresh the topic, the more traffic increases the chances of arriving. So you should do your content question with the help of a hub. This will grow your blog very quickly.

I hope today’s information has been very important for you and your blog. If you like this post, you can also Share it with your friends on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.


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