As a beginners: Simple Tips to Boost your Blog Traffic from Quora


As a beginners: Simple Tips to Boost your Blog Traffic from Quora
How to get more website traffic for free

Simple Tips to Boost your Blog Traffic from Quora

Today we are going to talk about simple tips to boost your blog traffic from Quora. I’ll tell you some tips for this so you can use on Quora properly to get more website traffic for free. If you are passionate about blogging, so you must read this post.


Every blogger wants more and more traffic to his blog. Because only when people come to his blog will he be able to making money from his blog. But bringing traffic to the blog is not an easy task.


In today’s time competition is too high. In that case, if you want to seriously blogging, you have to work hard. It doesn’t matter if you’re blogging for your hobby.

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There are a lot of ways to increase the traffic of the blog. If you search about it in Google, you’ll find thousands of ways. Which allows you to increase the traffic to your blog.


Today I’m telling you about a very simple ways to drive more traffic to your blog.


Let me tell you one thing, there is no shortcut way to increase the traffic of the blog. You can’t increase your blog’s traffic overnight in any way. Blogs have a very long process to increase the traffic.


No matter, how big blogger are today, their blogs may not have increase traffic suddenly. They must have worked day and night for this too. That’s why he’s at this point today.


If you also want to be a success blogger, it is very important to have patience within you. Keep working hard with him. One day your blog will also start getting good traffic and you will start make money from blogging.


Today I’m going to tell you how to increase the traffic to your blog using Quora. Often, new blogger have trouble increasing traffic in their blogs.


They are always thinking about increasing the traffic of their blogs. Quora are a very good source for them. From where they can increase traffic in a short time for their blog.


What is Quora?

You don’t have to tell you about it if you’re a blogger. Let me tell you that this is a Question Answer site. You can ask a question or answer a question.


It is similar to yahoo answers but is considered to be more better. If you regular search on Google, you’ll have regular meeting Quora.


You will find a lot of experts every topic so you can get help. If you want to find out what you want to do, you can question add it.


Here you will get answers from a lot of experts. You will also be 100% satisfied answer them.


This is a very simple way to boost your blog traffic from Quora. But you need to come to use it correctly. I’ll tell you some tips that can make the right use of Quora.

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How to boost your website traffic for free

I will tell you today how you can easily boost website traffic for free with Quora. Quora is a question/answer website where you can answer your topic-related questions and bring traffic to your blog or website.


I am sure that this method will help you to improve blog Traffic. To do that just you need follow my Steps which is given below:


1: Setup profile


Display picture,



Where you live

Description of yourself


First of all, you need to account create your Quora. Then you need to add information something important in your profile. This is what most people make after making account. In this, we need to fill in the whole details about ourselves.


You need to add all this in your profile, photo, bio, credentials. Bio you have to write about your blog as well as yourself. So people will learn about your blog and visit your blog as well.


Don’t forget to add employment in Credential. In it you have to write Founder &CEO in Position and URL add your blog in company.


You need to set up your profile very well. Because if someone wants to know about you, they will visit in your profile. So you’ll have to tell you about your blog as well.


2: Choose Right Topics:

When you make profile in Quora, you have to interested topics select something about it. There will be more than 300,000  traffic. You have to select the topic you know very well or select the topics you interest on.


When you select your topics according to your interest, you will be shown related questions and answers. You have to answer them very carefully.


3: Search Right question to answer:

Once you’ve profile setup complete, Quora will show you related question with selected categories? In this you have to create a perfect question select for yourself, which you know very well and can answer very well.


Keep in mind that you don’t have to answer question you don’t know about well. This can cause you in trouble. In this, you have to keep everything in mind while giving answer.


First of all, you need to find the right question. You can take the help of search if you want. You can select perfect question for yourself by search about the topic you know well.


For example, if you know SEO well, if you write SEO and search, it will bring thousands of questions related. Select the question you like here and the one you can explain well.


Also, make sure that not many people have given the answer of question. Here you will find many question where hundreds of answer. It would be better to ignore such question.


With the help of Quora you can bring traffic to your website and also you can earn money online from without investment. To know how can you earn money from Quora. Just click on above link and you will find information about How will you make money online from Quora .


4: Write interesting answers:

It’s very important point. It’s very important to pay attention to it. The better answer you write, the more traffic will come to your blog. The biggest key is that you will be able to bring traffic to your blog.


If you’ve set up your profile properly and set your blog credential to default, when you write or comment answer in a question, you’ll write about your blog there.


This will help people know about your blog or company. Keep in mind that the credential you have set in the default will be show here.


You have to write the answer to any question so that it can be easily understood. The better you explain. The more people will be affected by your reply.


And the more people impress, the more traffic will come to your blog. You don’t have to make any mistakes in this. Let me tell you something about it tips below.


Write the answer of the related question from the topic you confident complete.

Research well before giving answer of any question. Use image if needed in Answer.

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5: Do not Self Promote:

Let me tell you first that Quora is a huge platform and it has become a very popular. It has large experts active. If you try to be clever in this, your profile will be block by the Quora team.


That’s why I’m saying, because some people start spamming as soon as they account it. Let me tell you that you can’t gain too much traffic by add your link in answer. You must be answer interesting to gain traffic, that’s just a key method to get traffic from Quora.


When people like your answer, they’ll definitely want to know more about you and they’ll definitely visit to your blog. So I request you to avoid spamming. Such accounts are block very soon by the Quora team.


You can link add your last after you write the whole answer. But that too should be related that question. I also follow this method in which, after writing the full answer, I add the link of my blog at last which is related to the post.


6: Follow Experts:

You can increase your credibility by follow another experts. It’s very easy. If you follow other experts, he will also follow you. This will help you get credibility increase.


If you’re new in blogging, you’ll also get a chance to learn a lot from experts. They will help you learn about writing a perfect answer. Which is very important to you?


Once you learn to write perfect answer, you will also become an expert and people will follow you too. This will help you grow not only your post but also your website.


7: By Create Space on Quora

We will Space Create over the Quora. You go to the Home page of the Quora to Space Create.


You will see the Option of Top Create Space in the Left Side.


You have to Space Create.  To Space Create, you need to apply Simple Space name, description, profile photo and Cover Photo.


Your space will be ready. Now you have to go to the homepage and click on the option of Link in the Top.


Now you’ll have a page in front of you here you have to select share link. Choose Space to select your space and put a link to your blog in the link.


Finally, click on the share link. Your link will be shared on space. Now share your post to other space to Increase the Reach. Your post will views increase that will go to your blog later and your blog will increase traffic.


8: Join Other Creator Spaces

In this strategy, we will join the space of the second Creator.


You have to search for spaces as per your niche on the Quora and send them Request join. You have to join at least 10, 20 space. When you find approval in all spaces.


Then you have to go to your homepage and click on the links option.


Now you have to click on the top of the share link here and space choose that you have joined.


Now you have to write 2, 3 lines related to your post and share your link in the link.


Finally share link. Now you have to wait until your post is approved.


After approve, your post will get views from the follower of the space that will put traffic on top of your blog.


What we shouldn’t do on Quora?

I’ll recommend you. You should not share direct links on Quora while giving Question and Answer.


If you share a direct link on The Quora, it brings spamming and Quora can block your account permanently.


Why and how Do I Answer on Quora?

So you know I’m a Blogger. I Share with you my Knowledge and ideas in a Text Form.


So what happens is that For Example: As you have prepared Content, you have to promote it now. Quora is also a Platform where you can promote your Content or products.


Now here’s how you strategically Use it so that your Blog can get Traffic.


Now Question asks the same fellow who has some Query in mind, who wants to know, has a very high Intent to know what he is asking.


If someone gives him a good knowledge or a good Answer, Solve him the Problems he has, he will buy whatever recommend you recommend him or Visit in your Blog.


Now what do you have to do – whatever content you have prepared first, meaning if you have written a Blog Post, what can you do to search the Related Questions of that Blog Post on Quora, you will get a lot of Questions.


For Example: Someone Search on Quora Like how to boost website traffic fast? Or how to increase the website traffic from Quora?


So if you have written something Content Related that Questions, Answer it on the Quora.


This is the Vedio to help you to Boost your Blog Traffic from Quora:

Conclusion on how to get more website traffic from Quora for free

I Hope you must have liked today’s post how to boost blog traffic fast from Quora a lot.


In initial Days doesn’t Organic Traffic on our blog, in such a case we have to dependent over social traffic.


I would advise you to create your account on at least 5 social websites and share your posts there.


This will also give you traffic from social websites and improve social signal ranking of your website. Hope you liked today’s post.


If you like our “How to boost your website traffic for free” post, please share it with your friends and on your social media platforms. And if you have any query please write down in the comment box.


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