Top 50+ Most Powerful Methods to Increase New Website Traffic in 2023

Top 50+ Most Powerful Methods to Increase New Website Traffic
Top 50+ Most Powerful Methods to Increase New Website Traffic

Bringing traffic to a blog is a lot of trouble that not every blogger can handle. How to bring more traffic to your websiteIn this post, we will show you the Top 50+ Most Powerful Methods to Increase New Website Traffic.

This task is not so easy to bring traffic to your website. It is very easy to create a blog but it is very difficult to bring traffic to it. But this work is not that difficult. 

You can easily increase your Blog and website traffic through Quality content, the right SEO, content marketing, Backlinks, Promotion, etc.

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How to Get More Organic Traffic from Search Engines?

How to increase views on a blog hear the word how nice it is. It’s as if the website will work for us to increase traffic on your blog.

Well, the best ways to increase website traffic know everyone but working with unexpected steps becomes difficult for bloggers.

If you are searching for how to bring traffic to the website, you have to work according to search engine rules.

The right step by any webmaster proves to be a boon in increasing organic traffic on his blog.

Before writing this post, the blogger will take care of how it will be appropriate to post to increase the traffic on your website.

You can only know how to get more traffic on the website only after reading the entire post.

One thing you have to take special care of is that we are sharing with you after examining our Experience.

How to improve traffic on the website? Such posts must have been read. Every blogger has a different experience live and, shares it through posts on the Internet with his blog.

If a blogger explains the information in detail, someone explains it in a short way. But it depends on the willpower of the reader who reads that post to understand how he implements the post.

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How to Bring more traffic to your blog?

How to increase traffic on blogs more and more. This post is posted only on your blog as the number of posts is high as bloggers never share the experience of the last step in that post.

This may be because the post has more Length or something you understand very well.

If you write Quality content with even a little SEO knowledge. It will not be tough for you to increase blog traffic.

You can easily increase the traffic on your Website by resorting to content marketing, creating some Backlinks, and Promotion social accounts website.

How to increase traffic on blogs? It is natural for such questions to come to your mind because you have created a blog so hard, so you will wish for traffic because most bloggers create websites to make money from it.

Now if you want to make money online, then you have to bring traffic to your blog. The post has increased a lot so shouldn’t leave it unfinished without reading it fully.

Because reading it is very important for you and your blog because only 10% of every blogger succeeds in blogging, mainly because of the lack of traffic on the website.

All blogs go through this situation so don’t waver at all If you think how to increase the traffic in your blog, you will focus on all the steps below by reading them carefully. 100% guarantee that your blog will start getting Good Traffic.

Importance of Website Traffic

See, nothing will happen by just asking questions, but if you have questions this how to increase our traffic on the website, don’t take an opinion, but take a lot of opinions.

This will give you the right information. Any blog that has been mentioned should work on basic points to increase traffic.

We write posts with such huge content here that we get traffic to the blog immediately.

Let Search engines check Quality As Search engines understand the Inputs your users provide, the growth of your blog or website will increase, adding to the ranking.

Your blog will start getting more traffic whenever your Ranking improves. Everyone knows why their Website Traffic is necessary.

Why do you want to bring traffic to your blog? If you want to earn money only through Advertisement, you will focus on limited things, but if you want more than that then you should use other platforms.

1. To earn money with Google AdSense.

2. To earn money through Affiliate marketing.

3. Sell your Services and Products.

4. To convey your own Brand to the people.

As everyone knows how to make money from the Google AdSense network, people who Affiliate marketing resort to Digital marketing to increase conversions rate and generate traffic to the website through emails.

Types of Blog Traffic

Do you know how many traffic sources blog traffic coming to your website can come from? We know this question will definitely benefit you from this post but you need to understand the full details.

We would like to give you information about Website traffic sources Because that’s what you have to work on.

  1. Bot Traffic
  2. Direct traffic
  3. Email traffic
  4. Organic search engine traffic
  5. Social media traffic
  6. Referral traffic

Bot Traffic :

Bot Website traffic’s of no use to you. If you ever feel that boat traffic is coming from anywhere, block such traffic immediately.

There are also many Plugins available on the Internet that help bot traffic block. It’s better if you can Block IP-sending bot traffic.

Direct Traffic :

This blog traffic that comes from directly writing the domain name in Browser without using any Sources is called Direct website traffic.

It is mostly seen on Brand websites as people are already aware of that Brand.

Email Traffic :

Email Marketing is going on so Digital marketing has seen a surge again.

Many Bloggers now resort to email marketing to Sell or Promote Products through Click Bank or Amazon Affiliate marketing.

In this way, the one who increases the traffic of the website by Subscribers’ the email from the digital marketing platform is called email traffic.

Organic Traffic :

It is the best and most powerful website traffic because it increases blog traffic directly through Search engines.

If Google, Bing, or any search engine requires good traffic, take care of all Algorithms and according to them, use Wight hat SEO on the blog to website traffic strong.

Social Traffic :

As a new blog was created and traffic started coming in, it would be good to understand Social ranking.

Extremely Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Pinterest, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Apart from these, there are many other social websites from where traffic comes; it is called social media traffic.

So this way you can easily increase your website traffic through social media.

Referral Traffic:

Referral traffic is the fastest way to get traffic to your blog when you’re starting for the first time. To succeed in this traffic stream, you need to use the question-answer website to get traffic on your new blog. This is the best and fastest way to get traffic to your blog.

If you have a Guest post on a website or created a backlink on any website traffic that comes from there by clicking on that link is called Referral traffic.

Top 50 Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Let’s come to the main point now how do these powerful methods increase your blog traffic?  Follow all the following methods. We say this with Guarantee that your website traffic will increase immediately.

1. Plan before publishing a new post

First, Study complete for every new post whether it will be helpful for the post user. If you think it’s not beneficial for visitors even by article, your content will not be of any use.

Reflect on how you can write whatever new post you want to write full of information.

2. Analyze Your Content

Everyone writes according to themselves but do you think about it before you write a post?

If you have a new blog, you’ll need to write content according to your user base. Analyze the post whenever you type it and visitors read a from beginning to end.

Correct whatever Spelling mistakes in the content you type. Keep the right Space where needed.

3. Keep Daily Update on blogs and keep New Post Publish

This is the first main reason why there is no traffic on the Website or blog. Because Search Engine doesn’t get much Organic Traffic until unique and user-helpful posts are published on your blog.

Don’t think about earning at least 6 months or a full 1 year after creating a blog. Some bloggers then spend 2 years without earning.

Post 50+ posts before you want to AdSense Apply, write down a length minimum of 1500 words and as much Quality Content as you can.

You just blogging by understanding that you are giving an exam paper for which you have to provide accurate and accurate information for your teacher.

Accordingly, the new post is to continue publishing and updating with helpful content. Don’t pay any attention to website traffic, just keep blogging. Please visit the blog once a day.

4. Plan before publishing a new post

The post Title should be good and something different for every new post only then visitors will read your blog post unless you become an expert in it. You will have to face the problem of organic traffic.

Create an image for the post that should be related to the post. Always make something different and clear while making images. The visitor understands what you want to understand through pictures.

5. On-Page SEO

The most important thing is Search Engine Optimization. It is very difficult to rank posts on the first Page in search engines like Google without SEO.

Because now articles have been written on every Blogging topic. All niches have strong Competition, so write SEO-friendly posts, and traffic on your website will definitely increase.

Be sure to pay attention to SEO while publishing a new post. If you’re a new blogger and you don’t know about it, it doesn’t matter if you’ll learn to do blog SEO as you devote your time to blogging.

You should learn SEO to get organic traffic from Search engines. If not every blogger knows about it before, how he learns depends on reading posts related to SEO on another blog by that blogger.

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6. Keep Post Tittle Attractive

Have you noticed why news websites rank easily on search engines? Because they use Eye caching and Attractive article Titles.

If you create such Tittle in your Post, your website traffic will definitely start to increase in a few days because the title helps users to click it.

Understand the Behavior of your Visitors to click them on the Title of the post, Emotionally, or resort to powerful words.

You should use Modifiers Words in your Title words such as “best,” “guide,” “checklist,” “fast” and “review” are called modifier words. 

They make your title attractive as well as put a good impression on the user. If you use these words in your title, the chances of clicking on your content will increase.

7. Proper Use of Keywords in a Blog Post

If you know about a little SEO, you will use main keywords everywhere in the Title of the Post in Focus Keyword, and in Post Description.

The partner must use the keyword in the URL in Starting. Plays a very important role in Blog traffic. You need to help Wight hat SEO to increase real website traffic.

After writing the post, you must On-Page SEO the post so that the search engine on the blog starts organic traffic.

If you write a post of 1000 words, use at least 5 times the main keywords and Insert in the post from the rest of the 5-6 Related Keywords natural way.

8. Use H Tag

In addition to the post-H1 title of your Blog Post, use at least 3 more headings such as (H2, H3, H4, H5), etc., 

It is also known as Headings. If you use all the Headings well, the User will enjoy reading and your Bounce rate will continue to be reduced.

Whatever the main keywords must be in Bold and italics in the first and last paragraph.

9. Write a Keyword in SEO Title

No matter what SEO plugin you use, there will be no problem but when it is On-page SEO, don’t forget to write your Main keyword in SEO Tittle after writing Post at the end.

SEO Title like Post Titles you have to keep Eye caching and Attractive like Best Keywords, Top Keywords in Words, and 50 Deadly Ways to Increase Website Traffic, etc.

You must use Powerful Words in SEO Title because it is for your SEO Tittles to show Search engines to users on your Pages.

If the Heading is good to look at in SERP, your website will start getting traffic on a website.

10. Use Focus keywords in the URL

As soon as the post is published on your website, a Web Address is called URL, Permalink, and Slug or can be anything.

Whenever you do SEO, you have to use the Focus keyword in the permalink. Keep the Permalink as small as possible.

Be sure to keep in mind the essential thing keyword and the Query that is necessary for the user. SEO requires permalinks within 75 words so make slug in the same length.

11. Use Meta Description

Meta Description gives the Search engines information about what is written to the entire Article.

Write a Meta Description in the right coordination between User Query and Focus keyword. Note that the length of the Meta description in On-Page SEO is to be kept within 150 words only.

That means overall you will get to fill in the Details of the SEO Title, Permalink, and Meta Description through SEO Plugins.

12. Image SEO

Have you learned Image SEO? There’s so much you just have to write the Alt text of the image you’ve uploaded.

You have to write image captions, Descriptions, Alt text, etc. while SEO Image.

At the same time, you have to do Image Optimization which is essential for Image SEO.

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13. Keyword Research

Keyword Research” good keyword for posts and use those keywords in the post. Also, use keywords related to Long Tail keywords.

You can use a lot of Keyword Research Tools for keyword research, but you should use Google keyword planner to make it easier for you to get post-related organic keywords.

You can read our post to use Keywords in your Blog Post: How to Use Keywords In Your Blog Post

14. Use Long Tail Keywords

What are Long-tail Keywords? Long tail keywords mean a big form of short keywords. What will be the long tail keyword website traffic it focuses keyword?

Let’s show you how to boost traffic on the website, what to do if website traffic is not increasing? Best ways to boost Blog traffic etc.

15. Use the Best Tools to Find your Keywords

Earlier, there was a time when Competition used to be reduced when Blogging, so you could easily rank your post on Google, but now it is time to boost website traffic.

Keywords all Use But you have to focus more on the Long tail keywords. Do you know what Tools are used to Long tail keywords find?

We’re pointing down the Long Tail Keyword Finder tools we use personally.

16. Use the long tail keyword finder tool

Find long tail keywords 3-4 word sentence first priority:

How to increase traffic on websites

How to increase website traffic

How to bring traffic to your website

How to increase website traffic through Google

How to bring traffic to your website without social media

How to drive massive traffic to your website

How to increase traffic on the website through SEO

17. SEO Plugins Setup correctly

People used to teach Search Engine Optimization through SEO course buy or by training but SEO Plugins is extremely beneficial right now to SEO.

If you use SEO plugins, set up it properly, otherwise, your post may de-rank because of wrong SEO settings.

If you have SEO Plugins Setup right, you can learn well and write SEO-friendly posts for the blog. This is the popular and easiest plugin for you to use Yoast SEO plugin or RankMath SEO plugin.

Today is Google on top and occupies 80% to 90% of Google search engine. That’s why if you use the selected Keywords on it, you can come to your Post’s top ranking and get by good website traffic from search engine.

18. Focus on Quora Traffic
Quora will also traffic your website if you Answer on Quora. Yes, is a great Social traffic medium where you have to give Answers to Questions from people already present on Quora.

All you have to do on the Quora platform is to answer questions because many new people come and start Spamming.

If the post is already available on your blog then you can Answer Quora, and link your post to the correct keyword for Anchor text in the answer.

As we have already mentioned, you need to give detailed answers to genuine questions to boost Blog traffic from Quora.

How to get more organic traffic?

How to get more traffic on the blog? How to get Traffic immediately on the new website. Traffic is extremely important for Social Sharing, especially for new bloggers.

If you want to know how to increase high traffic on your blog. So let’s understand Social media.

19. Social Media Traffic

You need to use social media more initially to get Real traffic because this is the best way to bring more traffic to your website.

Use automatically share every new post for social media share that will save you a lot of time, using plugins like Jetpack and Blog2Social.

Social media is a good source for social share to boost your blog traffic.

Because now 30% to 40% of traffic comes from sharing posts on social media. Find out in which media your post shares this two plugin below.

20. Bring Traffic from Jetpack to the blog

Jetpack is an extremely Powerful Plugin. Do you know what are the benefits of using Jetpack?

That’s why even if you don’t have images compressed on your blog, it will be Lossless and load quickly.    

Yes, it can increase the image loading times Speed by using JetPack on the Site. Accelerator and also give the static file load times to manage which will increase the Blog Performance. 

The increase in the performance of the website will benefit the Search ranking and traffic will increase on the blog.

21. Share Automatically

New posts Jet Pack in social media. Connect your website with the All Social Media Platforms you use below.

Yes, whenever you publish New Post, you can share posts on all your Social Media Accounts with one click.

When you published a post, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Path it will appear on all Accounts and traffic will start coming from there to the website.

22. Bring Traffic to the website from Plugin

You can also use Blog2Social Sharing Plugin. Even if both of them are Plugins Premium, their role is very important to bring fast traffic to the blog in the beginning.

This plugin you need to Install and Activate this on your WordPress website so that whenever you Publish a new post, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium, Reddit etc. will be automatically shared in all Social media Accounts.

If you work on the Blogger Platform, share each post in manually on social media.

If your blog is on WordPress, you can use these plugins to share every new post in the blog automatically on social media which will start a site traffic boost.

23. Create Social Media Group and Page

To increase website traffic in a month, popular social media like Facebook must create Facebook Page and Group.

Every blogger learns something new from blogging so you share what comes to you on the social media group and the page you create.

If a blogger has a problem with blogging and wants answers to those questions in your group, try to understand the questions correctly and answer them.

Keep in mind that if you don’t know about anything or know a little less, so give the correct answer.

24. Stay as active as you can on social media

Hardly a blogger asks you to be active on social media. It is also necessary to website traffic increase you. Explore every blogger’s questions and try to answer their questions correctly.

25. Create Quality backlinks to get Organic traffic

90% of new bloggers make a mistake on this because they may not know about it because they don’t create High Page Rank backlinks for their blog.

Google search engine your blog without backlinks or no search engine will ever rank.

If you don’t know how to generate High Quality backlinks, follow this link that details the do-follow backlinks from only the Top 10 websites in detail. This will solve this problem and improve the organic search results that are going on in your blog.

Maintain equality between Do-follow and No-follow backlinks. If Do follow backlinks is high, it is okay to keep in mind that No-follow backlink does not allow too much. Always check Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

26. Guest posting

Guest Posting on others’ blogs and Inspire another blogger to Guest Post on your blog.

Guest posting is an external backlink source. In this way, traffic also starts coming from the blog you post guests on your blog, causing you a boost your website traffic.

You must create a Guest Post page on your blog and share links with other bloggers.

27. Try to write on Trending Topics

If you write posts on Trending topics, it will be a great source to bring traffic to your website.

You can see why News websites rank on Google. Because they only write articles on trending topics that Google ranks according to time.

If you do the same, you will definitely benefit. If you are wondering how to get to know about trends, use Google Trends.

You can find any country you have to trend search for and write an article on it which will rank quickly and start coming to traffic websites.

29. Design your Blog Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Keep your blog theme mobile-friendly and responsive, making it easier to read visitors. Your blog or website should be adjustable on all devices such as mobile/desktop. 

You can read how to face a lot of trouble except if you keep content navigation right like all Menu, Categories, and Footer Page, and you will be website traffic or blog traffic improve.

30. Website Loading Speed

In increasing Google search ranking and website traffic, it is very important to have less than 5 seconds of website loading.

If you don’t pay attention to it and don’t well optimize, visitors close your blog post and visit another fast-speed website.

This reduces the traffic in your blog as well as increases Bounce Rate, so never ignore it. This is not to forget to find and disavow low-quality links knowing only about increasing organic traffic.

31. Comment on Popular blogs

Commenting on other bloggers’ blogs also gives you no-follow backlinks (sometimes do-follow backlink).

At the same time, the link to your blog on that blog also convert traffic your blog that you can grow website traffic organically.

32. Focus on Google Analytics

90% of blogs do not mention this because you will find detailed information on limited blogs. If you’re a blogger, you’ll know definitely how to submit a blog to Google Analytics.

By logging in Google analytics, you examine that when and when your blog post is being viewed more, focus more on topics and publish posts that visitors like.

The best and accurate website traffic checker if there is anyone, its Google analytics you can check it daily website traffic, monthly blog traffic.

This is the simplest way to get website traffic report.

33. Submit your blog in Directory Submission

Submitting your blog in Directory also provides traffic from Directories on your blog that original organic website traffic.

Don’t ignore it Directory Submission improves your blog’s ranking and also provides real blog traffic.

Be careful don’t Spamming; first see which Directory is of good Authority and whether it has Maintain Spam score.

Blog Submit in Directory without Spamming, it will increase traffic and the faster it will be in the coming days.

Google says don’t focus on write User based content backlink. If unnatural links is found, it will take Google penalty.

34. Analyze Competitor’s websites

If a blogger can succeed in writing good content, why can’t you write good content, bloggers can do, so why not you?

Why can’t you have a website traffic boost? You can always research other blogs and try to identify their strategies.

Unless you competition with someone, traffic increase on your website becomes like a bullock cart that runs, but just slower speed.

This is the best way to bring more traffic to your website because once you start analyze the competitors website, your competition starts and doesn’t stop until you learn to make a strategy like Competitor website.

35. Use Email Marketing

Never ignore Subscribers. You also have to pay special attention to creating subscribers on your blog because from Email Marketing your blog’s post goes directly to all subscribers who visit your blog occasionally.

That’s why experience blogger don’t read to face traffic problems. No matter what post they writes, his blog has many Subscriber, so his post gets free traffic anyway.

36. Internal Linking

When you write a new post for a blog or website, you must links to related posts in that post.

This factor reduces the Page views of your blog as well as bounce rate to grow Website traffic that is caused by not being Post Internal Linking. 

Information that visitors do not find from one post can also be understood from another related post.

37. Create an account on Popular Question & Answers Website

Question & Answers like AnsweThePublic, Quora, Yahoo popular Websites are very useful ways to increase traffic on website.

You should also create your new account in it and answer your Questions that you know.

Answer in the same way, you ask questions as to you create backlink that is taken naturally. This way it becomes very easy to website traffic increase.

38. Add the search bar to the blog

It’s also useful search times to increase Website Traffic because many visitors if Search Engine Organic Search comes to your blog to save their precious time, they searches for some posts with a direct search option after reading that post. In addition, readers are easier to find posts.

This is how the questions that come to your mind increase the traffic on your website. You must have got the answer. Hope you don’t lose patience and follow all ways to boost traffic on website correctly.

39. Create YouTube Videos

If you’ve done everything and still result not getting good, what to do to bring traffic to your blog from YouTube?

Make YouTube channel now Start Video Tutorials Upload all the articles you have written on your blog.

Making Channel on YouTube is extremely easy, because you can send free organic traffic through many YouTube Videos on your Blog.

Did you know YouTube is also a Source of Google?

The traffic Google of website generate from the YouTube is very popular. If you free blog organic traffic gain through videos, your Google ranking will also be boost.

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40. Use

Use if your United State, Russia, Canada Foreign country, etc. have Blog Target.

In affiliate marketing, you can Affiliate earning by Sell Products from here in addition to your post.

If you haven’t subscribed to our blog so far, subscribe soon because you don’t leave such Opportunity at all.

41. Work on Pinterest

You can also drive traffic to your website using Yes, you have to create a pin on Pinterest after you have post publish and write on the Tittle and Description Pinterest pin associated with it.

Create the Pin Tittle power trick as the SEO is addressed, then see if you will start sending Pinterest website traffic after a few days.

It’s entirely on your blog niche to promote what kind of content you Pinterest.

75% Females on Pinterest so if your blog is beneficial for women, thousands will start coming in a few days from traffic Pinterest.

But first of all you need to create your account on Pinterest, so we have write a post to related to create your account, you can read our post to know about how to create account on Pinterest: Easy ways to create Pinterest account for your blog step by step

42. Share Ideas on Instagram

Instagram is also a very good website traffic boost Platform. If your channel is on blogging tutorials or education content is full, share your ideas on Instagram.

If you have less followers on Instagram or if you are not on this platform, get active from today itself.

You can read our post to increase Instagram followers organically: How to increase Instagram followers organically

43. Update Out-dated Content

What we do is just Publish new post so that old content search engine begins to out rank.

Google or Bing like updated and evergreen contents any search engine. Find posts on your blog that doesn’t seem beneficial to you user or you Year base it’s written on content trending base.

As old content update, the visibility of your blog will also grow in search engines and will automatically drive traffic to your website.

This happens to the advantage of rewrite expired content. If you think there is a post that is of no use to visitors, it would be better to delete it.

44. Increase Alexa Ranking, DA, and PA

Alexa ranking important factor is not but ranking it happens to be good signal. If you want to increase Alexa ranking, the following methods will help you to increase website DA and PA.

45. Design your Website Stylish

Everyone works hard to give stylish look to their website but can’t be so good for all bloggers.

Because initially there is no experience to design the website. But there is no need to think too much now. 

You should use the page builders below and landing page designs a great way just by Drop Drag & Drop.

48. Approach for Backlinks

Backlink Exchange is a sin in the eyes of Search engine because such unnatural links Google never tolerates.

But if you see Broken link on a blog, you can email that Blogger and replace with the article link that already exists on your website.

It will be entirely up to you how you convince the blogger in front of you for it.

Link exchange also changes your website traffic if a blogger wants to share links to their blogs, it is also a good source of traffic.

49. Check Keyword Density

Keywords should be used to take care of but keyword density. If you add keywords more than keyword density, search engines will understand it Keyword density and decrease ranking of your blog.

As you may have seen SEO Plugins help you for this. He will tell you that within 1.5% – 2% you can use focus keyword.

Be careful, not to use irrelevant keywords in the post or keyword stuffing will make you see the website traffic loss that coming.

If you wants to know more about keyword density, you can read this post to check your keyword density: How to check keyword density in a blog post

50. Blog commenting

Keep comments on blogs related to your Blogging Niche. Be careful to comment website with your real name as no one will tolerate Spamming.

This is a very good opportunity to get website traffic of your rights after using all the methods.

This will drive more traffic to your blog from many other websites and Google will feel that if the reference of this website is good, it will improve the ranking.

Methods to Increase New Website Traffic


Today, in our blog post, you learnt Top 50 Most Powerful methods to increase new website traffic. If you like the information about this post, please share the post on social media. How to increase traffic on website for free.

Please tell me in comment box which method you like most. If you like our post how to drive traffic to your new website, please share this post on Social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.