What is Keyword Research and Best Tools for Keyword Research for Newly Blogger

Best Tools for Keyword Research for Newly Blogger

Keyword research is a very important part of SEO in the world of blogging. If you want to start your Blog, what is keyword research and the Best Tools for Keyword Research for Newly bloggers, and why it is important for SEO purposes? It should be known.

Keyword research is needed not only in blogging but also if your business wants to bring targeted traffic to your website. From the point of view of SEO, keyword research is given the highest importance.

SEO is used to increase your website or Blog traffic, but we can’t get traffic without selecting keywords.

So let’s now know “what is keyword research?” and what are the benefits of keyword research, then we will talk about some Powerful tools for Keyword Research.

What is a keyword?

Now it’s time to talk about what a keyword is. Keywords are words or Phrases that people search on search engines.

We have to include those Phrases in our article that can access targeted traffic to your website or blog.

Volume and Competition are also to be taken care of when selecting keywords for a blog posts, which directly affects your blog traffic.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a search engine optimization practice used to find alternative search terms.

It is the most popular and important SEO task that identifies popular words in your post.

Keyword Research is the first step to optimizing the website for Certain Keywords.

With the help of this, we can find out how much Demand a Particular Keyword has in the Market and how much Competition we need to face to Optimize our Blog for that Keyword.

Research not only gives us an idea of the traffic and Competition that come with it, but it also gives us ideas for our Next Blog Post.

Ultimately Research Words that people use to search for content and optimizing those Words to your Blog can Traffic Drive to your site.

If you do keyword research you can find low-competition keywords from High competition.

Let me tell you an example: If you search on Google how to do keyword researchso this is a competitive keyword and If search like “how to do keyword research for a blog post” or “what is the best way to do keyword research to boost your blog traffic. This is a little bit low competitive as compared to the above keyword.

This enables us to easily rank the posts of our blog to search engines for any special keywords. Let me now tell you the benefits of keyword research.

Benefits of Keyword Research

Doing research on keywords has a lot of benefits. When you use advanced techniques while finding your keyword you will definitely rank your website in a higher position than Google and increase traffic on your blog.

If you have a blog or website, you must know the importance of keyword research. It is very important to get top rank in search engines and increase the traffic of the blog.

Here we are talking about some special Points:-

  1. If you do deep Research to find a low competition Keyword to write your every post, your blog will bring targeted traffic as much as possible and your post will soon be ranked in Google.
  2. The more Rank your post on Search Engine. As the traffic on your blog increase and also higher your site’s domain Authority.
  3. Keyword Research will also help you to get Ideas for the content of your blog.
  4. By Keyword researching, you can rank your blog on special keywords.
  5. The more people reach your post, the more Share your posts will be and the more traffic it will be.
  6. With the help of Keyword Research, you can know what is the Competition of any Particular Keyword and how much effort you need to get High Traffic on your blog.
  7. The more keywords you rank on Google will increase the ranking of your website.
  8. If you want more organic traffic on your blog or website, you should search deeply for your keyword.

The traffic you get on your blog when you rank Keywords in Google. So you can earn more money from both ads and affiliate marketing. 

Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

Keyword research and SEO have important parts, so you can rank your post in the search engine and bring more traffic to your website.

If we publish our post without searching keywords, the traffic on our post will be reduced, which will not give us the full benefits of our hard work.

Main Reasons for keyword research

1. Volume

The main reason for Keyword research is to see what words people are searching for more. The more search you have, the more traffic will land on your blog.

There is no benefit to choosing phrases with low traffic because even if we rank articles on such phrases, we will still have less traffic.

Pro tip: If you are new in the field of blogging you should use low-competition and low-traffic keywords because most of the people ignore these keywords just because of low traffic.

2. Competition

Keyword research also sees how much competition is on that particular keyword. If competition is high, it’s difficult to come to the first page in the search engine because a lot of people have written articles on that word before.

It would be right for us to go with low-competition keywords.

Note: Beginners should use less than 30% of competition keywords for their blog posts. This type of keyword has less competition and is easy to rank.

3. Bid

AdSense is used extensively to make money online. Before choosing any keywords, everyone should pay attention to how to bid it takes the advertiser because it depends on the advertiser, how much money it wants to pay on which phrase.

You always select the high volume, low competition, and high CPC keywords.

Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO 2023

Best competitor keyword research tools
Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO 2023

However, there are a lot of Tools for Keyword Research. But here we will talk about only the tools that have the best service.

However, the list contains both Free and Paid tools. But in Free Tools, you don’t get Advanced Features like Paid Tools.

That is, very few simple features are available. Well, let’s learn about both.

Best Tools for Keyword Research Tool (Paid)

If you don’t have a budget problem, use Paid tools for Keyword Research. Because you will find very good Features in Paid tools.

At the same time, no other tool will be required. If we talk about Paid Tools! So this list includes the following tools. Free Keyword Research Tool List:- 

Best Free Keyword Research Tools for 2023

If you don’t have a budget to buy paid tools, you can use Free Tools. However, you will not get as many Advanced Features as Paid Tools in the Free Tools. But your work will go on.

That is, necessary keywords will be found. If you want the list of free keyword research tools, this list includes the following tools:-

Use these top free keyword research tools to reduce your competition. Free tools have very good tools like Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, KeywordSheet, and RankTracker.

With the help of these, keywords can be Detailed Information. Such as Search Volume, CPC, PPC, Rank Difficulty Score, etc. The free version of Rank Tracker has a lot of advanced features.

Apart from this, the Keyword Planner of Google is also a very good tool. This allows you to detect keywords that have High CPC.


I hope you have come to know about “what is keyword research” through this article and also understand its importance. First of all, we discussed “What is the keyword” then we go on Keyword research and then we discussed about benefits of keyword research after that we discussed why keywords are important in SEO.

Then we have discussed Reasons for keyword research. And in last is Best Tools for Keyword Research Tool (Paid) and free keyword research tool for bloggers.

If you like our “What is Keyword Research and best tools for keyword research tool?” post, please share it with your friends and on your social media platform. And if you have any questions related to the above post; do write in the comment box. I’ll try my best to answer your question.