How to Start Blogging as Beginner: Step by Step Guide to Start Blog


How to Start Blogging as Beginner: Step by Step Guide to Start Blog
Step by Step Guide to Start Blog

How to Start Blogging as Beginner: Step by Step Guide to Start Blog

Are you looking for an easy, "Step by Step Guide to start Blog" If you're looking for a "how to Start Blogging as Beginner" good way to share your thoughts, feelings and expertise, it's a good time to start your first blog.


We have seen that a lot of people quit their daily jobs and started their blogs to earn money.


If you want to be one of them like me, you've reached the right place to start your career as a blogger.


It will take 20-25 minutes to read this guide. Yes, it may be too readable, but I am sharing everything that the new blogger should know to start a blog in the coming years.


If you have any questions about this guide or are stuck with stages, we will be happy to help you. You can ask us and seek advice by commenting below.


We are here to help you navigate every step, so that you are causing to provide complete information from choosing your domain name to publish your first blog to making money from blogging.


So read this blog to the end so that you can get complete information about "what is Blogging and how to start your first blog?"

What is Blogging?

Many people who listen to the word "Blogging" fail to understand what "Blog" is or how someone is created, and how it can affect or improve their lives.


Blogging refers to writing, photography and other media that are published online. Blogging has given an opportunity to individuals to share their feelings, knowledge and their expertise with more people.


Since a Blog can only be for personal use, or can be created to share information with a particular group or to connect to the public, a blog owner can set up his blog for private or public use as desired.


When we talk about the word blog, its original name was Weblog and it is a small form of its original name.


Weblog allowed internet users to enter their details in diary style in the early days.


Since blogs allow readers to comment, these practices became common and became popular among blog communities.


And today, Blogging means writing, photography and other media that are published online.


Therefore, blogging is not one but a group of many skills that require a blog to control.


This includes processes such as writing, publishing, linking, sharing content, etc. on the Internet.      

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How does Blogging work?

Blogging is as simple as getting a website and publishing content on it. There can be anything content for Blogging, depending on the interest, passion and knowledge of the blog initiator.


For example, people interested in a particular niche can buy a domain name and create a website themselves.


People with little knowledge in HTML Coding can create an account with sites like Blogger, WordPress or Wix that simplify the process of publishing web designing and Content.


When a Blog becomes publicly accessible on the Internet, one can usually find a blog through an available link by searching Keyword related to the niche on the blog owner's website, search engine such as their social media profile, emails and Google.


Why you should start blogging?

Do you want to inform people on a niche like you want to share an idea or message with people?


Do you want to give people and your followers updated information about your brand?


Do you want to tell people how the product you offer will help them and why they should buy it?


If you want to do any of the above mentioned things, Blogging can be beneficial for you.

There are two opinions that if you are clear in your blog's intentions from the beginning, a blog can help you inform, educate, promote and even sell.


Therefore, it is important to find out what information you want to give people if you want to start blog i.e. what is the purpose behind starting your blog.


Here we are giving a list of some reasons why people like blogging:

  • People also like it to increase their writing and thinking skills.
  • To gain expertise on one subject.
  • To increase your confidence.
  • Creating networks by interacting with others in the industry.
  • There are not one but many ways to make money from blogging.


Once the blog becomes popular, there are many ways to make money from Blogging, whether it is affiliate marketing or direct lying manufacturer or company products can also be sold through your blog.


In addition, money can also be made by publishing AdSense and direct advertisements.


What to do before Start a successful Blog?

When you are thinking to start your first blog, you will definitely get success this Field very quickly.


But it is very difficult to success in blogging without Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO. So you should know a little bit about it from the first place.


SEO can help you bring traffic to your website from Google. And SEO also helps you keep your blog post on the Top of search engine.


So don't want any new blogger to ignore it. And SEO should be knowledge. Only then will you be Success in Blogging.

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How to start your first blog?

However, there is no denying that Blogging in the list of online businesses is a business that can be started after under investment and a few days of training. 


However, the entrepreneur does not need to spend any money, etc., to learn this kind of work.


In fact, if there is a learning passion; this kind of work can be easily learnt by reading online articles and watching videos with the help of the Internet.


So let's know how a person can take what necessary steps to start your blog.


Here we have given you an overview step by step about starting your blog, now the question arises as to how to start Blogging by following all these steps that are given.


So let's try to understand every step in this article in detail about how to start blog to earn money online:


Step#1. Choose Niche for your Blog

You don't need a revolutionary subject to start Blogging but Blog must be on a particular Niche.


When choosing the Blog Niche, you have to note that your Niche is good, how useful and how unique it is.


You should have a good experience and a different voice about the Blog Niche that will attract others to your Blog.

If you have trouble in finding a low competition blog niche, then you can visit our post given below, it will help you to find the idea below the blog.

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Whenever you choose the Niche for Blogging, you must ask yourself at least two questions.


1. Do you enjoy learning this topic?

You should not start Blogging on a subject you don't like because if you don't like that subject, it will appear in your Articles.


Whatever subject you choose to Blogging you should like and you should be more and more curious about it.


Otherwise, your termites will end new ideas for that subject. Blogging requires new ideas that your Blog Readers will like.


If you still don't have a termite topic, you can also seek help from family, friends and YouTube.


The subject of Blogging can be anything like Health Tips, Recipes, Technology, Career Advice, Online Education etc.

To help answer this question, we suggest looking at certain areas:


Talent: Is there anything you are naturally talented in? May be a game, crafts or musical instrument.


Career: Writing about your current and sharing your experience with others can be a great topic.


Interests: Is there a niche you just like to learn? Think about the things you do in your spare time.


2. Do other people like this Niche too?

You should know how many people like your subject or who and how many people will read Blog.


For example, you may think that Gym Tips will be read only by a young person, but it is not that people also read this subject.


You can also do a little Google Research for which you have to search for Health Tips in Google.


Step#2: Choose a Blogging Platform

What is the Best Blogging platform separating a regular site from a Blog? It is Software in a way that effectively acts as a functional Blog or a website.


The blogging platform provides you with Content Management features such as post, page, categories, tag, Image Optimization, post optimization, as well as a blog for search engine optimization.


There are a lot of Blogging platforms on the Internet from which aspirants can choose Bloggers, some of them are the most popular WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr.


1. Blogger: If you want to start your blog for free, this platform will be the best for you as it is free. It won't take a single penny of yours.


It's a Product of Google so you don't have to doubt it. When it comes to deficiency, the only thing is that you can't customize your blog much on it.


There is also a shortage that it pays a little less.


2. WordPress: This Platform is for those who can invest money initially. It gives you a lot of options to customize your blog.


Moreover, you don't have much problem keeping your blog maintained. You also get more money in it.


So those who want to start their own blog will also have to select the blogging platform through which platform it wants to start Blogging.


In our opinion, we should select the self-hosted WordPress blogging platform.


But if you don’t want invest to start your Blog then we will recommend you to go with Blogger, because, it's a Product of Google so you don't have to doubt it. 


How to start Blogging even more important as to what Platform you would like to Blogging because today there are two ways to Blogging.


1. Free Blogging

2. Paid Blogging

You need a Domain and a Hosting to Blogging to start your blog. In Free Blogging you get both of these things for free and you have to buy this two thing in Paid Blogging.


Both Free Blogging and Paid Blogging have different Features.

Features of Free Blogging:

1. Domain and Hosting Free for Lifetime

2. If you make your Blog, your Blog will never be Down and there will be no Hack because you get Google Security.

3. You can't Customize your Blog much and you'll see very little Feature in it.

4. Blog Domain have to Extension Use because of which Blog do not know Rank quickly.

5. You don't get any Support in it. If a Problem comes, he has to solve himself.


Features of Paid Blogging:

1. Pay have to be done for Domain and Hosting

2. If you have a Hosting or a Domain Expire, you will be Blog Down and there is a Chance to be Hack because you have to Secure Blog yourself.

3. You can customize your Blog according to your own accord and you get a lot of Feature in it. Which makes Blogging easier?

4. No Extension Use has to be done in Blog Domain which makes it easier to Blog Rank.

5. In this you get Support 24*7. If you get a Problem related platform, you can Contact with the Team of WordPress and if you come to Hosting or Domain, you can Contact it.

They will help your solve problem as soon as possible


Step#3. Select your Domain Name

Domain name i.e. what will be the name of your blog or website is now very important to select. Because the domain name will be the name by which people will know it online.


No matter which topic you have selected to start your Blog because that will be the unique address through which people will reach your articles.


As long as you pay for it, this domain will be yours. But in selecting a domain name, the blogger has to make sure that the domain name is not too long so that people have trouble remembering it and it is also very important to adapt to the domain name topic.


That is, if possible, one should select a domain name whose name will give people an idea as to which niche, this blog can be based on. Such as make money, how to start blog, health, Tips & Tricks, Education, business, etc., are words that clearly indicate what they can be about.


And there are many companies selling domains such as Godaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap, etc., although most web hosting companies also sell domains and often offer domains for free along with hosting.


So to save money, the Blogger can also buy a domain name from the hosting company from which he is buying the hosting.  


Step#4. Select Fast Web Hosting

Web hosting has a major role to play in the success and failure of Blogging, so it is absolutely necessary for the Blogger to choose a fast and reliable web hosting after selecting the domain name.


That's because the performance of your blog depends entirely on which web hosting you've chosen for your business.


A good host has to make available online to his customers' website seven days a week and round the clock a day.


In addition, you should select a hosting company that is not only promising fast service on its own but also claims to have fast service in many review websites and video reviews.


In addition, the blogger has to take care of which company is offering a facility like free domain registration with web hosting.


In choosing a good and affordable web hosting, you have to take care of many things.


At present, SSL Certificate by web hosting companies are also being offered free of cost with their popular plans.


However, some of the major web hosting companies includes Blue Host, Hostgator, A2 Hosting, Site ground etc.


Before Start Blogging, But it is better for a person to choose them on the basis of his research, conscience, experience, etc.


Step#6. Select the right theme for blog

The point to note here is that the design and layout of the blog of the kind of theme used by the person who starts Blogging will be the same.


However, many bloggers who are aware of coding etc. edit any theme as per their choice and create designs and layouts.


But it is not possible for an early blogger to do all this by himself, so he can change the design and layout of his blog according to his mind with the help of a web developer.


Or wordpress has thousands of free themes that the entrepreneur can choose as per his choice.


Therefore, in the early stages, you will have to choose a free theme that matches the design and layout of his choice.


Step#7. Write Post and Promote your Blog

By now almost all the necessary steps must have been taken to start your Blog so now its next step should be to write content for your blog.


If a person can do it himself, it is better otherwise he will also find various writers who write good content on your topic who will have to pay for writing.


From content here, we mean writing information about topics that will enable him to bring the audience to his blog.


Keep in mind that it is very important to have content original here i.e. the content should not be copied from anywhere.


Because no matter how good the design and layout of the website is without original and good content, it is not possible for people to come in and the blog may fail very quickly.


Therefore, the first tip of success in Blogging is to write original and quality content. You can follow the following tips as far as promoting the blog is concerned.

Tell your friends about your new blog and ask them to tell others if the information in this blog seems useful. 

  • Submit your blog to the Google Search Console. 
  • Submit your blog to several bookmarking sites such as, Reddit, Pingler, Pingomatic, Freewebsubmission etc. 
  • Be active in social networking and share your blog posts Create Facebook pages etc. in the name of blogs. 
  • Be active on other blogs or websites related to your topic and submit a link to your blog through comment boxes etc. 
  • Write a guest post on the related blog and ask you to publish a link to your blog there. 
  • Play paid ads through Google Ad, Facebook etc. 


Step#8. Create Important Pages

Although you are not starting a blog and do not have a stable website, you will need some important pages that will not need to be changed every time.

1. About us

This page is often seen as one of the most viewed pages on the blog, so don't ignore it.


Include your brief Bio like a professional blogger in this page, and explain why you are start blogging and why the reader should read your blog.


2. Contact Us

You might want your readers to be in touch with you, right? Then you will need a Contact Us page also.


It doesn't have to be too fancy; just tell your readers how to reach you.


3. Privacy Policy

In it, you need to tell you about the Privacy Policies of your blog.


4. Disclaimer 

You have to give your Disclaimer details in it.


Step#9. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO? SEO means optimizing a website for a search engine so that it ranks in the search engine for the website fixed keyword.


For any blogger, it is important that he knows all the details of the SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization means optimize your blog according to search engine.


In this, we create our Blog SEO friendly and optimize your Blog Articles mean posts in such a way that if someone searches for your Post Keyword, you will get your Blog in the search result.

SEO is a work that lets us increase our website ranking in Google over a keyword. SEO is meant for every search engine such as Google, Bing, etc.


Today, 85% of the world's searches are in Google. And there is every possibility that you have come to this blog only after searching on Google.


That is why when it comes to SEO, SEO is most important for Google and if you do SEO right for Google; your blog will be on search engine. 

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Step#10. Bring Traffic to your Website

The better you SEO and the better and SEO friendly content you write, the more traffic will come to your blog.


On the new blog, initially your blog doesn't get traffic from Google. Unless you're a SEO of your blog. So you can use sites like social media or Quora to traffic on new blog.


After Google traffic on Blog from social media like Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Medium, etc., You can use them to bring the initial traffic to the new post. The more quality and targeted traffic your blog, the more you will be able to earn.


You can think of making money online when you come to traffic from sites like Google, social media and Quora after you doing SEO and write blog post on your blog.

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Step#11. Monetize Your Blog

Now that you have understood "How to start Blogging," you will now have the question of "how to make money from Blogging?"


There are a lot of different ways to successfully monetize your blog.


However, there is no such thing as a way to make money at once.


You have to move forward with patience and do your job with simplicity.


Once you have spent a good time trying to create beautiful Blog Content and promote your Blog, making money from your blog is a really easy part now.


Blogs have the potential to be extremely attractive, but don't assume that you will start making money in the first week, or even in the first month.


It may take six months to one year to see the stability of income from your blog.


Here are some of the best ways to make money from your blog.


5 Ways to make money from blogging for beginners

5 Ways to make money from blogging for beginners

5 Ways to make money from blogging

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the world's most ad network today. You can join Google AdSense and show ad on your blog and make money from your blog. It is very easy to use Google AdSense.


You need to approve your site to Google AdSense before you use Google AdSense for your site.


If your blog is according to all these things, you will get the approval of AdSense. You should have a good traffic on your blog to earn money from Google AdSense.

You can’t depend on only Google AdSense; you should also try some other ad network to monetize your blog.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a little harder than AdSense, but if you understand affiliate marketing well, you can earn 10 times the AdSense.


In Affiliate Marketing, you have to do that if you have to promote a company's product on your blog and if any person buys that product, you will get some commission.


Suppose you are reporting power bank on your blog, you have to buying link it with power bank and if someone does power bank purchase, you will get a few per cent commission.


If your blog is like this that product review, you can use amazon affiliate.


Today, any company, whether it is food, product, blogging, travel, service, has its own affiliate program so that you can choose a niche for your blog.


3. Guest Posting

Nowadays people take backlink from guest posting or brands product promote themselves. Guest post is when someone writes post for your blog.


Usually let's get guest posting backlink. You can take money for guest posting if your blog authority is good. Or brands also promote their product using guest posting on authority blog.


4. Sell Courses

You must be expert in whatever subject you blog. For example, if you teach coding (e.g. blogging, make money online, SEO) on your blog, you can make a course about it and promote it with your blog and bench it.


You can sell Course as eBook or video. Having a blog of yours will audience trust you so that your course will be more sell.

5. E-Book selling

If you selling E-book on your blog, you should also be blog popular to make a good amount of money, so you can increase your E-book money.


For example, if you keep your E-book price $15, and even if 10 E-books are sold throughout the month, you'll earn $150 from an e-book alone.


But for this you have to know fully about E-book how to write an eBook, how to put images, if traffic is good on your site, you can earn well from the e-book.


Conclusion on How to Start Blogging as Beginner?

As you venture into your Blogging career, you will be able to use more advanced strategies to promote and Monetize your new blog and make your work even more easier and you will start doing things more easily.


But for now, congratulate yourself on a well-done job because you have learned something new today and from that information – have started a new blog!


To become a successful Blogger, you have to learn a lot and apply everything to your Blog to see the results. I would advise you to make it a habit to read and be eager to learn as much new as possible.


I hope you liked “How to Start Blogging as Beginner” this article, and hope it will probably help you start your new successful Blog today.


If you like our “How to start a successful blog” article, please share it with your friends and on your social media platforms.

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