7 Ways To Use Keywords in Blog Post to make blog SEO Friendly

7 Ways To Use Keywords in Blog Post to make blog SEO Friendly

After knowing how to do Keyword Research, you should now know 7 Ways To Use Keywords in Blog Posts to make blog SEO Friendly. Why do you search for a High-Quality Keyword for blog posts by doing keyword research?

But if you don’t optimize keyword focus well on blog posts, your post-SEO won’t be friendly. And your post won’t even get a hidden ranking on the search engine.

So the keyword targeted on the post has to be added in a good way so that the search bot easily understands the content and places your post on the top rank.

What is Keyword?

Keyword there is a word on the Internet that a lot of people search for in Google or other search engines.”

How most people search on Google for the topic you are writing about is very important because accordingly, you have to present words in your post.

For example, if you’re writing a post on “Best Blogging Platform To Make Money Online ” you’ve got a keyword or if many people can search for it “How to start Blogging”, it’s also a keyword for you. 

You include Keywords in blog and SEO to optimize your blog post by including these sentences/phrases in your article.

Keyword is a word or sentence by which people can easily find your post in search engines.”

Importance of Keywords

Most of the traffic on any website comes from search engines like Google etc. But did you know that Google finds your site through keywords?

When a person types something in Google, we call those typed words Keywords. Now Google goes to its database and finds all the websites that belong to the keyword that have sometimes used that keyword in one of their posts.

Now if you use these keywords in your article while writing a post, whenever someone searches for that keyword in Google or any other search engine, there will be good chances to rank on the good position of your website, and so a lot of people will click to your website and gradually your site will start popular among the people.

But keep in mind that the places in which you use keywords on your website vary greatly on your ranking, so it is important to know where we should use the keywords on the site for good rankings.

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Why do Keywords Use in Content?

If you write post according to the keyword, your content becomes more SEO friendly than a big search engine like Google like a lot and show that content in the top 10 in search results.

But some people make the biggest mistake while writing articles in that they don’t use good keywords. There are some who use their main keywords only in the Title, Description, and post permalink.

But I would like to point out that just adding keywords in these places does not make any post completely SEO optimized, but also related keywords we have to mention our content properly.

In any article, the best keywords use so that we get good traffic from the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Yandex, etc.) and improve the SERP position of our blog.

It is very important for those who want to do a very good income by blogging to use good keywords in their content.

If you have a main income source Google AdSense, you should also use some keywords in your post that have a good bid rate.

I would like to say once again that no one can give good performance in post-search results for a long time without keywords use, so it is not right to ignore it.

What is keyword Density?

Whatever we do, it is necessary to be within the limit. Otherwise, it can be harmful to us and spoil all our hard work. One of them is keyword density.

We use keywords in our content so that our blog gets traffic but that too should be within a limit. Otherwise, our blog can be banned by search engines and then all our hard work can be ruined.

That is, we have to know how much % keyword density is use we need to know which is perfect.

So everyone else advises using only 1-3% keyword density. But according to my experience, you can use 4 % density you will not have any problems it is my responsibility.

You can take the help of the keyword density checker tool to check your content’s keyword density.

Which type of Keywords should use in a post?

In today’s time, competition is becoming increase day by day, which also keeps Google updating its algorithm from time to time, leading to a slight change in search engine optimization.

So if we use most of the long tail keywords in our post, we get a better performance, that is, SEO rank improves quickly.

Many people rarely know about such keywords, so I’ll tell you here in short that those that are made up of three or more words are called long tail keywords. 

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How To Use Keywords In Your Blog Post?

In each post, keywords have to be placed in a very similar way. But that doesn’t mean you use the same keyword again and again.

Meaning the main keyword of the blog post should be added just a few places. And elsewhere you add related keywords.

Any place in which you add a keyword when you type an article is called Keyword Placement or Keyword Prominence.

This is an important factor for your post’s SEO. If you don’t use keywords correctly in the post, no matter how high the quality of your post is, it won’t be able to rank in the search engine.

Keywords allow you to generate traffic from search engines to your article. Depends on which keyword you’ll rank on, which keyword you’ve used in the article, and where you’ve placed it.

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1. Post Title Keyword

The title of the post is an important factor for On-Page SEO. The better the title of your article and the keywords you’ll be targeted at, the more people click on your blog post. This is because of your post title. You must use your main keyword in the headline.

The title of the Post contains a heading by default H1. Use your main keyword in the title as well as other headings such as H2. This will definitely benefit you in search engine ranking.

Try to use long tail keywords in content always. Using the long tail keywords in your blog post will really help to rank your post easily, this trick will really helpful for new bloggers especially.

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2. Permalink

The most important thing after a post-title is permalink. Permalink is the URL/URL of any post.) if there is a link, you must include the main target keyword of your article to make it SEO friendly.

3. Meta Description

Shows you the title, permalink, and meta descriptions in all results whenever you search for anything in the Search engine.

Meta Description or Search Description provides some information to the search engine about your article. 

You can also use your main keyword and some other related keywords. The meta description of your blog post should be 155 characters. 

The more unique it is and the proper keywords, people will click on your link and help rank a particular keyword.

4. Image Alt Text

There is a means of taking more and more traffic on your blog. You can find search engine traffic by optimizing the image of the blog post. 

But the search engine does not recognize the image. You’ll need to use Alt Text in the image.

In Alt Text, you use the main keyword of your article. In addition, you can also use keywords in the title text and caption of the image. 

Whenever Google searches for that particular keyword in an image search, your blog will show the image of the post and will bring traffic to your post.

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5. Post’s First and Last Paragraph

You must add your main keyword to the first line of the first paragraph of your article and if possible, use a keyword related to the same paragraph. 

That is, whenever you write an article, try to get your target 2 to 3 times. Use a related keyword.

Similarly, you must add the main keyword in the last paragraph as well. Also in the middle of the post wherever needed you can include targeted keywords and LSI keywords.

But never use too many keywords frequently, which can lead to keyword stuffing at your post. Keep the keyword density approximately 1-1.5% by combining your main keyword and related keywords. 

If your article is about 500 words, use keywords 5 to 7 times. Do Bold, Italic, or Underline wherever you insert keywords in Post.

6. Post Headings (H2, H3)

You must use Heading 2, and Heading 3 at Post. It is true that the heading attracts readers. And if you use it keyword, the post will be SEO friendly. You use keywords on the heading.

7. Labels

You will know how to add labels to the blog post. But do you know that high CPC keyword labels increase your post’s rank? So use keywords on each post’s label.


How To Use Keywords In Your Blog Post, I hope this post helps you to use the right keyword in your blog post.

Keep the keyword density approximately 1-1.5% by combining your main keyword and related keywords.

If your article is about 500 words, use keywords 5 to 7 times in your blogger post. Do Bold, Italic, or Underline wherever you add keywords to your website Post.

Linking the focus keyword to the place above makes the blog post SEO friendly. But you should also add keywords in a genuine way. You don’t add keywords randomly.

Also, do not target only focus keywords and also add related keywords to the post. It will rank on your post with not only targeted keywords but as well as your post on a related keyword.

Finally, you must have understood how to add keywords to the blog post. But even if you have any questions in your mind, tell us in the comment box below.