Top 10 Blogging Blog Niche Ideas that Make Money in 2023

Top 10+ best blogging niche ideas that make money 2024
Best Blogging Niche Ideas that Make Money in 2024

Searching for a good niche for blogging and making money online is still a big problem for so many people who want to start a blog blog in 2024. We will solve all your doubts about blog niches for beginners.

I have seen many bloggers who can select our blog niche without interest and research, after some time writing content and when they didn’t get traffic and no income.

They quit!

Here we will teach you some most profitable niches with low competition. You just need to read our blog and help you find your blog niche that works.

Hello friends, I hope you are all well. In this post, we will share information about the Top 10+ best blogging niche ideas for 2023 that make money online. We will go in deep by discussing every single topic related to choosing the best topic for blogging in India for 2023.

In this post, we will provide you with sufficient knowledge about high-demand blog topics. So that you do not have to go to another blog for more information.

There are so many peoples who are students or either do some work. They always think that we will try to do something new oncoming New Year’s.

If you are thinking of starting a blog in 2023 and searching for the Latest Blogging Niche Ideas then you’re at the right place. 

Here I am going to share some important and best Niche Ideas that you can get easily a high ranking in Google and get High Traffic on your blog.

As we all know, there is much increase in competition in the field of blogging, Without perfect niche ideas and research of keywords and backlinks, you can’t easily rank your blog on Google in higher positions.

Don’t take it seriously, please forget what you read in the above post. We will help you and guide you at every step in the field of Blogging.

My blog post can be lengthy but believe me, after reading my blog you will have sufficient knowledge to start your blog. 

These days, I was thinking about which type of article we write that will help you in the 2023 topic to choose.

What is a Blog Niche?

In simple steps, Blog niche is a topic that you are going to write an article on your blog. In other words, if you are going to write your post on traveling, it means that your blog niche is Travelling.

To understand more, we are taking an example: Suppose that you have an interest in traveling and you love to write about traveling, then your niche will be on travel.

You can write your blog on any topic but I want to tell you that you need to select your blog niche on the basis of your interest because without interest you can’t write your blog.

How to Choose the Right Nich Ideas for 2023?

Now here will discuss to choose your niche.

Pardon, please here we will talk about the Best blogging niche ideas so that you have full knowledge about Blogging Niche. 

That’s why we will discuss slowly but cover the full topic before selecting your blog niche.

When you are fully aware of your blog Niche then you can select your niche easily and write posts on the blog. 

It totally depends on the interest that has inside you.

There is no single person that is interested in every field like Technology, Health, and lifestyle. A person that has an interest in singing then he/she can sing but can’t dance.

Same as, if a person has an interest in the field of science then he/she can’t become a doctor.

First, you need to select your blog niche on the basis of your interest, but if you really want to change your interest and write your blog then you have to learn about their niche or topic.

You have to learn more and more about those topics. So if you want to change your niche then start doing research on those topics and after full research, you can select your blog niche and start writing about them.

You can choose any type of blog niche like Lifestyle, Travelling, Technology, Sports, Designing, Motivational, etc. as per your interest.

Why do bloggers fail?

70% of bloggers are failing right now, their main Reason for a niche is because they can’t Find the topic, sometimes on Education, sometimes on Fashion, or on Technology, changing their Niche. 

The main reason for changing is that you don’t an Expert in anything. If you are giving 1 month to education, 20 days to technology, and 25 days to fashion, you cannot become niche a successful blogger. 

Never think that there is more money on education and less money on fashion. Everyone gets equal money. 

As well as you make good articles public, your page views will also increase, and accordingly, your money will be made.

Three Important Factors to Choose the Right Blog Niche:-

1. Interest:-

Before selecting any blog niche topic you should always remember, you have an interest in the topic you are going to select. 

Suppose, how you select a random topic then you can face issues while writing your blog post.

Because of selecting a random topic, you will not have enough knowledge to the right an informative article and you can be facing trouble in writing a blog post. 

That’s why we are suggesting you choose the right topic for your blog.

2. Search Volume

When you have selected your blog topic as per your interest then why not talk about the search volume and scope for that blog? 

Because before starting our blog we should have proper knowledge regarding the blog niche. 

Before writing our blog post we should have a search volume of any Keyword related to our blog niche. 

You can check search volume, keyword difficulty, Backlinks, etc. You can also check how many backlinks should have to rank your post in a higher position on Google.

If you find low-difficulty keywords with a high search volume then you can get a good amount of traffic to your blog.

3. Monetization

As we all know that in this era everyone wants to make money from anywhere in a proper way.

If he thinking about starting his blog on any niche then the first question stuck in his mind is how can I make money from that blog that’s his right because he provides you good and informative content.

Suppose that you create a blog and you gave much of time on that website or blog and when you apply for monetization and Google rejects your request for approval then your efforts will be wasted.

So before creating any new blog please research Interest, Search Volume, and Monetization.

How to Choose low competition blog niches 2023?

As we know that to start a successful blog we need the best micro niche for blogging 2023 with low competition keywords.

Because when you choose low-competition blog niche ideas the chances of ranking your article will be increases.
As your blog increases then you can get a good amount of traffic to your blog.

Before starting your blog first, you need to find the best Blogging Ideas or keywords with low competition and select the country in which you want to rank your blog post.

Top 10 Best Blogging Ideas for 2023

Thank you for reading the above paragraph and I want to tell you to thank you for all to give me for your precious time.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends because your new blogger really needed this. 

This article will really help your friends for finding low-competition blog ideas.

After doing lots of research and deep analysis, we are here for you with High Profitable and low-competition blog niche keywords for your blog.

1. Food

Top 10+ best blogging niche ideas that make money 2021
Best blogging niche ideas that make Money 2023

As we all know the food industry is a vast market all over the world. There are so many restaurants that are open every day but as we all know about the year 2020. 

There was a pandemic so most people don’t want to go outside to have taken breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

They want to prepare their food at home with their own hands and they search on Google for – How to prepare Paneer at home like that and click on any link and read posts about food.

That link can be yours if we create your food blog or website. They always want to create a healthy meal in just 30 min.

First, create your food blog or website and find low-competition keywords for your blog post. 

Write a good, creative and informative post and publish them and then create High-Quality Backlinks for your website or post and wait for ranking in SERP.

2. Gift Ideas

Top 10+ best blogging niche ideas that make money 2021
Best niche for blogging with low competition

Here this another popular blog niche idea. In this niche, you can solve thousands of people’s problems, because on any special occasion most people they don’t know what type of gift should I give.

Most people are given photo frames, mugs,s and clothes that’s all. It is not that they do not want to give anything special, sometimes they don’t have an option. They don’t understand what type of gift should I give her.

 So, you have a chance to grow our new blog. There are thousands of people looking for the best and most unique gift ideas on Google.

In the Gift Idea blog, you can earn in two ways- one from traffic and another from Affiliate. 

You can sell your products with the help of Affiliate marketing and also sell your homemade gift.

So, create your Gift ideas blog or website and find low-competition Affiliate keywords for your blog post. 

Write a good, creative and informative post, you’re your Affiliate link in the article and publish them and then create a High-Quality Backlink for your website or post and wait for ranking in SERP.

3. Education

Top 10+ best blogging niche ideas that make money 2021

 This is a popular blog nowadays because everyone finds questions on Google for information.

If you have knowledge of any subjects. So why not share your own knowledge with the public and also share methods of study?

You can also give tips for the study also. If you have knowledge then you should create your blog and share your best information with the audience.

With the help of your blog, you can also earn and learn because as you share your information with the audiences and you learn from another book, blog, etc. then your knowledge will be increased day by day.

As we all know, there are so many peoples preparing for competitive exams and they always search on Google for content like Current Affairs, any topics and something else but sometimes they visit to many blogs but can’t find good content then you have a chance to famous between them with the knowledge. So don’t let it go that chance.

4. Home Decor Ideas

Top 10+ best blogging niche ideas that make money 2021

This is another one of the trending blog topics that you should try in 2023. Because this will always in trending in the future.

Most people when they construct their homes and they always find Google or YouTube like “How to decor our home”

They always find the latest tricks to decorate bedrooms because most young age persons passionate about your bedroom.

So if you love to décor your home and have the best ideas for home decorations, then why not share our best home decor ideas with the entire world?

If you have a talent with a creative mind then you can be one of the top best home décor bloggers.

Think about it, there are so many ways to earn money from your home décor blog. You can also sell your own handmade crafts.

Also giving suggestions to other persons for bedrooms, kitchens, and décor ideas for your birthday may help them to find the best home decor ideas.

To do that simply you need to write SEO-friendly posts and add your best home decor images in your blog post. 

The blog post shows our creativity because if a person visits our blog and he loves the image that you add to your post then he can contact you to design other crafts, and for that he will give a good amount of money.

5. Gifs & Memes

This is one of the best and trending Blog Niche Ideas for 2021. Now, we can call this generation is a meme or Gifs generation because peoples especially young age love to read memes and also share gif’s and memes.

So that’s why we are suggesting you create a meme blog. With this blog, you can get thousands of daily organic traffic to your website and you can promote others’ Instagram pages also which will give you a good amount.

There is one major drawback of memes & gif’s because your memes will never be evergreen. You will have to do work daily.

If you create a new trending post and publish them, then you can get good amount of traffic for few days then you have to create another post.

I mean to say that there will be up and down traffic to your website and there will no same traffic.

But if you give our 100% to your blog then you can get thousands of daily traffic to your website or blog and generate a high amount.

So we will suggest you create a meme blog and should give our best in the blog.

We will suggest you create your own memes and Gifs, do not copy from anyone. If your content is unique then people will visit your website again and again.

You can also share your meme on Social media like – Instagram, and Facebook and drive more traffic to your website.

6. Agriculture

Top 10+ best blogging niche ideas that make money 2021

 As we all know our country is fully based on agriculture and the farmer is called the artist of our food.

A few years ago, the farmer had not sufficient knowledge about seeds and government schemes, and because of this have been deprived of the government schemes.

So, you have a chance to serve our Farmers and our nation. Don’t let go of this chance from your hands. Not everyone gets this chance to serve the farmers of the nation.

As now the day’s Farmer of our country is going well educated. They have the knowledge, what is the good or bad thing for our field also they have a knowledge of seeds, pesticides, etc.

If you have knowledge about seeds, pesticides, etc. then why not share our knowledge with the Farmer with the help of a blog?

As the farmers of our country are going to connect with Digital India. 

They always search on Google to get information about Agriculture and Government schemes but they do find not much information as they want.

So we have a responsibility to help the farmer of the nation with the help of Blog.

The best part is here, you can write our blog in both the languages Hindi and English.

The information about agriculture on Google is very then you can rank your blog easily and get a good amount of traffic to your blog.

7. Photography

Top 10+ best blogging niche ideas that make money 2021

If you have a Camera and Laptop and you love shooting photos with your camera. As we see every day the craze of photography increase day by day.

Everyone camera and click photos on streets, Mountains, and Hills and store photos on his laptop or mobile phone. They don’t know that they can earn money by selling his photos.

And you don’t know where should I share my photos on Google. By the way, we can also share our photos on others’ blogs, and also we can sell our best photos to others.

But if you are a beginner and don’t want to invest in the making of a website and purchasing hosting then you should try to post your photos on other websites like-,,, and so on, like that there are so many websites on Google where we can share our images.

If you have the best high-resolution photos and you want to sell the photos then,, and here you should go.

8. Biography Blog

Top 10+ best blogging niche ideas that make money 2021

If you are a writer and love to share information about famous personalities with the audience then you should try blogging. Blogging is a way through which you can improve your writing skill.

There are so many websites on Google that they write lengthy biography and if a user comes on that blog to try to find something but because of the large paragraphs, they didn’t find anything that they want then returned back from the blog.

6 Tips: How to Write Biography like Professionally of a famous person

The user returns because in the lengthy paragraph they face trouble in finding something. So if you realize these things then you should try to write a biography in short. 

You can also use a table while writing a biography blog because in the table user can find easily whatever he wants.

When you use images in your blog then the user will get more attracted to your blog. If you use images with his name, father’s name, mother’s name, etc. then the user will get information from the images, which will make a good impression on your blog.

To create a Biography blog simply you need to write an SEO-friendly blog post and publish them after that you have to create high-quality backlinks for your blog or website. 

After some time your blog will see on the top of Google and you will get good amount of traffic.

9. Travelling Blog

Top 10+ best blogging niche ideas that make money 2021

If you want to travel the whole world and earn money so that’s not a bad idea. If you love to travel and explore new places then you should create your own blog and tell everyone to visit at least one time.

You can help others like how much cost will it take to travel. How to travel or something else. 

You can click photos while traveling and post them on your social media and blog also which will interact with the mind.

So if you have time and want to explore new places then blogging is a good option for you.

First of all, you need to create and set up a blog then you need to write a post on any traveling topic. After writing your post then you can publish it on your blog or website.

The best part of this is that you would not have to work too hard to write your blog post because you will not write anything outside of that place. 

Through this method, you can travel and also you can earn money from your blog. Also, you can give tips for traveling.

10. Story Writing Blog

Top 10+ best blogging niche ideas that make money 2021

If you’re a writer and love to write then blogging is the best option for you. If writing and singing are both skills you have then you should try blogging and YouTube also because both platforms is best for you.

You can write your story and publish it on the blog and you can post videos on YouTube as a storyteller. 

By this method, you can get millions of traffic to your blog and on your YouTube and that will generate a good amount of money.

If you want to become a writer then it’s good for you because with the help of blog you can analyze your mistakes with the feedback of users and you can also improve your writing skills.

You can write any type of story on your blog like- romantic, sad, emotional, motivational etc.

You can share your post and videos on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

11. Make money

Top 10+ best blogging niche ideas that make money 2021

There are thousands of daily searches on the Internet of how to make money online, How to make money from apps, and thousands of results are available over there.

But you have seen one thing most people click only on the latest post because he always wants to know the new methods of making money online in 2023.

So if you have knowledge of making money online then why not create your own blog and give tips and tricks to make money online?

With the help of a blog, you can suggest money-making applications, websites, etc.


With the help of this blog post, I had trying to provide you with information regarding the Best Blogging Niche Ideas for 2023

There are so many other niche ideas on the internet as well but here I have found the best of them and written for you. I hope you like this article.

If you have other Top 10 Best Profitable Blogging Niche Ideas 2021 then you can leave a comment and suggest me some other niche ideas.

This blog post is especially for new bloggers because at starting they face difficulty in finding of Profitable niche with low competition in 2023.

You can share this post with our new blogger friends and you can also share this post on your Social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram.

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