Best Blogging Platform To Make Money Online for 2023

Best Blogging Platform To Make Money Online
Best Blogging Platform To Make Money Online

Are you also thinking of starting a new blog and making money online by blogging, and searching for the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money Online, you have confusion to start your blogging career from which platform because today there are so many blogging platforms on the Internet, which platform will be best for you as a beginner.

Then you are in the right place because in this post we are going to give you complete information about the Best blogging platforms in India to start a blog of the time that you will be able to decide after reading this post, which will be good for your blogging career, and the end I will tell you which blogging platform you should start your blogging journey.

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You need to know about blogging platforms before you create a website or blog for yourself. 

The blogging platform has a key place in setting up and making the blog well-off.

Before you create a blog, you need to choose the appropriate blog platform, otherwise, you won’t be able to succeed. Whether you make a free blog or in money, the blog platform is essential for that.

The blog platform means which blog provider you are creating your blog from. If you’re new to blogging and you’re thinking of creating a great blog! 

So the biggest problem in your mind will be which blogging platform would be right to create a great blog! 

There are a lot of blogging platforms available on the Internet! So you should choose a blogging platform according to your own because each blogging platform has its own technology and method of different!

If you get some best blogging platforms free on the Internet, you have to charge for something! 

I searched the Internet for the best blogging platforms to start a blog And finally chose one of the top blogging platforms! Who are free?

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What is Blogging?

First of all, we will talk about what happens to blogs. Blogging is a practice that lets new information be inserted on the Internet. This requires Domain and Hosting.

You are reading this post on our blog and putting those posts to our team which means we are blogging. 

Next, we will tell you about the Top 8 blogging platforms that can help you do blogging without any kind of Coding Knowledge.

What are Blogging Platforms?

Which platform do you make your blog articles public on, and which platform is the best?

Blogger gives you two things at the same time if you have taken free hosting to start blogging. The first is free hosting, the second is the blogging platform.

That is, if you are using free hosting in Blogspots, you don’t have to take any separate blogging platforms.

And if you’re taking tree hosting you’ll have to install the blogging platform in your hosting.  The most popular blogging platform is WordPress.

WordPress becomes available to you for free. You install WordPress in your hosting. Then you can set up the basic things you need in WordPress.

For example, if you URL your blog name, blog, and some settings, your blogging platform has been created. So let’s move on now.

How to Select the Best Blogging Platform?

To like a blogging platform, first, the main keywords in your topic must have monthly search information (if you want to target specific keywords).

If you want to run a website on more than one topic at once, you should think about your resources like the budget. 

Blogging is a platform where income is high but you can get it when you rank on a topic or a keyword with a good search.

You may have difficulty in ranking at the outset and a lot of visitors come to visit you, so if your preferred plate form is more expensive, you may have to leave it. 

That’s why you must analyze your keywords and your budget.

There are some Best Blogging Platforms where you need coding. If you are not from such a background and you are not aware of coding, you don’t have to like that kind of plate form because such platforms may have to face a lot of trouble later.

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 Best Blogging Platform in 2023 to Start a Blog

1. WordPress

Best Blogging Platform To Make Money Online

WordPress is an open-source CMS (content management system) WordPress is written in PHP. 

WordPress is currently the most popular blogging platform in the world and WordPress has more than 60 million users WordPress is easy to use cms where Drag & Drop can design its blog without any coding knowledge.

WordPress is so popular that you get to see a lot of WordPress themes and plugins that can help you give your blog a professional look, you’ll find a lot of WordPress on the Internet and you’ll find lots of WordPress tutorials on YouTube and you won’t have to face any trouble while working on WordPress.

But if you start your blogging career with WordPress, you’ll have to make an initial investment because creating a blog on WordPress will require domains, hosting, and themes and plugins. And that you have to buy.

2. Blogger

blogging platform for beginners

Blogger ( is the oldest blogging platform and is a free service from Google, so bloggers can be trusted the most. Bloggers can be considered second in blogging platforms. 

On Blogger you can make your blog completely free and you’ll need your Google Gmail Id.

Blogger is easy to use and gives its users great features. If you create a free blog on blogger, you will find a Subdomain with a free blog here, You can also add it later with your own purchased domain name, Also, if you talk, you can’t install any other plugins on Blogger, and here you can’t take your blog to host.

Here you can name your own domain. To design your blog, you also find a lot of good options and templates that can help you set up your blog well.

So is the best blogging platform to earn money. You can fully rely on This Service of Google.

3. Tumblr

blogging platforms in India

Tumblr is also a good blogging platform, where you can create your blog for free. It’s also easy to use and makes your users available for setting up blogs.

Just as Blogger is a Google service, Tumblr is a yahoo service. Tumblr is the best blogging platform for bloggers who publish short-form content, or who do blogging on content such as Quotes, images, videos, and animated Gifs.

Also here you’ll find subdomains like other platforms, such as:- you can put your own domain name on Tumblr, and here you can also take your blog on hosting. Hosting Tumblr gives you free, which is limited.

Although Tumblr is not as famous as blogger and WordPress, Tumblr is still the best free blogging platform to make money for you, so you can set up your blog well. You can use it for a better and new experience.

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4. Wix

best blogging platforms to start a blog

It is a cloud-based web development service on which you can create html5 based websites and blogs using drag and Drop Tools here you can create blogs for free here you get the Wix builder tool to design the blog and you have to take a premium subscription to use all the features of Wix.

When you sign up for Wix, it asks you what type of website you want to develop, then it redirects you to the template collection of that type of website.

Wix offers a powerful colorful drag-and-drop interface to develop your website which is very easy to use. In it, you can select any element for your site. 

Drag and drop lets you add any items anywhere on your site. Also, you can create a new page using the drop-down menu without leaving the editor.

Pricing Plans 

Wix Pricing Plans

5. Squarespace

best blogging platforms free

The feature that is outside Squarespace is the layout-in-the-way technology. 

Users of WordPress, or any other blogging platform for a long time, will notice this amazing feature instantly. 

Click and drag images, resize them, and adjust placements faster and smoother than allowing any other blogging platform. 

Everything is placed inside an ideal grid so that everything is always properly aligned. Text, pictures, or blocks can be dragged to the exact location where you want them.

Another key feature of Squarespace is how all site components are pulled together under one platform. 

Specific website components such as pages and galleries all work smoothly together with blogs and e-commerce stores. 

Add a customs template for a unique look and you have a dynamic website with e-commerce and blog functionality.

Squarespace is a premium-only blogging platform. In fact, they also offer a complete and dynamic eCommerce solution starting at only $24 per month. 

Easily create your website from scratch or use one of their many free templates.

Sites and blogs with Squarespace are hosted in the cloud. Cloud web hosting is scalable and stable meaning there is no downtime and no maintenance required by Blogger.

5. Weebly

Top blogging platforms

Weebly provides a free tool to create and host your website. In addition to its free version, they offer a premium version called The Weli Designer Platform. 

In addition to the standard features included with the free version, the Weeley Designer platform offers a 100% white-label solution. 

The white label means that all branding has been removed from Weli and replaced with your company’s logo, color scheme, and domain name. 

This platform allows you to resell this service. Learn more about White Label blog platforms.

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While Weebly has a WordPress-like CMS (Content Management System) in many ways. Key features like form builders, traffic statistics, functional mobile sites, variable themes, and other functions and a set of applications make Weebly a powerful choice for new bloggers.

In addition to the drag-and-drop ease of the Weebly Designer platform, there is also the option to modify and replace HTML and CSS. 

This is not necessary, but a good feature for those who like to fix their site and have knowledge of these coding languages.

Create a site for free and pay only once when it’s live. The price is $7.95/month on the published site Month.

If you have a business intention for your website, Weebly is very comparable to Squarespace. 

A blogging platform is a service or software that manages and publishes content over the Internet. 

Content can be shared on multiple platforms for greater performance.

The content on a blog is shown in chronological order, meaning readers can see the most recent content first and scroll down to old content. 

A blogging platform also provides colors, layouts, and backgrounds that you can design for your blog.

Pricing Plans

Weebly Pricing Plans

6. Medium

Medium: Drive thousands of traffic to your blog

Medium is a social media platform where you can write your article or blog and share it with others. It was launched by Evan Williams who is both its CEO and Co-founder.

It traffics in monthly millions. More articles on the medium are in English. You can read their premium article by paying on medium.

Using a medium you can easily drive thousands of traffic to your blog.

A Blogger must always share her content on social sites where millions of traffic because if you publish your article there, it is very likely to get traffic on your website.

And Medium site is a great option for this because it has a feature to Link share that looks like a Postcard that can help divert your medium readers to the website.


Constant Contact: blogging platform for business

It’s a professional Website Builder Platform! In which you can create a mobile responsive website in a short time.

In fact, it’s an A.I (Artificial intelligence) powered Website Builder Platform. You can website designs using Drag and Drop Interface easily. 

And can also do website customization with great ease by including more than one template collection on the website!

It gives you a 60-day Trial in which you can use this service. In this Powerful Blogging Platform, you have to per month Pay $10 after 60 Days. 

You are also provided with a Domain Name and 24/7 mobile support service by Website Builder. It’s the best and preferred platform for a small business.

Pricing Plans

Constant Contact pricing plans
Pricing Plans

8. Joomla

Joomla: Popular blogging platform
Free Blogging Platform

Joomla is a Free Blogging Platform you can make your Website. It is an Open Source Content Management System.

It depends entirely on CMS. You can also use Joomla Software, but you also get the option to Website to create and write content.

Joomla is a PHP base Blogging Platform. You can also do it with use Hosting. If I talk about earning with Joomla, you can earn it. You have to take hosting for Earning.

9. Ghost

Ghost Blogging Platform
Good blogging platform

Ghost is also a good blogging platform. Which focuses more on writing. It is a hosted platform. And works like software.

You have to pay $14.99/year to put a custom domain on it. And you have to pay $19.99/mo to buy its hosting version. It is quite expensive.

Benefits – It foxes well on blogging and writing.

It’s a very clean platform and it’s very easy to use

The hosting version does not require any setup.

Loss – It is not easy to customize with Mobile Application.

It is difficult to install and set up because of the low options within it.

Pricing Plans:

Ghost Pricing Plans


If you are a newbie blogger and don’t want to invest, you should start a blog with a blogger in 2023, if you can make an initial investment, you should go with definitely WordPress, and yes, whoever is a new blogger should choose only one of the bloggers or WordPress platforms. 

You can also try alternatives like Joomla and Wix when you have some experience. I hope you will learn something new from today’s post.

I hope you like this “Best Blogging Platform To Make Money Online for 2023” post and you’ll also get help in doing the right blogging platform selection. However, if you doubt or need any information, you can ask me.