Best way to generate free high quality Backlinks for a website

Best way to generate free high quality Backlinks for a website

As soon as you heard the name of Backlinks, many thoughts start to arise in your mind like what is a backlink, Best way to generate free quality Backlinks for a website why do we use it, what are its advantages and disadvantages and how to generate backlinks. 

These types of questions arise in your minds but don’t worry about it. This article will help you for all these.

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In this article we will discuss about backlinks and a small part of SEO. This article will help you to understand the information on backlinks and SEOs.

In this article we will try to make you understand about backlink because without backlinks and SEO you can’t rank your blog and doesn’t get traffic on them that’s why Backlinks are most important part of blogging.

I know you are thinking that my article is seeing very lengthy, I know my post is lengthy but we will provide you full knowledge that we have. 

So read my article that I have discussed about below.

What is a Backlinks?

The linking of one webpage to another webpages with the help of link is called backlink. 

If we try to understand in simple words there is a highway between two big cities that highway is like a link and two cities like a webpage. 

These two cities are connected by the highway just like two webpages are connected by the link. That link is called backlinks.

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Types of Backlinks

There are so many types of backlink but here we can’t discuss in detail. 

So here we will discuss only two types of backlink Do-follow and No-follow backlink which is really important for your website.

Most of the people use only these two types to rank your website or article. 

They always create more and more backlinks to get high rank and to get good amount of traffic.

Do-follow Backlink-

Best way to generate free high quality Backlinks for a website

Do-follow links are in HTML type which is used to create backlinks with the help of ancer text. 

Do-follow links are those links which pass link juice to improve ranking and to increase blog traffic also. 

As you have more do-follow links then you can get a good ranking on the Google search engine page. 

Always create your Do-follow link with High Authority website because it will be beneficial for your website or blog as per ranking and Traffic purpose.

Example: If you already know that the website you’re linking with your site is the High Authority website then you need to create a do-follow link for that website.

No-follow Backlink-

Best way to generate free high quality Backlinks for a website

These are ignored by search engine bots and ignored by people also. No-follow links are not crawled by Google. 

No-follow backlinks don’t get importance to your website or blog post but these two links should have in your website. 

To create No-follow backlinks simply we add rel”=nofollow then your no-follow backlink will be created.

For unrelated content link with our website, we create a no-follow backlink. For reason, if you have to link low-quality website then always create no-follow links.

Example:- If your blog niche is a technology and you give links for health then you have to create no-follow links.

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Why Backlinks are important for SEO?

In simple terms as you work hard to get success in your life and to maintain an image in society. 

Just like that to improve the image in Google you need to work hard to write quality content and also to create backlinks for websites.

Backlink helps to build your website DA and PA (DA means Domain Authority and PA means Page Authority) which directly helps in search result ranking in Google.

In today’s backlink plays very important role in our website SEO because it helps in to increase DA and PA, fast indexing, improve organic ranking and referral traffic etc. 

That’s why backlink is more important for SEO purpose.


Why backlink is used?

Backlinks are important factor for SEO purpose without backlinks it is hard to get a good ranking on Google. 

That’s why it is more important for our websites.

If we try to understand in simple word so backlinks is like a food for our websites.

For example:- Foods are important for our body to grow up similarly backlinks are the most important factor for websites.

Hope you Understand all about backlinks like what is backlinks and why they are important for websites and why we use them. Further, we will discuss all about backlinks.


What is SEO?

In this above article you have heard or read a word that is SEO. This word worried many new bloggers but don’t worry because we will discuss here in easy and simple words that make you understand. 

We will not discuss here in full detail about SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a simple and easy technique that helps our blog or website get a good ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

In a simple step by writing and adjusting our article or blog post, your article can Achieve a good ranking on Google. 

That’s why both SEO and backlinks factor are more important for our websites.

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How backlinks are harmful to a website?

Backlinks have a power to make your website powerful or to destroy your website. 

Some of them are good for our website or some are bad for website. 

So before creating backlink for website you have to be careful.

If you are not avoiding some mistakes while creating then you’re making toxic your back-link. 

It will harmful for your website, reduce ranking in SERP and it decreases your traffic also.

Now the question is if backlinks are bad or harmful for our websites so how to find and remove them. 

It is quite easy to find and remove bad links from website.

There are so many website or tools like MOZ are available on Google, using these tools and website you can easily get backlink data and analyze your data after you can find bad link and you can also remove in simple steps. 

Research about your Competitors Article

As we all know it is very difficult to beat your competitor without doing any research about competitor’s article or website. 

For all new blogger and old blogger it is necessary we should not write article without any research because if you don’t research your competitor’s backlinks, article and article length till then you can’t beat your competitor.

Use Backlink Checker Tool: There are some free tools which is on Google  ahrefsmonitorbacklinksneilpatel provide you to research backlink profile. With the help of backlink checker tool you can analyze your competitors website like type of backlinks and see anchor text used.


Best way to generate free high quality Backlinks for a website

There are so many methods to get high-quality backlinks from any other website.

Don’t go for any random website to get backlink because it happens where you for getting it has maximum spam score. 

Don’t create backlink from any website where the spam score has above 5% of the website. It can harm your website and reduce traffic.

Always create your backlinks with your topic or niche. If you create or get with any websites it will effect on your blog ranking. 

Suppose that if you got a link of your site on any other website which is not related to your niche. 

You can’t get traffic from that site because he didn’t find anything from your blog.

I hope you have understood the words “Backlink” in SEO well. Now it’s time for creating High-Quality backlinks for your website. 

Remember one thing is that you need to know the quality of backlinks is more important than the number of backlinks.

1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is the most popular method that people are using to Generate High-Quality backlink for website or blog. 

This is the most common method that people are used.

With the help of guest posting, they get a high-quality backlink and a good amount of traffic to your website. 

To do that you will need to find some top websites which related to your niche and who accept guest posts.

After finding website related to your niche after that you will have to write an attractive and informative post for that website. 

Remember that don’t forget to include your link in the article otherwise you will get any backlink and all your hard work will go wrong.

2. Blog Commenting

This is the most popular method of creating quality backlinks from high Authority websites and this method is very easy and simple.

Now, still people are using blog commenting techniques to create their backlinks.

Before leave comment, you need to know, Only Blogger site will give you a do-follow backlink and if you leave a comment on WordPress site you will get a no-follow backlink.

If you want backlink from any website and you go on blog post, please don’t leave spammy comments on that post. 

Spammy comments means that you can’t leave comment in 5-8 words and you can do that but don’t include any link in those words. 

Your 5-8 word comment with link count as spam and author of that website will never approve your comment.

To create backlink first you need to find website which is related with your niche and you will have to check SS (Spam Score) remember that website SS should not have more than (5-10)%, where you want backlink.

Write your comment in 100-200 words. Remember that your comment should have full information and attractive that the author of that website interact to your comment and approve them.

Between the comment You should use ancer text to include your post or website link on that website.


3. Broken Link Building

Best way to generate free high quality Backlinks for a website

This is very simple and advance technique that people are using to create their backlinks from others websites and you also have chance to get quality backlink from High Authority Websites. 

So you should not let this chance go, to do that you need to simply find broken links.

First of all go to any website which is related with your niche and find ancer text on that website blog post and click on the text then a new page will be open and it will show 404 Page Not Found. It means that this link is broken.

After finding broken link simply you need to make contact with Author of the website and inform about that broken link and you have to request him to replace that link with your link.

4. Internal Linking

Internal linking plays a very important role in your website Because a good internal linking can provide you good amount of traffic. 

This is an another way to create your backlink without paying to others.

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In simple steps we have a website that have at least 100 article and in every post you have add 10 article in single post as an internal link and suppose that user click on 5 links then you will get 5 extra pageview.

Difference between Referring Domains and Backlinks

I know most of the new blogger always think that Backlinks and referring domains are same but there is a myth. 

It is fully different from each other but it is easy to understand.

Every referring domain works as a backlinks but every backlink not work as a referring domain.


In simple steps backlink is a link that which connects one website to another website or through one blog post to another by with the help of ancer text. 

When someone click on that link which redirect to your site. That is called backlinks. They plays an very important role in website SEO ranking.

Suppose you have create 10 backlink on any website then it has 10 backlinks. In simple words you can create thousands of backlinks from a single website. 

Backlinks counts the numbers of links that you have given on a website.

Referring Domain

Referring domain is totally different from backlinks. Suppose you create 10 backlinks from a single websites then you have 10 backlinks but you will have only 1 referring domain.

For example: You have a backlink from then you have one referring domain, if you have backlink from and then you have two referring domain.

My Point of view on How generate high quality backlinks

If you’re new in Blogging field then you need to focus only on quality not quantity. You have to give best to write your blog article.

When you write your article informative and SEO friendly then Google will automatically rank your post.

Suppose that your blog post quality is not so good but with the help of backlinks you get high ranking in Google pages now the question is how much time will stay your blog post in top Google Ranking. 

After some time it will goes down automatically and you can’t handle your blog post. 

That’s why we are suggesting you to write first quality content then after that you can create backlinks.

At last you have to remember one thing that the position of backlink matters if your backlink is on top in post then you will get high authority and if your backlinks is on bottom of the post then you can get low authority.

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