White Hat SEO Techniques: 8 Methods to Rank blog without breaking Rules

White Hat SEO techniques: 8 Methods to Rank blog without breaking Rules
White Hat SEO Techniques

Today we will tell you about White Hat SEO Technique for 2023 and how to use it. We all know how important it is to SEO a website to increase traffic on the website. For this, we have to follow a lot of SEO factors.

People who have been in the field of blogging for a long time they know about black hat and white hat SEO very well.

But new bloggers don’t know about both the important techniques black hat SEO and white hat SEO techniques.

So if you want to succeed in blogging, you should be aware of it. So new bloggers unknowingly do something like this mistake. Which turns white-hat SEO into Black Hat SEO.

For example, using keywords over the limits of search engine guidelines is called keyword stuffing. Because keyword stuffing is a part of Black Hat SEO.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO techniques: 8 Methods to Rank blog without breaking Rules
What is White Hat SEO?

Search engine guidelines are followed in White hat SEO techniques. And with this technique, you can run your blog for a long time.

SEO professionals do some criteria, parameters and recommended trends follow. All those which have been adopted by the big search engines and the techniques given in the guidelines made by these search engines are called White Hat SEO.

When it comes to SEO in White Hat, Search Engines Guidelines follow the techniques used so that you don’t suffer from their use. Your Site can be banned if you use the technique of Black Hat.

It is believed that Black Hat search engine optimization techniques and strategies can make your Blog ranking very high because it does not follow Search Engines rules.

It is important not only for search engines and for human audiences as well. Black Hat SEO is mainly used by people who need results very quickly and who do not want to invest in their website or blog long-term.

Some techniques that are used in Black Hat SEO are keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden text and links, etc. Using them can index de you from your website Search Engines and ban your website.

For this, you have to SEO your website and Post according to the Rules of Google or all other search engines.

White Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques only target human audiences and not Search engines. You can’t get results quickly with the use of White Hat SEO tricks, but if you use them for a long time, you’ll see very good results.

Some techniques used in White Hat SEO are keyword analysis, keyword research, LSI keywords, rewriting Meta tags, link building, etc. Using them does not pose any risk to your Search Engines, so you can use them for a long time.

Why White Hat SEO is necessary?

Why White Hat SEO is necessary?
Why White Hat SEO is necessary?

If you understand what White Hat is, you must have guessed why it is important to White Hat SEO Website. If you don’t know, let me tell you. 

When someone creates a New Website, he Uses Techniques of SEO to bring more traffic to his Website and get the post Rank early on the Search Engine so that his Website can be improved quickly. It requires White Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO, Google Algorithm is Follow so it is Safe and this SEO Techniques gives only benefits and will not harm your website.

Why White Hat SEO Techniques is important?

Why White Hat SEO Techniques is important?

If you have understood very well what is White Hat SEO? You must have guessed why SEO is important to the website.

If you don’t know, Let me tell you that when a new blogger creates a website, he uses this SEO technology to bring more traffic to his website and tries to rank the website quickly on the search engine so it is very important to White Hat SEO it.

White Hat SEO is done by following Google’s algorithm, so it is safe, and doing SEO with these technologies gives only benefits, not harms.

If you have understood white hat SEO. So let me tell you some white hat SEO methods that you can follow SEO on your website. You can follow these Best SEO techniques and rank your website or blog post among Google’s top positions.

8 Methods to Use White Hat SEO Technique

White Hat SEO techniques: 8 Methods to Rank blog without breaking Rules

If you understand why White Hat SEO is important? So let me tell you some white hat SEO strategies that you can follow to do SEO on your Website. These are some of the Techniques as follows;

1. Page Speed Optimization

This speed is good when the page of the website is loaded in 2 to 3 seconds but it is not good when it takes more than 5 seconds.

If the page speed of the website is Slow, you can improve the page speed of your website through this technology of SEO.

This increases the chances of increasing the ranking of the website in the search engine result page and also increases traffic. You optimize the page well so that the speed Page increases.

2. Keyword Research

A website needs keyword research to rank at the top of the search engine result page (SERPs) as traffic to the website comes only through keywords.

For this, you can Keyword Research using White Hat SEO techniques and select Best Keyword for your blog post.

You should use Long Tail Keywords if you are a new blogger. Because the Competition on the Long Tail Keywords is low which increases your chances of ranking a lot?

3. Analyze your Competitor

In Competitor Analysis, you can use White Hat SEO techniques to monitor the Competitor Websites of your website and improve your website and move on to Competition.

This leads to your website ranking at the top of the search engine result page (SERPs) and also increases traffic on the website.

There are many tools available on the Internet to analyze Competition, of which you can use any tool.

4. Create a Content Strategy

Content Strategy is very important for all websites. It is prepared with the help of White Hat SEO Techniques. There is a Content Strategy design plan for the website.

 It first contains the pillar content of the website, followed by Support Contact. and all kinds of SEO such as; All these come On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Technical SEO, etc.

Because of this content strategy, visitors to such websites prefer to come more or say they are more attracted. This increases the traffic on your website.

5. Create a High-Quality Backlink

When a link to your post is given on a website, users visiting that website also click on your post and read it, but they will read only when your blog post is helpful for them. It is Backlink.

If you want to rank your post on Google, it is also very important to create a high-quality backlink.  The better it will be for your website.

It helps bring traffic to the website and increases the chances of ranking on search engines.

6. Optimize the URL of Blog Posts

When you publish any content on your website, it is very important to optimize its URL structure before publishing it because if the URL is SEO friendly, the search engine will easily understand it, which will help in the ranking.

You can optimize URLs using White Hat SEO techniques. There are a few things you should keep in mind while optimizing URLs. Which we have mentioned below.

  • URL should not be too long.
  • Keyword stuffing should not be done in the URL.
  • URL should be kept as small as possible.
  • (-) for Word Separating should be used to separate words in the URL.
  • Focus keywords should be used in the URL.
  • Only lowercase letters should be used in the URL.

7. Keyword density

It is very important to take care of keyword density while writing your Post. Otherwise, your white hat SEO post will turn into a black hat.

Therefore, use only 2-3% of keywords in your post. And use related keywords from that post.

8. Optimize your Image

If the speed of the website is very slow or the website traffic is decreasing or the website is not ranking in the search engine, it is very important for you to optimize the image of your website.

You can optimize the image with the methods of White Hat SEO.

Add Alt tags to the Image. So that you can better identify the Bot’s Images of Google. Use keywords while writing the Title image.


So, now you must have understood White Hat SEO and how it is used. This is a way that every blogger has to follow.

So, you should also follow it. And if you find our Post helpful and useful and you must have found it, if you like our article, definitely share it with your friends, you can also Share it on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. And if you have any problem, please tell us in a Comment.