What is Keyword Cannibalization in SEO and how to resolve it?

What is Keyword Cannibalization in SEO and how to resolve it?
Keyword Cannibalization in SEO

Keyword Cannibalization happens when many of our Websites, Web Pages Focus on the same Keyword, meaning we get to see this issue as long as our 2 or more Landing Pages are going to Ranking on the same Keyword Phrase.

There is a Myth in the minds of so many peoples related to ranking which makes them feel that if they use a lot of keywords in all their Posts, their posts will start ranking up quickly, which is absolutely wrong.

Using a Keyword on Multiple Pages is bad or harmful for SEO purposes, which can also down the Search Engine Ranking of your Website.

Now you must be wondering why this happens. So let’s know, when you prepare a lot of Pages with the Same Keyword, you’re actually Competing yourself. Such pages have very little CTR, and their conversion rate is also less than your other pages.

Now, let’s understand What is Keyword Cannibalization in SEO and how to resolve it in detail:

What is Keyword Cannibalization?

Cannibalizing means that when most of your blog Articles are optimized for a single Keyword. This is keyword Cannibalization in SEO when more than 1 of your posts start ranking on the same keyword in Google’s Search Query.

By doing this, you can spoil the Search Rankings of your website instead of improving them.

If your articles are optimized for the same keyword, they will compete with each other to Search Rankings. This is not good for SEO.

How to identify Keyword Cannibalization?

It’s very easy to know if your blog has a problem with keyword Cannibalization.  You have to search for the keyword you suspect has caused this problem in your blog post.

If you search for that keyword in Google, you will have more than one result shown.

You can also check the problem of Cannibalization in your blog on a particular Keyword. This is the Formula for this so you can easily check.

How to check for keyword cannibalization?how to identify keyword cannibalization?

Site: domain.com “Keyword”

 For example, You can see in the image.

What is Keyword Cannibalization in SEO and how to resolve it?

Title tag contains the same keyword on different pages on the same website:

1.    https://domyhomework123.com/do-my <title> How Can I Pay Someone To Do my homework Quick and Correct>

2.     https://domyhomework123.com/ <title>Do my homework For Me – 🤓 Make My Assignment Done Online </title>

It will tell you if you cannibalized more than one post from one keyword. And it will be easily known whether your blog is suffering a ranking problem or is completely safe.

Impact of Keyword Cannibalization on SEO

Keyword Cannibalization is not at all correct for your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Let’s see what the side effects of SEO are is –

1. Google can de-value your same Posts

If your posts are optimized for the same Focused Keyword, Google can penalize your website. This may badly affect your Search Ranking.

So try to avoid Keyword Cannibalization in your Blog post.

Optimizing your lots of posts for the same Focused Keywords can Google confuse.

In that case, your High Authority will try to rank the Page. This will make your other posts continue to lag behind in the search engine rankings.

2. It reduces the quality of your Post

Keyword Cannibalization will also reduce the Quality of your pages or posts in the eyes of users and search engines.

If you target posts with the same Keyword, it can adversely affect your search ranking.

This signals to Google that your pages may not be giving correct information on that keyword. It affects the Quality Posts of on your website.

3. Your Conversion Rate will be adversely affected

If more than one post of you is targeting the same Keyword, your conversion rate will decrease.

It is obvious that one of your posts will rank better than other posts. This will adversely affect the conversion rate of your other posts.

So always try not to target the same Keyword  again and again while writing Posts.

4. Your Crawl Budget will be ruined

Crawl Budget means how many pages do search engines crawl at a time? Due to Keyword Cannibalization, search engines will also crawl and index pages that are not even needed.

You wouldn’t want your Crawl Budget to be wasted at all and your search engine rankings to be affected.

So try to avoid Keyword Cannibalism for SEO purposes.

5. Your website’s Authority will be adversely affected

Pages optimized for the same keyword, the authority of your pages will be divided.

Placing Posts or pages on a keyword increases the Page Authority. However, Keyword Cannibalism will adversely affect your CTR (Click Through Rate).

6. Reduction in Page Authority

This happens because your Clicks have been Divided. Suppose you get 15 Clicks every day on one of your Posts where you Focus the keyword “increase website Traffic “, but when you write a post again on the same Keyword, it will be Clicks divided, which will cause the biggest loss to your Page Authority.

7. Changes in Anchor Text and Backlinks

It also happens with changes in anchor text or Backlinks.

When Google Crawlers, they get a lot of Pages on your Website with the same Keywords, which also benefits your Backlinks.

In this case, you begin to compete with your own Pages, which separate the Quality of your Backlinks. It also affects the Process of your Link Building techniques.

How to Fix Keyword Cannibalization?

Now you understand what Keyword Cannibalization is, how to find it, and what wrong effects it has on SEO. So now let’s talk about how you can easily fix it:–

1. Audit your content

The keyword has been optimized. You have to audit your content to find it. We have already told you this. Enter the site:yoursite.com“keyword” in the browser and you can easily find out. It is a very simple and easy process.

Audit your content will let you know which content of yours are targeting the same keyword. This needs to be done to fix the Keyword Cannibalization.

2. Analyze your Content performance

You should also analyze the content performance after Content Auditing. You can take the help of Google Search Console for this.

Here, you go to the Performance category and use filters. Enter any targeted keywords in performance you want to check in the Filters.

By doing this, Search Console will display reports of all the contents associated with that keyword.

Also, you need to see every page. The traffic of the post will also be visible. You can use Filters to remove a lot of reports that you can easily analyze.

3. Take the Right Decision for your Contents

Once you remove the reports, you will have three ways :

  • Keep content posting
  • Deleting Content
  • Redirect

Take these decisions according to your own accord. If you can use Redirection, it would be better.

You must redirect any post URL, you delete somewhere. This will not keep broken links on your website.

You can also merge some of the Paragraphs or content of the content you are going to delete in another post.

4. Find New Keywords

The new Keywords do not mean that you have to keyword Research again, you use Relevant Keywords instead.

Let’s understand it from an example: Suppose my 1 post is on “On-Page SEO”. Now on the second Web Page, I will use “On-Page Optimization” which will show only when someone Searches this Phrase at Google.

Why is your Website Ranking Down?

This is because Google ranks only 1 or 2 articles from any Domain and if your blog has a higher domain authority, it will rank 3 articles from your blog on page 1 in search and if you have a lot of articles on the same keyword in the same domain, it is against Google’s rules and Google will not rank your Post on First Page. And your Rank post will make the ranking down.



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