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In this blog post, you will know the Smart way to Use LSI Keywords to Boost Your SEO and how LSI keyword boosts your website ranking. With the help of the LSI keyword, you will definitely increase your blog traffic.

If you don’t know what LSI Keyword is yet and how they are used in your Blog Post, believe me, this can be one of the reasons why you don’t Blog Post Rank.

Google loves LSI because these are the Keywords that make Google Sure what your Post is about.

The full Form of LSI is “Latent Semantic Indexing“. LSI Keyword targets similar or related keywords from a main keyword. Search engines help in better understanding the content of pages through LSI-related keywords.

A keyword that is related to the being searched. When the Google search engine thinks that a keyword is related to the answer the user wants on a Page and there are so many other keywords that have a relationship with that keyword.

If there is a keyword that has a lot of close relation, Google ranks that Page and recognizes the user.

Like the other Bloggers, I am always in the search of some such things so that I can increase the ranking of my blog in a very short time.

And that’s how I heard about LSI Keywords, and then I started getting information about it. How to use it can increase the ranking of our blog.

I also learned how it is now giving more importance to the need of Google users, and how it is giving more preference to the phrases they have searched.

That’s why today I wondered why you should not give full details about what is the LSI Keywords of the people and how to use them.

So that you can use them properly in your blogs. Then let’s start without delay and know what happens LSI Keyword.

What is LSI Keyword?

LSI Keyword, the main keyword happens. You can also call it a related keyword. Latent Schematic Keywords belong to keywords that the user searches for on search engines. It is necessary to do correct On-Page SEO

The search engine uses it to make decisions. What else can be searched and related to the search term he is searching for? Its use increases Search Relevancy. This makes the content more SEO Friendly.

The full form of the LSI Keyword is the Latent Semantic IndexingKeyword. It is used for On-Page SEO. Google Search Engine is giving too much importance to this keyword. Gradually it has become a very demanding keyword. 

There are many things to do to increase your new website traffic and sometimes something wrong happens that comes within the Black Hat SEO

For a while it’s been right that it definitely increases the traffic on the website but, it causes damage in the future.

Google always gives the user too much value. The search engine aims to provide accurate information to the user. 

Google always keeps the search term in mind the user searches and ranks the website according to what he is doing. Posts and pages can be easily ranked using it properly.

Until a few years ago, he used Search algorithms in search engines to find exact search terms. This made it a little difficult to get accurate information. 

However, LSI Keyword doesn’t cause this problem. This has largely stopped Keyword Stuffing and the right content is being ranked in the search engine.

If you understand as an example, you may LSI Keywords if you SEO Main Keyword, SEO Meaning, SEO Tools, YouTube SEO, Google, SEO Job, How to do SEO, SEO Tutorial, SEO Marketing. These are examples of LSI keywords.

Benefits of Using LSI Keyword

LSI Keyword prevents the content of your website from being Labeled Spam

LSI Keyword lets you reduce the spam score of your website. How is that? Suppose you’re writing content about Food so obviously, you’ll say something about food too, and fast food will also say something about it.

When your content is joined to the original keyword of the article by some keywords relation it that is absolutely genuine keyword. The use of related keywords that is absolutely genuine keywords protects your website’s content from spam.

LSI Keyword reduces the Bounce Rate of your website

Its use to reduce Bounce Rate when the Bounce Rate is low, it makes On-Page Score good. 

Many have a very high bounce rate even when users come to the website but, immediately go out, making the search engine think that this content should definitely be visible above the search engine, but the user doesn’t like it and the search engine lowers its ranking.

Sometimes the search engine understands it is Spam too. But, with the help of LSI Keyword, the search engine is able to easily decide what is right and which content to rank. Using it correctly, the ranking of blog posts can be easily increased.

Improve Website Ranking

Every website and blog is crawled by the search engine but the search engine crawls auto where keywords are used correctly.

In the early stages, the blogger has to submit the site to a webmaster, but when the keyword is used correctly, the search engine crawls it with crawler priority.

Even if the post is published on the blog every day or in a routine, auto crawling starts. LSI Keyword helps a lot in increasing related searches. And this will definitely help your website to rank higher positions on Google.

Improve Authority

It can be used to increase the Authority of blogs, posts, and pages. Users click quickly when the content appears above in the search engine and when clicked, the CTR Improve, CTR the better the response.

When you start getting organic traffic from Google then Google ranks your post in higher positions and this traffic will help you to increase the Domain Authority of your website.

LSI Keyword Vs Long Tail Keyword

Did Long Tail Keyword think about LSI Keyword, what is Long Tail Keyword? Is there any difference between the two or there is same? No, there is a lot of similarity and difference between these two.

There is a certain difference between this Long Tail Keyword Search scope decreases while LSI Keyword increases it.

This is the related keyword that always promotes search. LSI Keyword causes relevant searches increases and starts coming to the Organic Traffic website. This makes it easier to rank content in search engines.

11 Best LSI Keyword Research Tools

11 Best LSI Keyword Research Tools to Boost Your SEO
11 Best LSI Keyword Research Tools

You must be wondering how to find LSI Keyword. The first way to find LSI Keyword is Search Suggestion, apart from many paid and free tools that can be found. Some of the tools are named below.

11 Best LSI Keyword Research Tools to Boost Your SEO:

1. Keys4up

2. Twinword Ideas LSIGraph

3. LSI Graph

4. LSI Keyword Tool

5. Google Keyword Planner

6. Keywordtool.io

7. SEMrush

8. Mondovo

9. Soovle

10. Longtailpro

11. Keyword Shitter


Keys4up it’s a very easy LSI Keyword Generator tool that provides you with about 10 LSI Keyword on one of your searches.

The same if you want a list of all keywords, you need to create an account with your email on this keyword generator tool.

After some searches, this tool will ask you to share with your friends, which we didn’t like.

Twinword Ideas LSI Graph

Twinword Ideas LSI Graph is another fun tool that replaces the list with data you see in form Graph. This tool allows you to search unlimited, which is a great thing.

If Twinword Ideas LSI Graph tool is compared with everyone else, it generates a lot of unique LSI Keywords and also increases the relatedness of your main keywords.

LSI Graph

LSI Graph is the best tool to find LSI Keywords. This tool allows you to do some searches without registering in which you get about 50 LSI Keywords.

If you register, 20 searches are increased throughout your day. This tool also generates long-tail keywords, meaning keyword that has at least 3 words.

Google Keyword Planner

You can find everything with the help of Google. By the way, LSI keywords too. Well, this method is very basic so you can find it by combining it with another tool for good results.

For your information, let me tell you that you can find initial LSI keywords with Google Autosuggest and with that, you can see related searches under the page. With this you can also use Google Keyword Planner to wash LSI keywords.

Soovle is a very great Keyword suggestion tool for Online Marketers. As soon as you add some query to it, you will see the top 10 searches and that too popular search engines.

Soovle support many good Search Engines, YouTube and Answers.com, the Google, the Wikipedia, the Amazon, the Bing, and the Yahoo.

It’s so spontaneous that as soon as you typing start it, it will start to results. At the same time, you can also check how people are search the keywords you are search.

This will give you best information about related searches. The rest of you have been wondering how you use it.


SEMrush is the best tool for you if you have to compete with a website or blog. Because it allows you to find the keywords you need for yourself. You can also know the keywords of Competitors using it.

All you need to do is go to the website of the SEMRush and type the URL of your competitor’s Blog. By doing so, you can look at and analyze all their keywords.

You can watch for 10 keywords in Free Account and you’ll have to upgrade your account if you need more.

Mondovo is a tool that is used by people who cannot pay so much for SEMRush.

In this, you will see some results of SEMRush, and that too in free. You get free credit as soon as you register it, which you can use to wash your Keywords.

The free option of Google Keyword Planner is a very good Alternative to Keywordstool.io Google Keyword Planner.

Here you can easily keywords generate and that too LSI Keywords. Well these are paid tool but it’s enough to wash the free version LSI Keywords.

This result looks alphabetically so you’ll find it easier to wash the LSI Keywords.

How to use LSI Keywords to Boost Your Organic Traffic?

What is LSI keywords and how to use LSI Keywords to boost your website Traffic? Whenever you make your blog or write blog posts in it, remember that you should have Content User friendly to as many people as you like Google will like you and improve your website ranking.

Many bloggers make mistakes they keywords stuffing a lot just to match Google’s algorithm, making their blog posts negative marking dead post, and then they don’t rank in search engine.

You need to use your main keywords and LSI keywords in your blog in a natural way so that users don’t experience anything different or strange and the keywords fit.

Do as much as you can use keywords in an organic way, apart from that you can cover in FAQ.

If you use images in your blog post, you must have the main focus keywords in the Featured image and you can also use your LSI keywords in the ALT-Tag of the next images.

LSI Keywords are not only to be used within the article but if possible, it is Post Title you, in conclusion, according to the question and in internal link according to anchor text.

With this, you can use them in Blog posts in title tags, permalinks, and most important introduction and conclusion sections.

This will make them completely Natural and also have a good flow in the article.


What is LSI keyword and how to use LSI keyword in your blog post. Just writing good Content is not enough. If you want organic traffic from Google, you’ll have to write an SEO-friendly blog post.

For you need to do keyword research and it is equally important to use those keywords properly in your blog.

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