Spam Score: Best Way to Reduce from your Website in 2023

How to Reduce Website Spam Score?

Reduce from your Website in 2023:- Do you know what spam score of website is? And how to reduce it? This lowers the search ranking of the website and also reduces its organic traffic. In this post, how do I check spam scores for websites and tips to reduce spam scores? I will tell you about it.

When we start a blog, we are first taught that we have to do SEO on our Page to get it ranked on Google.

Most Of the time where does it go that if you don’t have off-page SEO, your post won’t come through Google search?

Off-page SEO means creating High-Quality Backlinks. But do you know what is the right way to create backlink for a website?

How will it affect your website if you create a backlink incorrectly?

To rank our posts, we start creating backlinks blindly, not even checking what is the authority of the website and what is its spam score.

The result is a High spam score on our website. Our website does not rank on Google because of high spam scores.

So let’s try to understand the spam score now.

What is Spam Score?

What is Spam Score?

Spam score is a website rating system. It rates the website. It confirms whether someone’s website is punished by Google or how much spam.

Simply put, a website’s spam scores Google shows how trusted a website is.

Spam score being too much, Google feels that it is not website trustable. It is connected to a website punished by Google, which does not rank the post of the website on Google.

And if you don’t reduce your spam scores in time, Google can penalize your website. After that, no matter how much you do SEO, it will not help you.

New bloggers want their posts to appear on the first page. For this, they do all the work that ranks their posts like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and backlink. While creating a backlink, you should keep in mind that the website you are making backlinks is not spammy.

That means how is website value in Google. Because if someone’s website has a high spam score and you go to that website and create a backlink, your website spam score will increases. This may rank your website on Google.

Spam Score: Best way to reduce from your website in 2021

Spam Score is represented from 1% to 100% including:-

A score of 1% -30% is considered a Low Spam Score.

A score of 31% -60% is considered to be a medium spam score.

A score of 61% -100% is considered to be a high spam score. Google never Rank such a website and Google can analyze your website anytime.

How does Spam Score grow?

How Spam Score grows?
How does Spam Score grow?

There are many reasons why spam scores have increased, some of which I’m going to tell you that you should take care off.

1) Backlink from High Spam Score Website:

When we start blogging, we create backlinks from any website without thinking, and that’s what makes a mistake on us.

It is important to check the spam Score of any website before getting backlinks, as if a website has a high spam score, it will also negatively impact your website, which will increase the spam score of your website as well.

So check the Score of that website before creating a backlink.

2) Lots of Backlinks from Low Referring Domains:

If you follow the same practice, your score can also be high. Because Google Natural Backlinks is more preferred.

If you create a lot of backlinks from the same website, it will come under the category of Unnatural links and Google will penalize you.

The result of which will make your spam score high.

3) Do-follow and No follow Link Ratio:

Google will penalize you even if you don’t maintain the ratio of your backlinks.

According to Moz you have to maintain a ratio of 80% to 20%. Which should have 80% Do-follow Backlinks or 20% no-follow backlinks?

4) Thin Content:

Thin content means you write a very short post. A short post means you write a post of 300 to 500 words only.

And your post doesn’t provide anything unique. Google also penalizes thin content whose result is scored high as spam.

So you should write the content of as many words as possible.

5) Interlinking or External Linking:

You also have to maintain the ratio of your interlinking and External Linking.

Even if your website has less Internal linking and more external linking, Google can penalize you. So you should try to maintain the ratio of internal and external linking.

How to Check Website Spam Score?

Provides a Tool called Link Explorer to check Moz Website Spam Score. With this Tool, you can find out the Spam Score of your Website.

  • For this, first of all, you go to Link Explorer Tool.
  • Now copy and paste your Website URL here.
  • After you add Website Link, click the Search icon button.
  • Then click Spam Score in the left navigation menu.
  • Now here you can see the Spam Score of your Site.

How to Reduce Website Spam Score?

If you want to work on your website’s spam score, you must first find out the reason and see which Bad Backlinks have increased your spam score, and make a list of those Bad Backlinks.

But many people may not know what is Bad Backlinks and how to find out if our website has Bad Backlinks.

So for your information, let us tell you that making Backlinks with a Website whose spam score is already high, which Negative Effect on your Website is called Bad Backlinks.

And to find bad Backlink, you have to use Ahrefs, SemRush, and Moz pro Seo Tools that you can run for some extent free, but these are paid tools.

And if you can work a little harder, you can also Download Backlink List with the help of your Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Then open the Google Disavow Links Tool.
  • Now select the Site in which to delete the Backlink.
  • Then click the Disavow Links button.
  • Now here you can upload and submit a Backlink file.
  • Remove the bad Backlink.


This way you can reduce your spam scores, I hope this article will have given you full information about spam scores. You have understood everything in simple words so that you can easily understand it. How to reduce spam scores? Reading it can easily reduce your website or blog spam score.

I hope you have understood very well what spam score is. How to check spam score, how to reduce spam score?

Hopefully, you find this information helpful. What spam score on your website is and how to reduce spam scores? Do tell me how it felt in the comment and ask in the comment if there is any question.


1. What are Spam Scores?

Spam scores are not good for a website or blog, the higher the spam score, the more vulnerable a website is considered.

2. How to check spam scores?

There are many tools to check spam scores. You have to search “spam score checker” in Google’s 1st website you can check spam scores by visiting.

3. How to reduce spam scores?

To reduce your spam score, you must first find out the bad backlinks that make your website spam and then upload all those links to the Google Disavow tool. For 20-25 days, your website will lose a spam score.