Event Blogging Guide: Make $5000 a Month by Starting your Event Blog

Event Blogging Guide: Make $1000 a Month by Starting your Event Blog
Guide for Event Blogging 

In this wonderful post, I will help you on How to Create an Event Blog in 2022 and also provide Step by Step Guide to Make Money from Event Blogging.


Are you planning to start an event blog? So this is a Special Guide to start your Event Blogging. Do you want to know how to make money from event blogging in the first month? Don’t worry I will tell you everything about event blogging.


If you read this post full, I know you will definitely start your blog successfully and you will also make money fast from event blog.

You can see the trend of Event Blog in image given below.

This is a fastest way to get millions of traffic to your website and earn lots of money within a week or month. It is better than full time blogging.


If you are searching for step by step event blogging guide. So you are in the right place. Let’s start our post without wasting your precious time.

Event blogging is about focusing on an upcoming event or special day such as Black Friday or New Year or festival and creating special content around that event.


Then, you will be monetizing your blog with various sources such as affiliate marketing, performance advertising etc.

So, if you want to Make $5000 within a Month, then you should read this post full…

What is Event Blogging?

What is Event Blogging?

When it comes to what Event blogging is? Event Blogging is a blog written on top of any upcoming event and when the event comes, the traffic on that blog also increases.


When we Blog Create a Related to an upcoming Festival, Event on that Blog is called Event Blog, because it tells us about only one Event and the whole Blog.


At the same time, even if you update many Events on the same Blog, it will be called Event Blog, because only Event Related things Available on it.


So it would not be wrong to say that if we make Blog to Target Event, it is considered as Event Blog.


When we talk about the most Search Topics in Google in India, you will be surprised to know that whenever a Festival comes closer to India, the related Searches suddenly increase in millions with that Festival’s.


This Searches is so high that if you’re rank your Blog on Top, you can easily earn up to $1000 on an Event. That is why most Bloggers today who are old in Blogging Field, they do Event Blogging.


But if you are new to this Field, we won’t suggest you to start your career with Event Blogging.


Because as long as you ready your Blog, the event will be gone and will not be able to Rank your Blog which can waste your entire hard work.


So first you make a Normal Blog and learn Blogging well and also you need to learn about SEO well, then you should go for Event Blogging.


Is Event Blogging Dead?

If you are thinking that event blogging is dead. So you are thinking wrong because most of newly blogger who think that there is no potential in event blogging.


For those people I want to tell you that event blogging has lot of earning potential. At this time this is the most powerful techniques to make money online fast.


So this is why event blogging will never die in 2022 or upcoming years.


Types of Event Blogging

There are generally two types of Event blogging short time event blogging and long time event blogging.

Types of Event Blogging

Short Time Event Blogging:

You must have understood what blogging it is. If you look at it, it is written post targeting a particular day for a short time.


When the New Year comes at the end of the year, it can be blogging by writing post on it. And any festival like Diwali can also be about it.


But one thing is that it is not a tendency to search for a long time. It is only search for a few days ago and a few days later. Like New Year, Eid, Holi, Diwali etc. all short time event blogging.


Long Time Event Blogging:

So such blogging are done by targeting long periods of time. Like festival or any event, it is not blogging.


So if you write about the same post, you cannot write an article for a long time. And you’ll get a topic all the time to write this kind of content.


Popular Event Blog Ideas for 2022

Popular Event Blog Ideas for 2022

Here I am going to share with you some High Demand Blog Niche Ideas to start a blog:

1. Happy New Year

2. Valentine’s Day

3. Christmas

4. Black Friday

5. Cyber Monday

6. IPL Cricket (Indian Premier League)

7. Cricket World Cup

8.  FIFA World Cup

9. Elections

10. Oscars

11. Mother’s Day

12. Father’s Day

13. Eid

14. Rakshabandhan

15. Mahashivratri

16. Dussehra

17. Dhanteras

18. Diwali

19. Independence Day

20. Republic Day

21. International Yoga Day

22. Halloween

23. World Cancer Day


You can create your blog on the topic mentioned above. Before that you have to see search volume and trends related to your topic. You can use Google Trends to see how much your event trend is.


How to Start Event Blogging in 2022

How to Start Event Blogging in 2022

You don’t need extra knowledge to make Event Blog. If you are a blogger and you have good knowledge field blogging and SEO’s, you can be an event blogger.


To Event Blogging start, you should start working on it 3-4 months in advance from an event.


Because if you start this work 10-15 days ago from an event, it is of no use because along with create any blog, we have to create blog keeping in mind many things that takes too much time. So you should try to start working on it in advance.


For special information, you should follow our Step by Step Guide to create a blog for an event.


To create event blog; you need many things that we are telling you about here:


01. Choose an Upcoming Event

First of all, you have to see upcoming Event that you want to Target, such as Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, Happy New Year, etc. whatever event you want to choose that we should target this Event.


One thing, you should always remember that before you select any Event, you have to note when it is Event, as searches usually starts 1 or 2 weeks before the upcoming event.


So if you want to target an Event, you have to start working on it at least 3-4 months before, only then will you be able to create some High Quality Posts on time.


02. Find Topic to Start Event Blog

After deciding the Event, you have to Topics decide on what Topics you want to Post Create on the Event, such as Quotes, Images, Videos or Short Messages, etc.


Because it is possible only after decide Topics that you will Idea how many posts you have to create for our blog and what kind of content create to do on which Topic.


So that you get Idea how much work you have to do to complete the Blog on time.


So Research completely on the Internet before start a blog in India. That’s look at the old Blogs Available on that Event and understands how they have worked on their Blog.


In the Event Blogging we will suggest you to choose low competition blog topics with High Search Volume.


03. Keyword Research in Depth

Event Blogging Guide
Last Year Search Volume

If you want to know how to rank events blog in top position of Google and bring Traffic on events blog from Search Engine, so it is very important to do Keyword Research in depth, because it shows you what the volume and difficulty of Keyword is on that Event which will help easy to rank.


With the help of keyword research you can decide which keyword use in Title or Headings and in paragraph.


At the same time, your Idea on which Keyword how many Searches happened or happened last time. You can use many Tools for Keyword Research such as:


I have given some of the best tips to Keyword Research that you can follow to find low competition keyword:


Use Long Tail Keyword:

You have to low competition keywords find your blog to increase traffic from the beginning. In which long tail keyword can help you to rank your blog easily.


For example, if you just target the “New Year” keyword, it’s a Short Tail Keyword in which you’ll get more traffic but you’ll get too much competition.


Instead, if you target the “Happy New Year Tips for Celebration” keyword, it’s a long tail keyword. In which you will get a little less traffic and less competition.


If it is in and depth, you can also target keywords like “Happy New Year Tips“. Here I have example about New Year Topic, you keyword research according to your event.


Benefits of using Long Tail Keyword:

Ø High conversion.

Ø Less competition.

Ø More targeted traffic coming from search engines.


Best Keyword Research Tools for Event Blogging

There are a lot of free and paid tools in the market for Keyword Research that you can use. You can use one by one to perform depth Keyword Research.


v Google Trend

v Google Keyword Planner

v KeywordSheeter



v Ahref

v Keywordtool.io

v KWFinder


There are a lot of free and paid tools in the market for Keyword Research that you can use. You can use these Tools one by one to perform Keyword Research in depth.


First you need to use Google trend to check the trend of any event, then you should use Google Keyword Planner to check which type of keyword search on Google. After deciding the main keyword, then you can use Paid Tools for advance Keyword research.


What type of Keyword should be chosen?

You should take care of some things before choosing any Keyword such as


Search Volume: – This shows you how many users search keywords a year or a month. This shows you Keyword Volume.


Search Competition: – Search Competition or Search Difficulty gives you information about how difficult it is to rank that keyword.


CPC: – Cost Per Click (CPC) tells you how much a user will be when he clicks on the ads.


All the above mentioned things should be kept in mind, only then should you choose Keyword.


04. Buy a Domain Name

It is very important to have a Custom Domain to create a Blog, as it is easy to Rank Custom Domain as well as people trust your Blog.


At the same time, your target Event or Keyword is also in your Domain, making it much easier to Rank.


If you are planning to create a blog on Diwali or New Year, must be word in domain.


There is no dearth of event or festivals in our country and there is no dearth of event blogger. So whenever you search for an event related domain, you will see that the domain is already registered.


That’s why you can add number with domain name. But you must have a event related word in your domain, such as mynewyear.com or happynewyear65.com.


You can use Godaddy to Purchase Domain. All Bloggers Dotcom Extension are used for Normally Event Blogging but this Event has to be target only in India so you can also take (Dot)in Extension, which you get a little cheaper.


05. Setup Event Blog

You need a Platform to launch event blog where you can easily create your Blog. Today, Blogger and WordPress are two CMS Platforms where you can start a Blog without Coding knowledge.


Let’s me tell you a little about these two Platforms as well, but if you want to know more about best Blogging platform to create a blog. So you can visit our post and read Best Blogging Platform to Make Money Online:


BLOGGER: – It is a product provides by Google, as well as Free, you can start your event blogging easily, if you use Custom Domain to make Blog on Blogger.


It is a free product provides by Google, you can start your event blogging easily, if you use Custom Domain to make Blog on Blogger.


This greatly reduces the Cost of making Blog, because you don’t need to buy Hosting to make a Blog on Blogger.


At the same time, if you want to go to Event Blogging, Blogger is also the Best for you because the Blog on the Blogger does not matter the Loading Speed of any Traffic that comes. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about Bandwidth.


WORDPRESS: – In Point of View Point of View, blog Design and Responsive, WordPress is the best platform to start a blog. You can use Plugins to do On and Page SEO, which helps you lot to create High Quality Content.


But if you want to start blog on wordpress with Custom Domain on WordPress, you have to Hosting Purchase, which will increase your Blog Cost a little, but it will be very easy to rank your blog and you can make good money with event blogging.


06. Use Best Responsive Template to start blog

It is very important to have a responsive Blog, so that it can easily open different browsers on Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop as well as present your content well.


As we told you, if you can use Blogger or WordPress to make Blog, there are lot of Free and Paid Templates are available, so you can get it. This will give you Professional look by Install on your Blog.


07. Write High Quality Content

Content is everything for a any Blog, because it is only with this that you can rank your blog Post on the Google as well as you should have a User Friendly Content. So that User can easily understand your Content.


High quality content includes both SEO optimized content and user friendly. So that search engines can crawl your posts well and user post friendly means attracting more people to your blog,


Lest the user come to your post and leave your website and move to another website.


So you have to write SEO Optimized Content keeping in mind the Need of User, which is a little difficult but you can do it with practice and knowledge.

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08. Create High-Quality Backlinks for Event Blog

Create High-Quality Backlinks for Event Blog

How to rank your blog in Google? There is a very simple answer to this question SEO you can rank your Blog in Google only by Search Engine Optimization and writing good content.


The more important the content, the more necessary SEO is to rank any website. Keep updating your blog from time to time, create good backlinks, work on good keywords, and take care of all these things, your blog will definitely rank in top position.


Now we tell you some ways you can create High Quality Backlinks:

v Use skyscraper technique.

v Quality Content Publish on your blog.

v Submit Guest Post to another top website.

v Using Broken Link Building method.

v Submit your article and E-book to Document Sharing Websites.

v Use Infographics.

v Social Networking Site Profile.

v Internal Linking.

v Web directory Submission.

You have to maintain the number of Backlinks. I mean to say that if you create 100 High quality Do-Backlinks so you have to create 100 backlinks of No-Follow.

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09. Promote your Blog on Social Media

It is very important to have Instant Traffic and Social Traffic to get any Blog Rank quickly, as it shows what your Blog value on Social Media is; people understand your content much better.


So, Promote your Blog as much as you can on the Social Media and also use all the Social Media Sites that are Popular. Such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and Telegram etc.


It will help you get traffic on your blog and also increase the ranking of your blog.


10. How to Make Money from Event Blogging

How to Make Money from Event Blogging

There is no overnight money making scheme from Blogging, but you can make good money during Event from your blog, but just need to work properly.


If you created a blog well, worked on it, you can get a good return from your blog in just a few days.


Well there are many ways to make money from blogging. Here I have given the most favorite 3 ways you can make money from your blog:


#1. Display Ads

You can monetize your Blog with the help of Advertisement Networks, which starts to show Advertisement on your Blog.


When a User Click on these Ads, you get the money for those click, that is, CPC. There is a lot of Ads Networks available today but if you want more money, you should use Google AdSense.


In Display Ads you can apply Ads like AdSense, A-Ads, Media.net, Ezoic, Taboola, Adversal, Sovrn on your blog and put it in your blog.


When your blog receives thousands and millions of traffic during Event, some of them will also click on ads, so you get money in exchange for those clicks.


There are many bloggers who earn millions only with the help of AdSense during Event Blogging and you can do the same.


#2. Affiliate Marketing

The second most popular way to make money with event blogging is Affiliate Marketing, you can Join Affiliate Program of any Website that Products Sell and then you can sell and make money by promote their Products to your Blog.


#3. Sponsorship

First, your blog needs to have good traffic to get Sponsorship. When your blog will old, full of good content and traffic, you may get a lot of Sponsorship offers during such events. Your blog already needs to have good traffic to get Sponsorship.


When your blog is old and full of good content and traffic, you may get a lot of Sponsorship offers during such events.


You can take Sponsorship money according to traffic on your blog. All you have to do is put their Post, link or Ads on your blog for a fix time and you will get money in return.


6 Best Event Blogging Tips

6 Best Event Blogging Tips for Beginners

Tips for event blogging 

1. Research: The way to write a good and long article passes through intensive research. The longer you spend your time on research and you will get more benefit of research, because research will allow you to include all the points related to that topic in your article.


2. Use attractive Headlines/Title: Headline or Blog Title is the soul of any blog post. No matter how good your content, if it title will not attractive, users will not click it and your hard work will be wasted.


So you blog title should be more attractive because of user will click more on your website.


3. Check your blog post: A very important part of how to write an event blog post SEO friendly. An examination of post that is often ignored by many bloggers.


Quality of content is the most important part of any post is the vocabulary and grammar used in it.


Before publish any blog, you must check the grammar used in it so that there is no mistake.


4. Use of Images: Our brain process visual content understands much faster than written content. That is why adding good images increases the quality of your content as well as interact the user.


There are a lot of resources available to find high-quality royalty-free images. You can also create our high-quality images yourself. Use these Picsart, Canva, PixelR etc. website to create your own images.


5. SEO blog: If you want to do blogging on upcoming events, it is important that you have to prepare your blog post in advance.


For example: If you want to write a blog on New Year, prepare your content 3-4 months before New Year arrives, which will give you enough time to content optimization.


6. Do not use Black Hat SEO: Many people use wrong techniques such as Black Hat SEO in quick ranking, which is not only wrong but can also penalize your site by Google that will cause you a lot of damage and will never get good ranking. So I would suggest you to not use Black Hat SEO Technique.


Normal Blogging Vs Event Blogging

If we talk about normal Blog and Event Blogging, Blogging is a long process and it can take about a year to do it and make money from it and even then you can’t earn as much money as Event Blogging because it takes you a long time to get Traffic on your Blog and even after working very hard, you don’t get much Traffic.


As much as Event Blogging comes in 3-4 days. Everyone does Blogging to earn money from blog and if there is no traffic comes to your blog, you will not be able to earn money. In Event Blogging, you will get a lot of Traffic in 2-3 days because a lot of people share it. That’s why you will be able to earn good money from that blog.


If you want to make $100 a day from Blogging, Event Blogging is right for you and you have to work less hard. When it comes to normal Blog, it is harder than as compared to event blog, but it also makes money for a long time and when the Festival is finished in the Event Blogging, the earnings will end.



If you want more money in Short Time, you can start Event Blogging, but let us tell you once again that there is no Shortcut way to make money, so there is more Risk here, such as if you blog is not completed on time, and not being able to rank on first page, or Event you chosen that is more Competition. Your time, money and hard work all will be wasted.


So, you have to think carefully before go for Event Blogging, if we believe that can work a little harder to Rank a Blog, you can make more money from blog fast.


There is no need for it if you want to Event Blogging and if you don’t want to create a separate blog for that. You can make your Event Blog on what you Exiting Blog right now.


So, in today’s article, did you learn What Is Event Blogging?  How to create Event Blog? And how did you make money from Event Blog?


Hopefully you find this information helpful. If you have any questions related to this article, you must mention it in the comment box below.


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