Easy ways to create Pinterest account for your blog step by step

Easy ways to create Pinterest account for your blog step by step
how to create a Pinterest account for your blog

Easy ways to create Pinterest account for your blog step by step 

If you are looking for a post which is related to Pinterest. So you are at right place. In this wonderful post we are going to tell you about Pinterest like Easy ways to create Pinterest account Step by Step.


Pinterest offers bloggers a unique way to advertise their blogs and generate even more traffic for it.


The main reason for creating Pinterest account is certainly because this social media platform, if used correctly, can significantly increase your blog traffic, but unfortunately, many bloggers are not aware of this fact, perhaps that is why the platform is still underused.

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The first step to generating traffic from Pinterest is to set up your blog account. There are a few things about Pinterest that you should know.

Think of Pinterest as a search engine instead of a social media platform. Although it is considered a social media platform, the number of followers helps but you can get views from anyone who searches for a topic related to your blog.


You need to treat your account like any business account, use it to advertise your blog instead of a platform to network too much with other bloggers.


The best way to get shares for your PIN is if you share others.


It will take time to get ideas on the stage, so for you should be patient.


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a Social Media Platform where we can Pin our Photos, videos, etc. So that you can Pin any of your Image after you have Personal and Public Board Create.


In Pinterest, Create to Pin an Image so that people can Pin your Images on Social Media.


People who start Blogging, Use the Pinterest most because they can Add their Blog Post URL along with their Blog Post Image so that when a Visitor Click on the Image Pin on their Board, they Redirect their Website.


What is Pinterest? And how do you create Pinterest account on phone? How to social Pin board site? You will learn about it here.


Just as Facebook, Google plus, twitter, Instagram and other social media are there in which we share photos, video and other content.


It is also a social media in which we can share videos content, photos and content usually.


Anyone can share any type of idea, content on this social media. It is a kind of bookmark.


Where we all get everything in one place. You will find information about what you interest in one place.


If you want to know what is Pinterest, and how to use it? We will learn all the information about it here.


It’s become media nowadays to content share for blogger and wordPress users too. Anyone is account it by making photos, content, video Pin as Pinterest.


It also does like, comment, share on a photos, video content. Facebook, twitter, Gmail can be share on fb, twitter, Gmail from Pinterest. Which is pinning like a pin. You can even individual Pin embedding on website/blog.

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What is the use of Pinterest? Why we use?

You can also start this business if you wish. How can you start business with Pinterest? Are you thinking like this? If “Yes”, it can help to grow your business. let’s see, how?

Suppose you are a craft designer and business their crafts and you run a shop, so you can add photos on Pinterest, and show your amazing crafts.


Similarly, you can put the portfolio of website content, web design, graphics card, themes, web content or anything other on it. People can order your products if they like your product.


If you have a blog, you can share by putting content on the Pinterest. In addition, YouTube channel video can be promote by use of Pinterest.


Top 10 Important Features of Pinterest

#1: Home Page

Whatever Topic Select you have done to your interest while making Account in Pinterest. You get to see Pins related to the same Topic on Homepage and you will also get to see the Publish Pins of the Pinterest User you are Follow on the Homepage.


#2: Search

In the Search option, you can Follow by searching for your favorite Topic or a Pinterest User. And save Pins related to your Search Topic.


#3: Download Photos

With this Feature of Pinterest you can save the Photos of your favorite Pins in your Phone’s Gallery.


#4: Notifications and Messages

If you have Follow your favorite Topic and any Pinterest User, you get a Notification whenever someone makes a new Pins Publish.


If you Message a friend on Pinterest or someone Message you, you can see Notification of him in this feature.


#5: Boards

With the feature of Board, you can save your Pins by making them Boards different Categories.


#6: Pins

Pinterest Pins is like a Bookmark in which we can Pin our favorite ideas.


#7: Analytics

Analytics feature lets you see the overall performance of your Publish Pins and Account. As you can see all the Data of your Pins’ Impressions, Link Click, Engagements, Saves, and Monthly viewers.


#8: Add Your Website Links

With the help of this Feature of Pinterest, whenever you Pin Create, you can Link Add your own or any Website in it.


#9: Send Pins to Your Friends

This Feature allows you to Share any Pins above WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Telegram, Instagram and Twitter etc.


#10: Visual Search

This Feature is just like Google Lens. In which you can Select a specific part above the Photos of any Pins and see Pins like them.

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Types of Pinterest Account

There are two options when it comes to create Pinterest account for your blog.

1. Personal Account

2. Business Account


You can either turn your existing personal account into a business or create a completely new one.


Since most bloggers prefer to keep their personal accounts and business accounts separate, our guide covers a new business that is not a part of the business.


What is Pinterest Personal Account?

Personal account is best for you if you want to use Pinterest like a social media.


There is some Feature same in Personal Account and Business Account.


E.g. Creating Pins, Creating Board

But if you run a business or you are a blogger, my advice will be to create you only one Business account.


What is Pinterest Business Account?

If you do Serious blogging and you want to bring traffic from other places to your website in addition to Google Organic Traffic.


So my Advice to you is to create Business account on Pinterest. Because by creating Pinterest business account you can promote your business or blog.


Pinterest gets you feature provide an Analytics in a business account. And which is not available in a personal account. Which gives you the complete Information of your audience.

E.g. Age, Gender, Location, devices etc.


You also get information about how many Monthly Viewers you have in the business Account and how many Impressions you got, how many times your pins has been save and how many clicks are on the pins.

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Easy ways to create Pinterest account

Here, I am going to share two ways to create your Pinterest account. The  first one is for personal account and second one is for business account. So let’s see how can we create our Pinterest account.


How to create Personal Account on Pinterest step by step

If you want to create a Pinterest account free, you don’t have  to pay anything to set up your account on Pinterest.


You must follow the steps below me. After following the steps, you will now be able to easily create your own personal account:


Step 1- Sigh Up

First you Open the Pinterest Website and Click on the Button of the Signup. You can also Use Facebook Account or Google Plus to make Account on Pinterest.


For this, you get Facebook on Sign Up page and too Twitter Button. On which you can click and Signup. This is how you get First Step Complete and now you can Login.


Step 2- Choose Your Topic

You have to select some Topics According your Interest before Create Account on the Pinterest.


Pinterest Provide you a lot to Select Topics. You can select by Click on some of those Topics. After Select the Topics, you Click the Button “Save Next”.


This is how you can set up a Pinterest account for your blog, by yourself.

Step 3. Create Board

After Create Account on the Pinterest, first you have to Board Create on the Pinterest Account on which you can Pin your Images.


Click on your Account to Board Create on Pinterest and you get an Option of Create Board. For more information, you can also see a Video we have Share in the End of this Post.


Click to the Option of the Create Board. Now you’ll have a New Popup Open in front of you asking for your Board’s name so you write a Name for your Board.

Now your Personal Account is ready.

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How to create a Pinterest Business account for your blog

If you want to create a Pinterest account for your business, you need to Follow the Steps below me. After following the steps, you will now be able to easily Business account Create yourself.

Step 1): First open Pinterest Official website on your browser.


Step 2): Now a page will open where you will see the Signup button in the top of the Right Hand Side.


Step 3): Click on that Signup Button. Now a new page will open in front of you.


Step 4): At the end of the page you’ll see the Create Business Account option.


Step 5): Now another new page will open here you will see something.

Like Email, Create Password, &Age. You Fill all these Details and click Create Account option.


Now your Business Account is ready.


How to Create Business Profile in Pinterest

As soon as you create your account on Pinterest, automatically will Popup a page in front of you. You can Business Profile setup your page, i.e., you’ll need to Details Fill 4 types of your page.


Business Name: You can choose your business name about and According your blog or Business topic. For example, if you write about Blogging, you can name your business “Blogging”.


Website: In this second option you will be asked if you have Website. If you have a website, click Yes Button and enter Website name.


Country name: Here you have to Country Name Select you. For example, if you are from India, select India.


Language: Select the Language in which you have your blog or business in it.


Now in Next Page you will be asked about what the business Focus is. You can select it according to the Niche of your website.


Now click Next Button. Now you have to Fill Details about your Brand such as select Blogger if you do Blogging.


Finally you have to Email Account Verify your own. For this, you can open an email sent by Pinterest to verify your email account and click the button that you’ll get Verify Button in it.


Now your Pinterest business account will be opened in the new page so you can Email Account Verify.



1. Can you Convert Personal Pinterest Account in Business Account?

Yes, you can also Convert your Normal Pinterest Account in Business Pinterest Account. It is only when you Business Account Create that you get Option which you can Use to easily Convert your old Normal Pinterest Account in Business Account.


2. What type of product should be promoted more in Pinterest?

It has a lot of women, so if you promote the products you need for women, they are more likely to get traffic.


3. How do I create a Pinterest business account?

When you create your Personal Account on Pinterest, you see an option over the settings Business Account.

You can go there and convert your personal account into a business account.


4. Which country uses the most Pinterest?

The world uses the most “United States” Pinterest. About 97.22 million people in United States use Pinterest.


5. Can you see Pinterest without an account?

No, if you want to search or browse anything in Pinterest, you must first create a Account on the Pinterest.


6. What Free to use Pinterest?

Yes, it’s Free to use Pinterest.


7. Are Pinterest images copyright Free?

No, Pinterest’s images are not copyright Free. Pinterest does not deserve images that Pin to user Pinterest and put images.



I hope you like Easy ways to create Pinterest account for your blog step by step this article of ours today Pinterest account for your blog a lot and how to Create Personal account.

In this post we have covered lots of topics like What is Pinterest?, What is the use of Pinterest and Why we use?, Top 10 Features of Pinterest, Types of Pinterest Account, how to create a Pinterest account for your blog,  how to create personal account in Pinterest.

If you really like our Article or ours, you must share it with your friends and on social media so that they can also take advantage of this information and what is Pinterest get information about it.


We have always tried to provide accurate and accurate information to our Readers so that you don’t have to search elsewhere on the Internet and save your time.


If you still have a question or doubt about how to Create Personal account & how to create business account in Pinterest, tell us in the comment box that we will answer your question.

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