Beginners Guide: Best Way to Do SEO for Website Step by Step

Best Way to Do SEO for Website
Best Way to Do SEO for Website

Best Way to Do SEO for Website:- When you start blogging, what is SEO, what Types of SEO, and best way to do SEO for a website step by step. You get to hear these questions again and again.

Initially, no new blogger understands it and just devotes more and more time to writing blog designs and posts.

But after some time, when the page’s visitors are zero on the blog, they also have the desire to know what this search engine optimization is, why it is necessary, and how they do it.

People know or recognize websites that are known by brand names or that the search engine puts above the result page. You would also like your blog to make it to Google’s first page.

That’s why let’s know what SEO means and how to do SEO for the website.

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The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. These are a technology that uses to rank website posts on the first page of the search engine.

It’s a technology that we use to optimize posts written on our blogs to rank in the top position in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo’s first page.

I’ll give you every information about Search Engine Optimization. This will give you the information that will answer every question related to SEO that you are looking for.

In the beginning, then a new blogger has no idea about this.

But gradually the new blogger realizes the importance of the word and also understands that blogging without search engine optimization is of no use.

If a blogger is not aware of this, then the blogger’s blog will just remain lost on the Internet and will not reach people.

If we know “what is optimization” well, we can rank our blog or website on the first page in the Search Engine. If we don’t do Search Engine Optimization, our website or blog will not be visible anywhere on the result page of our Search Engine.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Suppose I want to get information about Make Money from Google, I’ll search “How to Make Money Online” on Google, now show all blogs related to the word Google Make Money in the Search result.

We’ll see a lot of different websites that have written posts about Make Money Online.

If we don’t get satisfaction with the information, we’ll open the blog of 2nd and 3rd numbers and find out information about Make Money.

The Search Engine Optimization of the blog at 1st number in this search result is the strongest only then it is No 1. Ranked on position. Getting more traffic than being ranked in the first position leads to higher traffic and earnings are also very good.

If you also have any questions about what is SEO? and how to do SEO for my website, today’s article is going to be very informative for you. So stay with us till the end and get complete information about SEO. Then let’s start without delay.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

What is Search Engine Optimization?
What is Search Engine Optimization?

The full form of SEO is “Search Engine Optimization“. It is a technique that enables us to rank the content of our website or blog at the top position for a keyword on the search engine by optimizing.

SEO is a process that enables us to optimize the content of our blog and bring it to the top of the search engine so that we can get as many visitors as possible.

To bring a blog or website to the first page in Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page), a lot of things have to be taken care of and a lot of hard work has to be done.

It also takes time for the new blogger to process so patience has to be maintained.

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How SEO works for websites?

How SEO works for websites?
How SEO works for websites?

You have come to know basically what SEO is, now you may be wondering how SEO works. So to understand this, we need to understand the search engine and what kind of content it shows on top position in SERP.

In fact, Google and other search engines try to provide the most accurate and accurate information to their users.

For this, he searches for websites related to that information and provides rankings based on quality and credibility from the medium of his algorithm.

Through SEO techniques, it is our endeavor to improve the quality and credibility of our website.

Why SEO is necessary to rank on First Page in Google?

Why SEO is necessary to rank on First Page in Google?

According to research, about 95% of clicks come on Google’s first page.

Every business tries to come to the first page in the SERP so that it can outdo its competitor. So, what is SEO? And how to do SEO for a new website. It is important to know about it.

Why is SEO Necessary?

Why is SEO necessary for a Website?

The purpose of creating any blog or website is to convey it to the people. Creating a blog is a different matter and it is quite different to reach people.

Suppose we worked very hard to create a website or blog. We also wrote a lot of posts in it. And we didn’t do anything to SEO. Then our blog will never show in your results by the search engine.

Now you must have understood that if you want to show people to your blog or website, you have to show it in the search engine result and optimize the search engine to show in the search engine.

Every blogger wants to rank his post or article in the top 10 first.

Because you must have noticed that when someone searches for some information in Google, he takes the information from the first page. He doesn’t have to go to another page.

To understand this topic better, we need to understand some more factors one by one, which will further strengthen our knowledge of search engine optimization.

The better we have knowledge about this technology, the more people we can access our website or blog. The more people look at our blog or website, the higher our revenue.

This technique is very easy technology if we understand it well. Then we just have to work on the blog by following this technology in a systematic way. This enables us to rank our posts on Google in very few days.

How does the Search Engine Work?

It is in its name that the word “Search engine Optimization” contains the word search engine. So first of all, we don’t have to know what a search engine is. We need a medium to extract any information online.

Although everything is available on the Internet, it’s like finding a star in the sky among millions.

So search engines are the medium between us and countless websites that search for any information and show us.

The algorithm is set in the search engine. Which removes so many websites by choosing different information from among them. So a website that has search engine optimization show in the same ranking.

Google is the most popular search engine. There are also other search engines such as Yandex, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

What is SERP?

Search Engine Result Page
Search Engine Result Page

The Full Form of SERP is the Search Engine Result Page. When we search for a keyword in Google or another search engine, it shows all the results on our Page.

When you search, they speak Search Engine result Page the page that comes out open. There are 2 types of Listings that result come on the Search Engine Result Page.

1. Organic listing

2. Inorganic Listing

1. Organic Listing

Organic listing is the listing in which we appear on the search engine’s result page without spending money.

But for that, we have to optimize the search engine. Organic listing is the best because it keeps us getting regular traffic.

2. Inorganic Listing

When we spend money and come to Google’s results page, we Inorganic listing it. These listings are not stable i.e. we can come to the result page as long as we keep giving money to Google.

Types of SEO

Types of SEO
Types of SEO

So far we have known what SEO is, why it is necessary, Why is SEO necessary to rank on First Page in Google, How does the search engine work and What is SERP. Then we talk about SEO types. Optimization begins when a website blog is created.

There are mainly 4 types:

1. On-Page SEO

2. Off-Page SEO

3. Local SEO

4. Technical SEO

1. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO Techniques
On-Page SEO Techniques

Now here we will discuss On-Page SEO and how to do On-Page SEO step by step. Every way we do search engine optimization inside our blog is called On-Page SEO.

This means that we do everything from designing our blog and speed optimization to publishing posts, such as using responsive themes that are Mobile friendly.

Writing good content that people like to read with every important information. The speed of the Page should be good page should open in a short time. Write a Meta Description for your blog.

See, now you have to read every point very carefully because I am giving all the information based on my personal experience here which will definitely help you to do good to SEO.

Reading the post till the end will also help you rank your post.

When you prepare for a post with good planning, post content will also be the best and easier to rank.

Do keyword research before writing a post so that it ranks posts in search engines. Use of keywords in the required location, such as in the Title, Permalink, and Meta description.

Keep keywords in a proper way in Density content. Internal and External linking all come within On-Page. This makes Google easily rank our blog in search results and gives us good Organic traffic.

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On-Page SEO checklist:

Proper Keyword Research

I’ve placed keyword research here in the first point because that’s what starts writing posts. New bloggers don’t pay attention to keyword research.

If I’m right, you don’t even pay attention to keyword research, so your post isn’t ranking. Writing posts without keyword research is of no use just understanding that without it you are simply a waste of time.

So how do you do this? I’m just telling you, some simple steps here that you follow will definitely be a success. Prepare a list of your interested topics on which topic you want to write.

Then select only one topic at a time and create a new file in Notepad or WordPad. Now we have to find the keywords for this one topic. In today’s time, it is important not to pay any attention to Head keywords, but to search for the long-tail keywords of that keyword.

Keywords are most important in LSI. When you search query on a topic in Google’s search box, before you write it completely, you’ll see that Google will start showing you lines and down there by guess.

These are Automatic keywords long-tail we can use.


Suppose make money is my website and we want to write a post on the topic of the earning money online from home. So if we write a post on this keyword only here, it will be very difficult to rank the post because the search volume on it is too high and competition is equally hard.

Here we’ll use long tail keywords like I’ve taken out such keywords here.

How to make money online from home as a Student.

How to make money online in India.

How to make money online as a beginner.

How to make money online as a teen.

How to make money online as a child.

How to make money online as a Student.

If we write “How to make money online” here, we can use 5-6 long-tail keywords similar lying on it. They will use the keyword on which the competition is less as the main i.e. focus keyword.

Important Note:

New bloggers see high traffic and select keywords and use the same. Believe me your post will never rank. You see how much that keyword competition.

The more high volume of the Keyword, the greater the competition. The volume keywords will be easier to predict competition of the work.

How do keywords work in SEO?

It is the job of the Search robots to search for the phrases typed by the user from all the web pages available on the Internet and present all those web pages to the user keeping in view many factors such as rank and keyword relevancy of the page.

We cannot read people’s minds so it is difficult to predict exact keywords. Some words are very common and are more likely to be used to search, but such common words are used in high-ranking web pages.

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If new bloggers add such common keywords in their posts, that post will find a far behind position in the search result than high ranking web pages and it will not help.

What should be the planning of the new blogger and how to look for the right keywords so that his post can benefit as much as possible?

1. Post Title

When we complete keyword research, we also put the same keyword on which we want to rank the post in the post title. But if the target still looks competition very high, it would be advisable to use a keyword with low competition as a main keyword.

2. Permalink

It is important to use the main keywords in whatever URL our post is. Always make sure that you never stop the word used in the post permalink.

Also, never use words in the post permalink that need to be changed.

3. Create Quality Content

After getting the Target keyword, the next step is to create content i.e. writing a post. You have to take care of his quality while writing a blog post, you only have to put in it the things that your audience wants to read.

4. Meta Description

Be sure to enter the keywords you plan to rank posts in the description of your post.

The point to note here is that just keeping Google in mind, the description doesn’t write that it doesn’t have a meaning, but writes that it can’t help opening the post as soon as people notice it.

5. Keyword Density

It is very important to use the keywords inside the post in the right number in the right place. Frequent rotation of keywords is called keyword stuffing.

By doing so Google will not give the ranking but will drop down in the rankings. So use as few keywords as possible. Use keywords in the first paragraph and the last paragraph.

Also, use keywords in headings and use keywords in your blog post. Use them as naturally as possible Don’t use them anywhere forcefully.

Density never allows more than 2.5%. This means that if you are writing a 1000-word post, you can use your keyword 25 times, but I believe keep it between 1.5%-2.5%.

Here we have briefly talked about Keyword Density but if you want to read in full detail on this topic you can read from here. We have written all the information about it in simple terms.

6. Proper use of Headings

Be sure to use your chosen focus phrase in Heading. Don’t use H1 whenever you type your post because the post is titled H1 so H2 inside your post, H3, H4… Use, etc. as needed.

If you LSI keywords, also know that LSI must be used in Heading 3.

7. Image Optimization

Optimization of Images is very important for 2 things.

First, it should be less in size because the larger the size of the image, the more it will increase the loading time of the page, so compress the image and also use your keyword in the alt attribute in the image.

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8. Internal Linking

Also, add the link to the post associated with your post being written so that it is easier for people to understand topics.

This will allow visitors to read your second post and increase user engagement. It is also very important for other posts that help Google rank for them.

9. External Linking

Do add at least one external link that represents that topic. And he can get information from there for reference.

Posts that are already ranked can be easily ranked by adding links to new posts without creating a backlink or even having zero backlinks.

10. Social Signals

Do share your posts on social sites on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These social sites have a very good ranking when any visitor comes from there; it gives Google a positive signal for the post that improves the ranking of that post.

11. Attaching a related video

Make a nice video on top of the post because people prefer to watch videos more than they read nowadays. 

This allows you to explain to people the topic sings through videos that they don’t like to read much.

2. Off-Page SEO

 SEO off-page optimization
SEO off-page optimization

Now here we will discuss Off-Page SEO and how to do Off-Page SEO step-by-step Guide. After publishing the post, we speak OFF-Page SEO, the methods we use to rank it.

In Off-Page optimization, we post Search engine submissions, Web Directory submissions, Social media sites, Discussion forums, Blog commenting, Backlinks creation, and Guests.

Now that you have learned about Search Engine Optimization, you must have understood the importance of SEO and why it is necessary.

Let’s get some information about techniques that help us rank posts and which are also very important.

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1. Guest Post

I believe the best way to create High-Quality Backlinks is to write Guest Posts in another similar website. When you write a guest post for a website with a good High DA and PA, you get a Do-follow backlink that increases your domain’s authority.

Another advantage is that when you write on a large website, you get to know and visit your website. This gives you the traffic.

2. Backlinks

When a link to a post or homepage on your website is added to another website, a returning link is found in your website called a backlink. Backlink is a very important thing to grow DA PA.

But never make a backlink indiscriminately. Create a natural backlink by writing guest posts and discussing them in a forum and try to create a backlink according to the bottom of your site.

3. Discussion Sites

You must have heard the name Quora. People put their questions into it and experts answer questions.

When they write an answer, they also give a reference link as needed. In this way, they also get traffic from Quora through it.

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4. Forum Submission

You must make your account in the forum as it has 2 benefits. One is that you will get experts in forums that will increase your technical knowledge and help you, as well as Do-follow Backlink you by forum, join.

3#.Local SEO

how to do Local SEO
how to do Local SEO

Now, here I am going to discuss Local SEO and how to do Local SEO. Often people ask what Local SEO Technique is. According to me, the answer lies in the question. An SEO that takes into account the local audience is called Local SEO Optimization.

It is a technique in which your website or blog is optimized with special techniques so that you rank better on a search engine for a local audience.

Well, with the help of a website you can target the whole internet, so if you have to target only one particular locality, you need to use Local SEO Tips.

You have to optimize your city’s name, as well as its address details, optimize together. Just say it in perspective; you have to optimize your site in a way that people can know not only online but also offline.


If you have a local business, such as a shop where people frequently lie to you if you optimize your website, something that makes it easier for people to reach you even in real life.

If you target only one of your own local areas here and SEO optimized your site accordingly. Then this type of SEO is called “local SEO”.

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4. Technical SEO

Advanced Technical SEO Guide

Here we will discuss Technical SEO Techniques and how to do Technical SEO step by stepYour website is good-looking, and you have also added good content but you may still need to optimize your site.

In Technical SEO we work on the backend of the site and try to improve User Experience. For this, we have to pay attention to some of the following:

1. Page speed: Website speed is a very important link from the point of view of SEO. A survey has found that any Visitor lives at a blog or website for at most 4 to 5 seconds.

If it doesn’t open within the same time, it leaves and becomes Migrate in the other. And this applies to Google as if your Blog doesn’t open quickly, it reaches a negative signal to Google that the blog is not that good or it’s not much fast. So keep your site’s speed as good as possible.

Here I have given some important Tips for Technical SEO so that you can speed fast your blog or website:

  • Use a Simple and attractive theme
  • Don’t use too many plugins
  • Keep the size of the Image to a minimum.

2. Mobile-Friendly Site: You should use a responsive website theme to make your site look good on mobile.

3. Use https: It is a type of secured protocol, that runs on by default site HTTP which is not safe. You have to SSL install for that.

4. Robot.txt File: It is a type of file that contains some codes that tell the search engine which page to crawl and which not to do. This also has to be taken care of carefully.

So these were some points that need to be taken care of in technical SEO.

Here is the Full Detail about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) for Beginners:


You must have all understood SEO and On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO and Best Way to do SEO for a Website. If you have any doubts about this article or you want it to improve, you can write a comment about it.

Easily now you can feel free to answer what happens to SEO. These thoughts of yours will give us the opportunity to learn something and improve something.

If you like my article know search engine optimization or have learned something from it, please share this post on Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.