10 Powerful Ways To Start Making Money Online from Instagram at Home

How To Start Making Money Online from Instagram Step by Step
Start Making Money Online from Instagram

In today’s article, we will explain to you in detail how to start making money online from Instagram at home in 2023

Nowadays, social media is the time, everyone is making a lot of money by working online, so a lot of money can be made from social media Platforms. 

But Instagram has been emerging quite well with the public over the years.

Nowadays, the trend of making money online has increased considerably. People use a lot of social media platforms to make money online without investment. 

One of those platforms is good and popular platform is Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms nowadays. A lot of people are making money online around the world through Instagram.

To make money through Instagram, make sure you increase the number of followers in your account as much as possible. If you have as many active followers as you can, you can easily make money through Instagram. 

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If you are new on Instagram and are now thinking of making money then we will give you some tips to earn money without investment from Instagram.

Many people are making great money today by working on Instagram for just 1-2 years. Believe us; if you read our posts well, you can also start earning very well. But you have to understand everything well.

But before we know how to Earn money from Instagram, we know some of the steps below which are very beneficial.

What to do to Make Money Online from Instagram in 2023?

You will first have to work hard to earn money from Instagram, about which we are going to give you the information in a short way.

For example, here we will provide information on how to create an account and how to increase followers, etc:

1.     Run Instagram with any one category or field in mind such as photography, painting, cooking, and traveling, etc.

2.     Beautify your Instagram profile, such as keeping the account name unique, making the profile picture attractive, and also filling in the information in the bio.

3.     It is very important to increase followers on Instagram, which is why you pay more attention to increasing followers.

4.     Publish some valuable posts every day.

5.     According to a survey, putting 5 stories on Instagram every day increases followers.

6.     Engagement is a big thing to publish the post keeping in mind the related hashtags as well.

7. Cross-promotion means promoting your Instagram account from other people’s Instagram accounts.

In the below post, you can read it in detail.

How to Earn Money from Instagram in India?

You will not get results unless you grow your account well. That is to say, you can’t make much money until you pick up a topic like this and create a page on Instagram on it. So let’s know about it further.

1. Choose a Niche

As we told you above, you don’t have to pick up random topics and create an account on it. Rather, you have to look at your interest and research and choose a niche. 

Niche means you have to choose the smallest subject in your interest. And make sure that we can also reduce your niche well in this article where we are going to tell you how to make money from Instagram.

If you still don’t know about the niche or you don’t understand which one you choose below, we understand you from an example. Suppose your interest is in Dogs, you can create your Instagram page on Dogs food, in which you can elaborate on dog food.

2. Post Frequency

Choosing a niche is not enough, you also have to choose the name of your Instagram page, etc., and post it well. You must initially post a minimum of 2 to grow your account. And when your account is grow, you can also post a daily post.

But pay attention to this you should not have any day on which you do not post. Because doing so reduces the reach of the account.

3. Post Stories

You have to put up at least one story with Instagram posts every day. If you are new, you can initially enter 5 stories every day and go ahead and put 1-2 after you grow the account.

4. Engagement

You must use Hashtags if you want to Engagement on Instagram. Many people keep posting to Instagram without hashtags and many use the same hashtags in every post. 

It is a huge mistake. You never have to repeat hashtags and enter different hashtags in each post.

Hashtags should always be relevant to your post, meaning you have to use the same hashtags that are related to your post only then you can get quality followers.

It is said that one who does not put stories on an Instagram account is equal to a live corpse. Your follower’s stories can be quite increased. You can use Hashtags in Stories to increase their reach.

5. Cross Promotion

Initially, you can grow your account by cross-promotion. To understand Cross Promotion, for example, suppose you have a page related to Dogs and Contact from a page related to another dog that has followers around you.

You can contact other dog pages owner for cross-promotion. You can tell the owner of the other dog’s page that you want to post your own on his account and in return, he can also post cross-promotion on your account. It grows both accounts as they tag each other.

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10 Powerful Methods to Start Making Money Online on Instagram

How To Start Making Money Online from Instagram Step by Step

In this section, we will see the best ways to earn money from Instagram. We’ll look at all of them in detail one by one, together, and try to find out which of these you can do. 

If you want to earn Instagram well, follow the steps we give below.

1. Earn Money by promoting Others’ Accounts

When you have good followers on your account, you will contact a lot of accounts and give you a good amount to Promote your account.

You can also put the account promotion in the Highlights section of your Page to tell as many people as you can accept.

2. Earn Money from Sponsorship

Sponsorship means that whenever your Instagram account has up to 100,000 followers, big companies or brands find your account and promote their products on your Instagram, as they give you a good amount of money.

There are so many people in India who charge one lakh to Rs.500,000 to publish a 1 sponsored posts. But for that also your followers should be more than 1 million.

You must have seen Bollywood stars promoting branded products on Instagram several times.

3. Add Instagram to the blog

Recently, I saw an Instagram account that only posted about cricket, and within a few months, its follow-up years started to exceed 1 lakh now he has created his own cricket-related website in which he publishes all the cricket news.

Now he has started promoting the link to his website as a post of Instagram and receives thousands from each post, which is why the blogger can easily earn $500 per month from Google AdSense. You can also make money by doing so.

For this, you need to select your favorite category and create a website related to it.

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4. Selling Photos

If you like to pull Photos and you are a good photographer, you can make money by selling your clicked Photos with the help of Instagram.

For this, you need to put your watermark on top of your photo and give your contact information in the description of the post.

So that if someone likes your photo, he can contact direct you and buy that image. This is the best way to earn money from Instagram by uploading photos.

5. Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t know about affiliate marketing, we understand you by one example. Suppose you have a clothing shop and for some reason, you don’t want to go and sell the clothes yourself to the customer or you’re not selling clothes.

So you hire a fellow person and tell him that if you sell my clothes, I will give you so much money as commission. This is what affiliate marketing is called.

The same happens in online affiliate marketing. It gives you a link from the company. If someone buys the same from that link, you get the commission. You have to join the company’s affiliate programs to affiliate marketing.

As the affiliate program of Amazon is famous in India, you can connect with the affiliate program Amazon. And from there you can pick up a product related to your account and sell it on your Page.

For example, if you have a Dog’s Instagram page, you can get a link to a dog food product from Amazon and promote it through an Instagram page that features a swipe-up bio or stories, which is unlocked after 10,000 followers.

6. Earn Money by Selling your Product

You can also make money online without investment by promoting your product on your Instagram page if you like. For example, if you’re selling an Ebook, you can make money online by promoting it from your Instagram page and listing it on Instamojo.

You have to make sure that you copywriting your product name and description well so that people buy your product as much as they can.

7. Earn Money by Selling your Instagram Account

If you have good followers and Engagement on your account and especially if your account is in a good niche, which is popular on Instagram.

So you can earn a lot of good money by selling such accounts. Note that your account Engagement should be good.

Any account buyer first sees a screenshot of the Insights of the Instagram account. So, you have to increase Engagement.

8. Become Instagram Account Manager

If you Manage Instagram Accounts well, you can make money by managing the Instagram accounts of other brands.

For this, you need to Contact Brands for which you can also message them directly on their Instagram page or contact them and social media platforms. 

9. Make money from Instagram Meme Page

The most common name you get in the world of Social media is a memes page every month.

There is a meme viral, if you want to do something sitting at home, you can work as you can at any time, so that you get money while sitting at home.

You can also create a memes page on Instagram and share good memes with people.

Memes page grow more quickly if you post good posts every day, so why do people mostly like memes share, and watch, this can make you a brand yourself.

How to Grow Memes Page on Instagram?

Memes page if you enter a daily post #tag, your page will gradually grow, otherwise, you can get your Page to promote on a memes page that will let people know your Page name, or you can also promote with Instagram which is an option in Instagram.

If you can select a country and area, then the people of the same area or country will see your post.

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How to Make Money from Memes Pages?

If your Page is growing and has a good number of followers Likes and comments are also coming right.

People are liking your Page price Promote post-Story Business Promote. 

If we tell you a little bit on our behalf, people charge more than Rs.1000 for memes page stories and Rs.2000 for posts, and the Business Promote at least 5-10 a day which is quite the right money. 

You can earn only one day from 10k to 20k

10. Earn money from Instagram Reels

Instagram is showing reels to a lot of people and making good people viral if they are good and all, insights of scenes like reels that are much higher than the normal post you put in, keeping in mind that you can create reels that entertain people as well as boost your business This way, it helps your business grow more and you earn more money.

If you’re an influential person or a person with so many followers, you can mostly passively make money by reels, such as you can promote the content of some other people who will pay you, if you have enough numbers. 

You can also join the Amazon-affiliate program by taking followers and them to your associated pages where you want them to use Amazon products And you can earn commission on them.

Similarly, there are many ways in which you can earn, it is mostly up to you, you can think of many ways in which you can earn through such platforms.

For example, if you have a special talent for teaching and have some great teaching skills, you can showcase your creative teaching skills in reels and there will be people who like your teaching style, you can tutor and get those people for some amount paid.

Maybe if you’re a music artist, singer or dancer you can use the stage to be seen by someone who needs them and they can ask you to help them meet or collaborate with them for which they can pay you.

You can also show your video editing skills and someone who needs a video editor can ask you to edit your project.

Similarly, there are a lot of limitless ways to monetize your Instagram reels, I’m not sure but I’ve heard that there are some Instagram features that can also monetize your Instagram account when you have more followers.


So now you must have known How to earn money from Instagram we have explained it in a lot of detail as well as how you can prepare your account to make money. We hope you liked our post. 

If you have learned some of our articles, please share this article with your friends and relatives. So that she too can know how to make money from Instagram.

There are many other ways to make money from Instagram. But all the 8 methods above are the best. Because I have seen a lot of people in India making money easily in these ways. But you will definitely need some hard work and discipline for that too.

If you have a lot of followers on your Instagram, you can also make money from sponsorship, but you’ll have to contact some companies. I hope you definitely start making money from Instagram one day.