Simple Steps: How to Enable and Write (with images) Search Description for Blogger Blog Posts

Simple Steps: How to Enable and Write Search Description for Blogger Blog Posts

In this article you can find the information about blog post like How to enable your blogger blog post description and How to write description for blogger.

I know there are so many new blogger don’t know so much about the blog. They always try to find new things for blogger. So this article will help you enable and  to write blogger description.

Recently blogger has change his dashboard and it also change the blogger settings. So it difficult to find settings in blogger, so that’s the main reason of writing this blog. In this post we will use images that will makes you better understand.

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What is search description in blogger

Search description is option in a blogger which provide you add your description in a blog post. Description gives us inner information in 150 words of whole article. With the help of description reader can get knowledge that what we will read in whole article then it may click on your article.


How to Enable Search Description for Blogger

There are two simple stages to enable and write description in blogger. If you follow these two stages then you can easily to do that.

If you have not log into blogger account so first of all you need to log in it.

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Stage- 1: Enable Meta Tag Description in blogger.

1. First go to your Blogger settings which you can see in lift side of the screen.

2. Find Meta tag in the Settings and then you will need to enable Meta tags.

After enabling you have to click on search description and write your Meta tag description in 150 words in space provided.

3. Click on Save button. After save option search description on blog post will be enable.

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Stage- 2: Write Search Description in Blog Post.

1. Go to new post and select a post to edit.

2. You can see search description option at right side of the blog post. 

3. Click on the search description. You have to write in 150 words on the given field. Those 150 words you have to write your description brief and accurate. The text you write it will be use in search engine listing. So write it carefully.

4. Then click on Save Button and your description will be saved.

What to write in search description in the blog post

We have enable Meta tag description option in blogger account now the question is what to write in search descriptions in blog post. In the search description you need to discuss about your topic like what reader reads in your blog post. Only you will have 150 words to write your search description. What to write in 150 words so that the reader likes our description and they click on the link.


Don’t forget to use focus keyword in your description. If you don’t use your main keyword in the description box so it is not looks attractive and reader will not come into your blog post.

Before writing your description make sure the description in the paragraph your write it matches the content of the pages or not. If content of the blog post don’t match with your search description then reader will never come again on your site. 

Write your description unique

Remember your description is a summary of your whole blog post. So you have to write your description in a concise way, attractive and it should be fully unique. When your content is fully unique it helps in search engine results and there is a chance to get more visitors at your blog post.

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How to write search description in blogger

As we told you have to give your best to write search description in the blog post because description is a summary of whole article you write. Here we will tell you as example to write your search description in blogger post. Don’t forget to use powerful words like –simple steps How to, let’s see what, free, effective methods etc in your blog description. This type of words make your blog powerful and also reader will attract to your blog post.

Example: Hello Everyone hope you all well, in this article we will show you How to ….that will help you at every single step.

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