How To Make Yellow Color With Watercolours at Home: Step by Step

How To Make Yellow Color With Watercolours at Home: Step by Step
How To Make Yellow Color


If You’re facing some problem in making of yellow color, so this will teach you How to make yellow color in easy and simple steps. Simply you have follow few steps to make your fovourite color. I know that there is hard to remember how do we make color by mixing two colors.

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Mixing of colors is a very critical and complicated science. It is not so easy to understand or remember the methods of colour mixing.Colors are important part of our life, we don’t like anything without colour. You can find your yellow color at everywhere like in clothes, fruits, vegetables, wall paints etc.

Types of Colors-

There are two types of colours, first one is Primary color and Second is Secondary colors. Primary color exists red, yellow, and blue, secondary colors are orange, green, voilet.

How To Make Yellow Colour With Watercolours-

You need to add two types of color to make the yellow color. First Take a very small amount of red color and after that take a some amount of green color then mixed it properly and you will get yellow color. Ratio of adding Red and Green Color (0.5:1).

Red + Green = Yellow

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How to make dark yellow with colored pencils-

If you want to make dark yellow color using pencil colors. first you need to apply  Red pencil color on paper after that you will have to apply a dark Green color and you’ll get your yellow color.

Red + Dark Green

What colors do you mix to make yellow?

Red + Green = Yellow


What two colors make yellow?

Red + Green = Yellow