7 Ways To Increase Likes on Facebook in 2023

How To Increase Likes on Facebook
7 Ways To Increase Likes on Facebook in 2023

We hear words like How to Increase Likes on Facebook, because today, especially the youth, are Active on Facebook throughout the day.

Facebook Social Sites has a great Platform where people Photos and Videos Share their personal thoughts and wait for that time to look at their Facebook Friend’s Photos and Videos and Like them.

But how many times does it happen that there are very few Like on the Photos you Upload on Facebook, etc?

Now that Likes will come down to your Photos, obviously, friends will definitely interrupt you or make fun of you. This makes Users feel bad and Users feel inferior to the rest.

But to increase likes on Facebook this app we download, and even after we try, like can’t grow, because this app doesn’t work properly or we don’t know how to use right.

So today I will tell you the right way how to get 10,000 likes on the Facebook page free in 2023 in this post.

Using this you will be able to increase like on Facebook very easily and I will also tell you that with the help of How to increase likes on the Facebook app.

If you don’t find Like big on Facebook only after downloading the app, read this post carefully today, as today we will also show you why the Apps you Download do not increase Like.

At the same time, I will also tell you a simple Facebook trick here how to increase unlimited likes on Facebook. Believe me, you’ll find a lot of likes on your Photos in a few seconds.

What is Facebook?

All you know about Facebook is that it is a social media platform that allows us to contact or talk to our friends or family on Facebook by creating our account for free, besides publishing photo videos or any posts you have created on Facebook, today we will give full details about Facebook in this post, so let’s know about Facebook.

Facebook is an American company based on online social media and social networking, based in Menlo park California, the Facebook website was launched on February 4, 2004.

In the early stages, Facebook was named “The Facebook” later, a year later, when it became popular, it was named Facebook only in 2005.

Anyone on Facebook can use its website/app by creating an account for absolutely free.

You can easily use Facebook on mobiles, tablets, laptops, and computers To use Facebook on computers or laptops you can log in to its website and create your account on Facebook by downloading a mobile app to use it on the same mobile device.

7 Ways To Get More Likes on Facebook in 2023

To increase like on Facebook, you first need to log in to your Facebook Account for which you Facebook that you can also Facebook Account log in with the help of the official website facebook.com, or the Facebook App login you log in your Facebook account by entering your mobile number or email ID and password.

But if you haven’t created a Facebook account yet, you’ll first create your Facebook account, Facebook account.

It’s very easy to create a Facebook account, so you need to download Facebook Application from the Google Play Store, then you can create your account on Facebook.

If you have any problem creating an account, you can contact us on our Facebook page. I’ll help you.

1. Increase Facebook likes by tagging friends

The easiest and most effective way to increase like is by tagging friends. You can find a lot of engagements and like on your post by friends.

The biggest advantage of tagging friends is that the post you upload swells easily with your friends and your friends’ friends also see the photos you upload.

The advantage of this is that your friend or friend’s friend causes a lot of like to your photos. Using this method you can increase Facebook par Like very easily.

Whenever you tag your friends with posts, they get your notification, which chances 90% that they will like your photos.

2. Increase like in a Natural way on Facebook

You can also bring good likes naturally on your Facebook post. All you have to do is take care of Thora’s timing.

Facebook when we open, we are shown the most recent posts first.

So if we take some care of the timing and post our photos when most people are online. So we can maximize Facebook likes gain.

For example:- Most people live online between 2:00 and 3:00 or 6:00 to 8:00, and posts on Facebook are likely to be liked.

3. You can also get like writing Bio on your Facebook Account

Perhaps none of you have the knowledge that people on Facebook write their Bio in a very powerful way. More than 40% of their posts and photos are like.

So be sure to keep in mind your Facebook account and try to write your Bio in a very beautiful way so that the reader is attracted to your ID.

So that you can like as much as possible on the posts and photos uploaded to your Facebook account.

4. Join SR Family

You can join Sr family if you are always busy raising likes on your Facebook.

You get an unlimited amount of likes on this. People associated with this family bring from 50k to 100k likes on one of their posts.

In fact, in this family, you have to like other people’s posts as well. A particular person who has a lot of followers. We tag it in our posts.

And go to the same timeline and like others’ posts as well. Something similar is the case in SR family. You can SR family search on Facebook.

You will see a lot of people who don’t exist. Their likes 2k, and 3k are seen like this. You can go to the profile below to join the SR family.

5. Increase likes using Social media management tool

Social Media Management Tool This is a tool that is much more common nowadays between celebrities and social media influencers.

With the help of social media management tools, you can get a lot of likes on your photos and so on

So all you need to do is schedule your post once, after which a lot of tools are available on the Internet to keep uploading posts on your own at your set time, such as photos videos or whatever you set up with the help of tools.

6. How to increase Like on Facebook (With Apps)

You just have to go up Facebook, and how to increase Facebook likes using the app, but there are many users who want to know how to increase Facebook likes using the app.

So there is nothing to worry about because today we will also show you how to increase like with the help of the app on Facebook for which you follow the tips below step by step.

Download and install auto liker app

Download the DJ liker app. After downloading this app, you can install your phone.

You may not get these apps on Play Store.

That’s why you can google search it and download it from its official website.

Login to your Facebook

After installing the app, open the app and login in to Facebook.

My advice is to use and log in to a fake account. Because this app uses your account.

And don’t log in to a lot of auto liker apps together. This may account block you.

If you log in by using your same account. If you want to increase likes, change your password immediately after you increase the likes.

★ Find your real account

Now that you have used a fake account and log in, now search for the account on which you want to increase likes.

Then find the post you want to increase likes on.

Get free likes

Now click on the post on which you want to increase the likes and click on the gate reactions.

And wait you will find that your likes are automatically increased.

You can try refreshing the Page on another phone or in another window.

When your photos start getting likes, you log out with DJ liker and password change yourself.

The Internet is a lot of apps that help you get how to get more likes on Facebook photos for free solutions.

  • Apentalclac
  • vivo liker
  • yo liker
  • wefbe

7. How to increase likes on Facebook using a Website

I will tell you the process to increase like on Facebook with the help of the website.

I like will just tell you about one website.

The name of the website I am talking about is wefbee.

Step 1: Wefbee auto liker search on Google and click on first result.

Step 2: Click on Get token.

Step 3: Log in with Facebook and token generate.

Step 4: Copy the Token code and paste it into the login box and log in.

Step 5: Now select the post on which you want to increase likes. Then click get likes.


I hope you like how to increase Likes on Facebook today’s post or increase like on FB sure, after reading this post, you must have understood how to increase likes on Facebook.

Now you can do show-off in front of your friends, Facebook can raise your Impression in front of friends by increasing like.

If you are still having any problems increasing likes on Facebook, please tell us by Commenting in the Comment box below so that we can help you if the information is useful, share it with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp so that they too can easily increase likes on Facebook and enjoy this trick.