How to Download WhatsApp Status Video using MX Player?

How to Download WhatsApp Status Video using MX Player?
How to Download WhatsApp Status Video Using MX Player?

Everyone has faced this problem while trying to download Whatsapp status videos. WhatsApp is the best social media app that allows you to share your thoughts and communication objectives.

After updating WhatsApp you can upload a favorite video to your status and also update your privacy settings for your convenience. By using this privacy settings option you can select a person who can watch your video.

Sometimes your friend posts a beautiful video on your WhatsApp status that you like and you want to download that video. 

So you have to ask them to share the video you want to like. They may or may not share with you because of their busy schedule.

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There is no concern about that issue, here in this article we provide your friends with the easiest way to download WhatsApp status videos free and upload videos similar to your WhatsApp status without changing the quality of the video. 

Keep reading this entire article and you can find the most suitable and easy way to download WhatsApp status videos from MX Player.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an Application found in our Mobile that we use to send each other Text messages, pictures, videos, any documents,s or our location. 

WhatsApp also allows us to Voice Calls and Video Calls. This app in a way keeps us connected to our loved ones and our friends.

WhatsApp Full Form If we talk about it, WhatsApp doesn’t actually have a full form, but it’s called a complete WhatsApp Messenger.

It is, in a way, a complete form of the phrase “What’s Up?” that someone is asked to Greet. WhatsApp Messenger is used in WhatsApp Messenger. Reading this made you understand so much about what WhatsApp is.

What is WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp status or story is a special feature of WhatsApp status that lets you share your photos and videos for 24 hours (the time when the story disappears). 

It is largely similar to the Instagram story. Now you can share your special moment using the WhatsApp status feature. 

Just as we all put WhatsApp Status, we can see the Status of our friends on that.

How to Download WhatsApp status videos using MX Player?

This is a very simple step to download WhatsApp status videos from MX Player on your phone. There are many ways to download WhatsApp status videos from WhatsApp but it is a very simple and easy way. 

Just follow the steps below You can easily download WhatsApp status videos from MX Player and upload the same video to your WhatsApp status.

  1. Download MX Player from Google Play Store.
  2. Just update the MX Player app if you already have an MX player on your Android device.
  3. Just open the app after updating the MX Player app.
  4. On the homepage, you will find the option above your video list. You can see the option of Save WhatsApp status in this way.
  5. Once you click on the option and it will show all WhatsApp status videos.
  6. Select the video that you want to save.
  7. Once you click on the video, it will be downloaded and saved automatically. Saved videos will be shown in the right tab (the name of the tab is saved).

Now you can upload the same video as your WhatsApp status.

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How to download WhatsApp status video: Alternative method

If you are using another video player on your Android device, you can download whatsapp status videos in the following way.

1. Download status saver downloader for the WhatsApp app. You can easily get it from the Google Play Store.

2. Once you install this app on your Android device. You can easily save your WhatsApp status videos and photos.

3. Open the Status Saver app and select options such as videos or photos. If you want to download WhatsApp status photos, just click on the photo option.

4. You need to download your friend’s WhatsApp status video, and then click video options from this app.

5. You can now view all WhatsApp status videos under this option.

6. Just click on the video you want to save. Now your friend’s WhatsApp status videos will be saved in this folder.

That’s all. You can upload videos similar to your WhatsApp status.

Special features of WhatsApp Status:

Automatically delete after 24 Hours: This is my day situation, which you can update in the daily situation that is available for 24 hours or more and is automatically destroyed.

Instant Sharing Updates: Earlier you used to send messages to friends so you used to make a Broadcast Group, you can update the status with it and News Share to everyone

Fast Status Comment: You can respond to anyone’s situation by swiping it, it’s the best feature.

Fast Streaming: You can update a maximum video of 30 seconds so that it is visible to your friends and WhatsApp Status Streaming is good.

How to Upload Status on WhatsApp?

Whatsapp, if you want to upload Status on your Phone, it has a very easy process, Status you can upload your words, any photo, and a 30-second video that will be visible to all your Whatsapp Friends, and it is automatically deleted after a day.

To put Status on Whatsapp, first, open your Whatsapp app and go to the Status section.

1. Now here you will see the Button for pencil and camera.

2. If you want to send a message, click on the pencil and update your message.

3. If you want to add a video and photo, click the camera and upload the photo and video from the gallery that will open.

4. This way you can update your own Status on WhatsApp.

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How to remove WhatsApp Status?

Sometimes it happens that we put the wrong thing on the Status of WhatsApp that you want to remove, so find out how to delete your WhatsApp Status.

1. To delete Status on Whatsapp, first, open your Whatsapp app and go to the Status section.

2. Now here are three points in front of the My Status click on them.

3. On the next screen you will see all the Status you upload.

4. Click on the one you want to delete.

5. Now click on the delete icon that will come up.

This way you can erase WhatsApp Status from your WhatsApp.

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In today’s article, you How to download WhatsApp status videos using MX player to know and know the Photos of WhatsApp Status those who were finding it difficult to Videos Download can now easily Download WhatsApp Status, how do we upload some of the special features of WhatsApp Status to you, Status in WhatsApp? And explained how to delete WhatsApp Status.

How do you like this information If you like this post, share it on social media so that your friends also keep in mind how to download and apply WhatsApp status so friends if you have any problem, comment.