Powerful Youtube SEO Tips: How To Do SEO For Youtube Video for 2023

How To Do SEO For YouTube Video
Powerful Youtube SEO Tips

Powerful Youtube SEO Tips:- Hello, friends, we are going to tell you about a very important part of Youtube. If you want to improve the ranking of your Videos then first you should know how to do SEO for Youtube Videos.

Learn something about Youtube SEO to improve the rank of your YouTube channel’s video YouTube SEO Tips. You have a Youtube channel or created a youtube channel just a while ago and you want your channel to rank at the top of the video search. So you’re in the right place. 

Today I’ll tell you everything in detail so that view your video is more and the video appears at the top of the search. The YouTube tips and tricks I’m going to share with you today can increase views on your YouTube videos.

You may know about YouTube, but do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and is visited by at least 60 million people every day?

This simply means that you can get a lot of traffic from YouTube, whether you upload videos to bring traffic or to monetize your video (monetize).

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If you now want to upload videos to YouTube and become YouTuber, let me tell you that you will need YouTube SEO Tips to rank the video well. Now maybe you’re thinking that SEO is just done on the blog. If you’re thinking so, you’re absolutely wrong.

Because just uploading a video can’t give you good results, you’ll have to do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the video.

So guys today I’m going to share with you the secret you’ll be able to increase a lot of views on your video. So all you have to do is follow the steps I have mentioned and increase traffic on your videos.

YouTube is a big platform it takes a little effort to get your video on top of how many videos are uploaded every day without knowing YouTube. You have to understand a little SEO and work on daily YouTube.

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Today I’ll tell you the step that helps bring the video to the top of most of the big YouTube channels follow them. 

Don’t let there be only one video on your channel and if you’re wondering why you’re not coming views you have to do regular work and follow the following step while uploading a YouTube video. 

So now I’m going to tell you the step you’ll read carefully and follow.

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What is Video SEO?

You need to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) before understanding Video SEO. Because the video SEO was born from SEO. 

SEO is a group of technologies that make it easier and rankable to find a photo, video, article, product, etc. to Search Engines.

That is, it is with the help of SEO that Search Engines can easily search for articles, videos, etc. And they are able to decide his Ranking. Search engines have their own Algorithm for this purpose. And they work accordingly.

When you search for any Keyword on Google, you definitely see 4-5 YouTube videos in Search Results. Isn’t it? This charisma video is caused by SEO. 

Video SEO means optimizing Video in such a way that it appears in the top position in Search Results. That is, appears on the first page. So that more and more Traffic appears on the video. 

For this, it is necessary to Properly SEO the Video. It is also important to keep the video Optimized as per the changes in the Algorithm from time to time.

Why is Video SEO necessary?

Let’s understand it through an example. Suppose you made a video for a month with hard work and a lot of Research, which is the Best Video for your subject? But nevertheless, only counting Views come on that video, as on a normal video. 

While making the video you thought the video would make a splash. And will cross at least 1 Million Views. Because you have full faith in your Content. But after Video Upload, you saw that only counting Views have come.

And that’s because your Content did not reach the people for whom you made it. That is, Search Engines could not find your video. 

Why couldn’t you find it? Because the right Keywords were not used in your Video. And because Keyword is the only way that takes Search Engines to your video. 

Therefore, it is very important to use the right keywords in the video. What are the correct Keywords now? How and where to get them? And where and how to use it in the video? Let us know in detail.

What are Keywords?

This is the most important and most intriguing task of Video SEO. But if you learn How to use Keywords properly! So suppose you won more than half the ground. 

Just as the wrong key cannot unlock. Similarly, your Video cannot be traced by the wrong keywords.  Therefore, it is very important to use the right keywords. But what is this Keyword?

Keyword means the word you search for on Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, etc. For example, if you need information about YouTube SEO for Videos. So you’ll search by writing “What is SEO For YouTube Video?” on Google. That’s all they call Keywords.

How SEO Works on YouTube Videos?

You all know that YouTube Online Earning is the second most Popular Method and today almost millions of people Upload Videos on YouTube and Online Earning themselves with those Videos but when you Start, your Videos don’t get many Views because all the Popular YouTubers have Show on Top Videos.

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This is because the Videos on which the Watch Time is high According to the Algorithm of YouTube Show them on the Top, which makes both Views and Watch Time more on the videos of Popular YouTubers, causing their Videos to Show Search Results the YouTube.

New YouTuber Now, if you Views Videos and face such a problem, let us tell you YouTube the second most Popular Search Engine is the first Google Search Engine which means more Searches Google than YouTube.

So if you put your video on the Top Search Result of Google, views also begin to Increase your Videos.

How To Do SEO For Youtube Video for 2023?

As I said at the beginning of YouTube Video SEO there is no single trick. Rather, it is a group of many Techniques.  So it is very difficult to rank your Video Without SEO.

In this article, I What is YouTube SEO? And how does it work? I tried to give a simple introduction to it. Also, basic information about Keywords was given. But there are still a lot of Techniques left in YouTube SEO. It’s actually a Free SEO Course For YouTube. 

In which you will get to know all the YouTube SEO Techniques in detail.

How To Rank YouTube Videos?

1- Create a Video on a Searchable Topic

First of all, you have to understand that if you Video Create on a Topic that is not Searches, it will not be of any use to you whether you come to your Video Search or not, so you always have to keep in mind that your Videos Searchable Topics should be there.

For Example: When it comes to Tech Category, it is the most popular Video to Blog Create on Blogger that almost everyone YouTuber Create, but in the Tutorials ahead of it, most people Part I, Part II, Part III Title such Videos that do not Show in the Search Results even after they are Video Important so you Clear the Topic well and only then that Make Video on Topic.

2- Keyword Research

When you have to Show a Video on Google, first you have to see which Word is Used to Search that Topic on Google and which Word is Used the most.

The first thing you have to do before you make a video is to think about the title.  Title your video is named you have to choose your title keeping in mind the topic on which the video is. 

The title must be from the video so that the viewer can know what’s in your video while title choice, take care of some things like you can use keyword research, and the title of the video is something that is being searched more on YouTube. 

This will increase the chance your video comes to the top.

3- Make an Attractive Video Thumbnail 

YouTube video thumbnail plays a very big role in YouTube SEO most people click on the video when they see the thumbnail of your video cover pic that tells you what you are going to show in the video.

The thumbnail of your video should be such that you can clearly explain what you are going to show in your video. People watch videos with good thumbnail more because the logo goes to the thumbnail first, then when they meet on the title, the video play.

4- Write SEO Optimize Description for Your Video

On YouTube, when you Upload a Video, you have to Description Write with your Video.

You have to Description Write more than 160 Words to bring a Video to the Search on Google. But to bring Top, you should have at least 3 Paragraphs in your Description with a First Paragraph of more than 160 Words and a Targeted Keyword at least 2 times in that Paragraph.

Now, even in Second Paragraph, you should Write your Targeted Keyword once so that your Keyword Density is not well or low.

5- Use Proper Tags 

Don’t forget to put tags in your video because it is difficult for a video to come to the top without tags always use keyword-related tags. the tagging feature can be of great benefit to you if you use it properly. 

Now Let me tell you how to use tags like if you make funny videos, you have to use related tags like funny videos, and funny vines, doing so will make it easier for YouTube to bring up your video whenever a person searches for funny videos.

You can search for these tags first and add them again. You will get a time option for video upload to apply tags. You have to add that.

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6- Right Clear Title for Your Video

The video has the highest Important for Title Video Now if you are Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Language Punjabi, etc. do Create and Mention your Video in your Title. 

At the same time, you can increase your Video’s Importance by placing the Most Searchable Words in your Title Starting.

For Example: How to, Best, Tips, Best Way, etc. such Words are more Use to Search a Topic in Google so you Mention Words in your Video Starting so that Google can easily Show it to First Number.


Overall, it is a group of YouTube Video SEO Techniques. Which helps Search Engines find and Rank YouTube Videos. And brings as much Organic Traffic as you can on videos.

Hope you understand How To Do SEO for YouTube videos through this article? And how does it work? There must have been a rough idea about it. If you like this article, Like it and Share it.