How to create telegram account(with Picture) without phone number: Step by Step

How to create telegram account(with Picture) without phone number: Step by Step
How to create telegram account- Step by Step

In this article we will help to you How to create Telegram Account without using your personal phone number. Most of the people like to create their accounts but don’t want to use personal phone number or else they don’t have a number for creating their accounts. 

You can find so many important features in telegram. Telegram is  most popular messaging app in the world.

However, Telegram is also a social sharing app like WhatsApp and Facebook. In which you can exchange photos, videos and messages. But Telegram has many features that make it different from WhatsApp and Facebook.
Tell you, at one time, when Whatsapp was down, Telegram was installed by more than 50 lakh people, which is today ranked No. 1 on the Play Store with an app 4.5 rating. The app has now been downloaded by more than 5 crore people on the Play Store.
It’s interesting to think about why people download Telegram even if apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are present, what are the features that attract people to it?
So let’s learn more about Telegram in this post about how to use it and how you can download and install it.
What isTelegram do we what isTelegram you today? And through this post you will also know how to create a telegram account without phone number?. 

I’m going to tell you all this information, and what’s the difference between WhatsApp and Telegram. So let’s know about all this.

What is Telegram?

Not only telegram before creating your account on any social platform, we should have some information about that social media platform. 

We should know all the advantages and disadvantages of that where you’re creating an account.

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In today’s Telegram is a most popular messaging application in the world. The user of this fantastic application are increases day by day. 

It was designed by Two Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov and launched in 2013 but after some time it shift from Russia to Germany.

Telegram is a social media platform like a WhatsApp, where you can send or receive text messages, images and videos to our friends, family and your love one. 

If you want to send large file then you can choose your application as telegram for sending a large file. As we know that can find limit’s on so many social media WhatsApp, WeChat’s, Skype’s. 

If you’re telegram user then there is a benefit for you, with the help of telegram you can send 1.5 GB to ony one.

WhatsApp’s limit –100MB

WeChat’s limit –100MB

Skype’s –100MB 

Features of Telegram App

Well, there are a lot of features of this App. But here I’m going to tell you about its 15 features that make it different from the rest of the Messaging App. 

And this will let you know why Telegram Messanger is such a secure app.

1. Use more than one Phone Numbers:- Always worried about your contacts and information transfer when you want to change your number. But there is no need to worry about it in Telegram. 

In this you can easily change the phone number associated with account without losing contacts and chat.

2. Encryption:- While in the second messaging apps there are only 2 layers of encryption, there are encryption of 3 layer in the Telegram which makes it more secure than others.

3. Telegram Channel:- Telegram’s most unique and fun feature is “Channel”. Which can broadcast Message to a large number of audience like the group, unlimited number of people can join the Telegram Channel and only admin can put post here.

4. Users can join live channels here at any time. Once they’ve joined, they can see the whole history of it.

5. Secret Chat:- While Telegram chat is encrypted, but default chat is still stored on its server. This allows you to access messages on several devices. This may raise your concern about security.

So you can use secret chats to privacy more, which uses client-to-client end encryption.

These are not store on Telegram server, so you can only access them on your specific phone.

6. Use Telegram MTProto protocol to encrypt the data of your users.

7. There are many other features such as Cloud data storage and end-to-end encryption by request etc.

8. You can password set here on this app.

9. Customize the look of Telegram:- Its Default look and background color can be change. You can theme install it separately and give it the desired look.

10. Telegram Bots:- Like many other digital communication, Telegram also includes chatbots. Using them, you can enjoy weather, games, music, videos, GIF, etc.

11. Share Live Location:- Telegram allows you to share your live location and find out the location of others. This feature takes care of your floor and safety.

12. Slow Mode:- This is a fun feature of this app, where you can set a 1 Minute interval using Slow Mode in your group. That is, Group can send only one message in a minute members.

This makes conversation more organized and increases the value of individual message.

13. Connecting people on Location basis:- You can find and connect with people close to you. If a user on the other hand visible your profile, you can see his name in search. Contact info can also be exchange by tapping on the Name here.

14. Edit can still be done after Sent Message:- If you think the sent message is not correct and you want to fix it, you can edit it and change it.

15. Multiple Profile Pictures can upload:- You can apply more than one profile pictures to this app. Your latest photo will be shown to your contacts as a profile pictures, while the rest of the pictures can be swipe.

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How telegram is better than whatsApp

There are so many reasons to say telegram is better than whatsApp. We found telegram better than whatsApp in features. Here we will discuss some features of the telegram and compare with whatsApp.


  •  You can send message to unlimited groups at one time.
  •  You can share any amount of files, photos and large videos. In telegram you can send 1.5GB files.
  •  Your private chat is fully secure.
  •  You can create Channel or group also. Add upto 2,00,000 members in your   Channels.
  •  You can search channels, groups, members globally.
  •  You can easily edit your message after sending them.
  •  There bots are available to manage your channels, groups.


  • You can send message only in 5 groups at one time.
  • You can’t share any large files, photos and videos. In whatsApp you have 16MB limit for sending files.
  • You don’t have option for private chat in whatsApp.
  •  You can create only groups not Channel. In your groups you can add only 257 members.
  • You can’t search groups, members globally.
  • You can’t edit messages after sending them.
  •  There is no functions of bot are available.

How to Create TelegramAccount: Step by Step

1.     To download the telegram, you need to just open you Google Play Store or App Store and Type Telegram In your search bar. After complete the Installation process then open your Telegram Application.

2.     1. To make new Telegram account you need to sign up first, Tap on Start Messaging. Now new window will be appear on your mobile screen.


3.    2. The next step is you need to Select your country and Enter Your Number. If you want to use your personal then enter it and if you want to create an Telegram account without using your personal number, then you need to follow some extra steps which is given below.


How to create telegram account(with Picture) without phone number: Step by Step

3. So you need to visit any of them websites like Receive SMS Now, SMS Receive Free, Free SMS Verification to verify your number. It will provide a dummy number which you have to enter for OTP. It will give you OTP for creating your account.


How to create telegram account(with Picture) without phone number: Step by Step

4.    5.  After that you need to Enter Your Name, remember that it will ask you to enter First and Last name. Then click to continue and your Telegram Account will be successfully created.


How to create telegram account(with Picture) without phone number: Step by Step

5.     6. Then you can setup your profile picture by going on settings. After setup all the settings then you can use your telegram and send messages to your friends and family.

How to create telegram account(with Picture) without phone number: Step by Step

The process of creating multiple telegram accounts are same as above for Android or iOS users.

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There are so many questions that stuck in your mind. So here we will discuss about some questions, I hope you like and if you want to ask question with us then write your question in the comment section. We will reply you all as soon as possible.

Q.1 What telegram is used for ?

Ans. The main purpose of the telegram using to send messages to our friends and family. And now a day’s people like to use the telegram application to download the movies, web series. 

Telegram is the only platform in which people like use for so many purpose like to create your telegram Channel and add 100000 members in your Channel or groups while this is not possible at other platforms.

Q.2 Can telegram calls be recorded?

Ans. If we talk in simple words so “No”. Calls can‘t be recorded by telegram. Haven’t brought this function to Telegram yet, but there are some ways still have that will record your telegram calls. 

You can record your telegram calls by installing App’s on your mobile. Simply you need to download any Screen Recording Application. 

With the help of screen recording you can record Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype and Telegram calls.

Q.3 When telegram was invented?

Ans. Telegram was invented and launched in 2013 by two brother name Nikolai and Pavel Durov.

Q.4 How will you disable voice calls on Telegram?

Ans. This is how will you disable your voice call on telegram easily. Just you need to follow our simple Step to disable your telegram voice call.

·        Step 1: First open your telegram application and click on “three lines” which is at                        upper right side off the screen.

·        Step 2: Then click on “Settings”, which will last third option showing below on the                      screen.

·        Step 3: After that click on “Privacy and Security”.

·        Step 4: Then you have to select “Calls” that you will see on the screen.

·        Step5: In “Who can call me?” you need to select “Nobody” and save the settings.

Q.5 Can telegram be used on laptop?

Ans. “Yes” you can use telegram in Your PC or Laptop. There are two ways to use Telegram in your PC, first by Using Browser and second is by Install app on Window 10. 

If you have installed Window 10 on your PC or Laptop then simply download Telegram application. On the other hand if you have install window 7,8 then you can use Telegram web on your PC or Laptop. 

The account creating system of both ways are same. First open your Telegram and enter your mobile number then enter OTP. 

After that Enter your First and Last Name then your account will be successfully Created.

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Q6. Where telegram videos are saved or download in phone?

Ans. If we talk about Android phones telegram Videos, Images and documents are saved in your Telegram Folder which is in your File Manager. Simply you can go on your File Manager > Telegram Folder > Telegram Videos.

The best part of telegram is that until you download your file by clicking on the three dots, you will not see that file in your gallery.