How to Create Gmail Account (With Images) without Phone Number Verification in Easy 15 Steps

How to Create Gmail Account (With Images) without Phone Number Verification
How to Create Gmail Account 

In this article we will teach you How to create Gmail Account without Phone Number Verification in easy 15 steps with the help of images. 

In this article we will tell you each steps of creating you gmail account.So that you don’t have any problem in creating your Gmail account. 

We will show you how to create gmail account with help of images. These images can really help you to do that.


What is Gmail (Google) account

Gmail is a free Mailing service given by Google. With the help of Gmail you can send or receive messages like text, vedio, audio, address books and perform other tasks. 

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Create Gmail Account without using phone number 

Before set up gmail account you should have some information about gmail like what is gmail and what is the use of this. 

There are so many methods that you should know and create your gmail account without using your personal phone number.

There are many people who search on Google for creating your account without using personal phone numbers. 

Before creating your gmail account have an Android or IOS phone. You can make it create New Gmail account by using those devices. 

To do so, You should follow these simple steps given below.

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How to Create Gmail Account without Phone Number Verification in Easy 15 Steps-

1. First of all you have to go into Settings on your mobile.

2. Next step is to click on the search menu and type ‘Accounts’ ( It depends on the version of the system) and click on ‘Accounts’.

3. Scroll down and click on ‘Add Account’.

4.Then click on ‘Google’.

5. After that click on “create account” on below left of the screen.

6. Then it will ask you “for myself” and “To manage my business” and choose myself for personal or business uses.

7. Enter your First Name and Last Name and click on the next button.

8. Now, add your gender and Date of Birth correctly.

9. In this step you have to choose your email address. If it will show you this address is not available then search again and if it will show you available then click on next button.

10. After that it will ask you to Enter or Create a new password. 

I will recommend you to create a strong password (10-12 digit) and don’t forget to use @,#,&,$,£,¢,€,¥ sign. It makes your password so strong. Then Google will ask you to add your phone number.

12. Click on “Skip” button or click on the “More Options”.

13. If you click on ‘more options’ and choose to Enter you number.

14. Select ‘No,do not add my number’ and click on next button.

15.Accept the Terms of Service.

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Use Dummy Numbers

Before creating your gmail account, if you want to add your personal number then you can use it and if don’t want to enter your number then you can go on website given below. 

It will provide you number for verification.There are so many websites that will provide you virtual number for verification.

List of websites:

  • Sellaite
  • On Verify
  • Receive SMS Now
  • SMS Receive Free
  • Free SMS Verification.

Set your age to 15

By set your age 15 or under 15 is a another best way to create your Gmail account and avoid phone number verification. 
Most of the people use this method to avoid verification. They have create their own Gmail accounts.
We will guide you in Simple steps to create your Gmail Accounts on mobile phone:-
  • Open your Chrome Browser.
  • Click on Gmail that which at right upper corner.
  • Click on Create account option shows at the bottom of your screen.
  • Click on “For Myself” or For “Business”.
  • Enter your account information  and create a new email address.
  • Press Next button.
  • Set your age 15 or less. If 2020 is going on then you have to enter your birth year 2005+.
  • leave the mobile phone number bar blank.
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions. 

How to change Gmail password?

Most of the time, if we work in the office, we use Gmail the most or even use Gmail for any kind of professional work. 
Someday we have to do something where we have to share our Gmail password with someone else, so we should keep changing Gmail passwords in a few months for safety and security. 
If you don’t know how to change Gmail’s password, today we’ll show the whole step by step how to change Gmail’s password in this article.
To change gmail password, follow the following steps correctly:-
1) Open Gmail and go to the Settings option.
2) Go to your e-mail ID in settings.
3) Click on the option of Manage your Google account.
4) Now click in the security section (Security Section) at the top.
5) Click on the Signing into Google option?
6) Now you will get the password option and go to it.
7) Then sign in from the account and now a new password will be asked.
8) Click change password after entering a new password.
Frequently Asked Questions-
1. How do I create a Gmail account without a phone number?
Which is the best way to create a Gmail account without using your phone number

Ans- There are so many ways to create your gmail account without using phone numbers. Most people uses a dummy number to create his gmail account. 

Dummy number is a way that a website will provide you one number for verify your account.

When you go on other website like receive SMS Now it will provide you one dummy phone number for free and you have to enter that number on your gmail. 

After that it will send OTP on Receive SMS Now and you can use this OTP to verify your gmail account and Create your Gmail Account without using your personal number. 

So this is the best method to create your Gmail account without Using your personal phone number.


2. How to Bypass Gmail Phone Verification

Ans- To apply bypass method for creating Gmail(Google) aacount, you should follow above steps to create your account on google but remember one thing after enter your strong password Google will ask you to add your phone number. 

You should click on “More Options” and select ‘No,do not add my number and click on next button.


3. I don’t have a phone number to create my Google Account.

Ans- As we told you there are multiple methods to create your make (create) google account. You can follow bypass method or use Dummy number for verification. 

But we suggest if you are creating your first Google Account please don’t use dummy number or do not apply bypass methods. 

Sometimes we forgot our google password. So your number will help you to reset your password.

4. How many gmail accounts can I create with one phone number?

Ans- You can create 4 Gmail Account with one phone number.