Keyword Density: Best Way to Find Keyword Density in a Blog Post in 2023

Best way to find Keyword Density in a Blog Post
Best Way to Find Keyword Density in a Blog Post

Hey, are you looking to know what are keyword density and Best way to find Keyword Density in a Blog Post in 2023? So read this post from start to end very carefully.

You need to have a good knowledge of SEO to make posts SEO-friendly. If you want to do post-perfect optimization for SEO, you need to have basic information about SEO. 

SEO has a lot of factors, including Keyword density. This is a very special factor of SEO. You need to know about it. So, we are going to tell you about it in this Post.

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If you’re a New blogger, let me tell you about SEO once you can follow SEO completely and get organic traffic from the search engine on your blog. 

If we talk about a Successful blogger, I think every successful blogger follows SEO and SEO is the biggest reason for having success in the field of blogging. 

That’s why you’d mostly say that if you want to take your blog to the success level, follow the SEO well now and see if you’ll get a better result very soon.

Keyword density is also very important for the Optimization of SEO in posts. You’ll only have to take care of it and write a post only if you’ll be able to write an SEO-friendly post. 

Now you need to know what is keyword density and how to check keyword density in a blog post. So, below I’m telling you about it.

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What is Keyword?

The keyword is a target edifice that refers to a particular object, person, place, material, etc. There is a main role of keywords in the SEO. 

We tell search engines what topic our content is on so that search engines rank our content search results for that keyword.

By the way, the keyword is needed only by machines because we and you can understand any content simply. 

That’s what topic it’s written on but the machines can’t understand, so we keyword use enough to tell them what topic our content is on.

What is Keyword Density?

If we use a lot of words in a Post, repeat the same keyword several times and the percentage we call the keyword density. 

If we say simple, as you write 500 words in a post and use keywords 15 times, it will be 3% after calculating the keyword density.

If you have taken full care of keyword density while writing the blog post, you will have to highlight your Post top in the search engine.

Many bloggers prefer to write lengthy posts and in their choice, the same keywords in the post are used more than 5 times, which, if seen, is of no use in having a long long post and will also complicate the post to search the engine index.

I’m not saying you don’t write long and lengthy posts, but we’re telling you not to use the same keyword in Post more often. The less it is better.

Importance of Keyword Density in SEO

Keyword density is required for SEO because Google tries to show a user a list of the most relevant Web pages on SERP depending on their search query.

If their search phrase is present in your content, you will get a chance to rank on SERP. In other words, the presence of key phrases in your content helps Google better understand the context of your content.

Suppose you want to rank for a particular keyword related to your niche. In that case, you must write content or customize existing ones with the target keyword.

You also need to make sure that the special keyword naturally appears a few more times through your content.

Sometimes, using accurate keywords within a part of the content several times can reduce the effectiveness of the entire article; 

Therefore, what you can do instead is to use the word synonym for your focus keyword to avoid duplication.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword Stuffing technique to rank the page in the wrong way and bring it to the first page in Google. 

In which the same phrase in a blogger page content and meta tags or which we and you call the target keyword is repeated in the content of the page. 

To rank the page first in the search result. In this way, the traffic of the site can also be increased. But it works only for a while.

Now take an example: How to make money from Blogging, blogging everyone should do these days, you have to wait hard to Success Field blogging.

How do use Keywords in Blog Posts?

Now you must have seen how to use keywords in a blog post and how many times Keywords word has been used here. That’s what we and you can Keyword stuffing speak. 

If repeatedly is being used to rank the same sentence, it does not matter if you speak keyword spamming it.

The keyword is nothing else, it is a question that the user search in Search Engine. It is a technique, Against Google Guide Lines or an Unethical SEO technique that can speak.

If we talk about it in my language, the best way to increase website ranking in 2023

When you try to increase the rank of your blog post then your website ranking also increases and same when you try to increase your website ranking then your post will also rank in a higher position.

But these methods cannot last long in front of the expert algorithm of Google, today.

How does Keyword Density affect SEO?

Back in the day when you were able to rank our post in Google by increasing the repetition of certain keywords within a text. 

Basically, the more often you mention a word within an article, the more likely you will rank in the top 10 for it.

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Over time, site owners recognized “keyword stuffing” as the best online marketing practice. While it provided a lot of free display of your content, it also had an adverse impact on web users. 

It became difficult to read articles that negatively influenced the overall Internet experience.

As a result, search engines introduced a new system where that would punish websites that do keyword stuffing for ranking purposes.

After a while, people realized that filling words in articles no longer worked and they had changed their strategy to other SEO methods.

How Does Keyword Density Checker Tool Help Our Site?

Nowadays people are not stuffing content as before. In this respect, there is little chance of you being punished for this reason.

But there is still a valid reason why you should analyze the content.

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Sometimes writers ignore their main keywords after the initial paragraph.  

It is especially common when it comes to long posts where you jump from one topic to a topic. So, you only need to check the keyword density to ensure that you are sufficiently relevant to a query.

With our checker, keyword density analysis is a breeze! Like all the same tools, you only have to enter a URL and click Analysis.

Our density analyzer will then provide a list with the following results:

  • Density – shows all phrases within a text and how many times you have used them
  • Word weight – shows how well this page is customized for different questions
  • Word on – shows where you can find phrases on a page
  • Meta Tag
  • Links

In addition, the tool also allows you to set various advanced parameters that will be considered during analysis.

The density of the geo ranker analyst is one of the best services of its type on the Internet which helps you determine both the density and the effect of phrases on different questions.

How much Keyword Density is in Post for better SEO?

After reading the above, you may have found out about Keyword density. 

Now the question is how much the keyword density percentage should be for Better SEO ranking’ so we’ll say to everyone that in the post, keep the keyword density from 1% to 3%.

If you don’t know How many times should a keyword appear in an article, let’s tell you below, but before we tell you that if you use 1000 words in a post, repeat the keyword at least 5-8 times. 

If it repeats more often, it may give a Negative Effect on SEO. If you use high-ranking keywords in the post, it’s not used everywhere. 

I’ll recommend some better space in the post. Keywords you can use in the Post title.

Permalink will also be better than keyword use. Use keywords in the first or last line of the post.

If you use a keyword in the post’s blog, make it bold or italic. If you use the image, use the keyword in the alt tag or title of the image. You can also use h1, h2, or h3.

In any of the above places, you can use keywords and improve the SEO rank of your post. 

Now you may have known about keyword density, so now I’m telling you how to calculate keyword density in the post.

How to check Keyword Density in Post?

You can manually check keyword density by using your keywords and calculating the total number of words and using the above formula. 

Number of times the target keyword appears / Number of words on a webpage = Keyword density

Or you can use tools such as Yoast SEO Plugin to check keyword density within your WordPress post editing page.

Once your Page goes live, you can review Alexa’s use of keywords using the on-page SEO checker and make a final check on your Page to ensure that the page is fully customized for the target edited period.

Keyword density, If you want to calculate, we are naming some of the tools at the bottom so that you will be able to easily check the keyword density.

  • Live Keyword Analysis
  • SEO Centro Density Checker
  • SEO Chat Keyword Density Checker
  • Article Underground
  • SEO Book

You can easily check the keyword density of your blog post by going to any of the websites mentioned above. 

If there is at least a percentage in the Keyword density, there is better for SEO.


I hope you like reading this How to check keyword density in a blog post. If you don’t understand anything, do comment and if you want to know more about SEO, you can read Related Articles from our SEO Lastly, I want to tell you to share this post as much as possible.