Gray Hat SEO Techniques: 6 Ways To Rank Blog Without Breaking Rules in 2023

What is Gray Hat SEO?
Gray Hat SEO Techniques

In this post, we are going to discuss Gray Hat SEO and also its Techniques. And also we will discuss 6 Ways To Rank Blog Without Breaking Rules of Google Algorithms.

When it comes to SEO, there has been a lot of talk about having a black or white Hat, but the standard definition of Gray Hat SEO is still unclear, and that is not true. The gray hat is basically an SEO strategy that neither comes into the black hat nor white hat.

It can be mainly Black Hat SEO one day, and it doesn’t really come under the purview of Black Hat SEO. You just don’t have to be a grey hat, you can also be an expert in many other SEO fields, such as on-page, off-page, etc.

What is Gray Hat SEO?

What is Gray Hat SEO?

Just as Black Hat SEO is wrong and White Hat SEO is right, so what is Gray Hat SEO? So that can we applied in our blog.

Gray Hat is actually the mixture of black hat and white Hat SEO. In this gray hat SEO, you see both the features of white hat and black hat SEO.

Whenever you try to rank your blog on the search engine, you can use this gray Hat SEO technique to rank your blog at the top of the search engine as soon as you can.

You should SEO of your blog carefully when using a gray hat. Search engines can also delete your blog or website if you make a slight mistake.

Importance of Gray Hat SEO

What is the Importance of Gray Hat SEO?

It’s very easy if you understand gray hat SEO in the right way. Gray hat SEO technique is important for your blog.

When you use both black SEO and white SEO in the right way, you will soon be able to rank on the search engine.

it is not white hat SEO or used by the black hat SEO. Using gray hat SEO, you get blog ranked on the search engine soon.

And if you don’t have a society about Grey Hat SEO, stay away from this SEO technology. If you make a slight mistake in SEO, the search engine can block your website.

You should use white hat SEO as much as possible in your blog. Because it doesn’t pose any kind of threat to your site.

How to Do Gray Hat SEO?

Tips of Gray Hat SEO Checklist

Now that you have learned about the technique of gray hat SEO, now you know how to gray hat SEO? So that you can rank your blog post at the top of the Search Engine.

How to do gray hat SEO? To find out, you need to know about the gray SEO technique. You can use this only when you use the technique above.

So let’s know about that technique in detail.

1. Cloaking

Cloaking is an SEO technique in which two forms (view) of a page are made for a crawler (bot) and one for the real people.

Cloaking can be done in many ways. Spam websites often use cloning to avoid search engine bots.

If Google discovers that the site is clocking, Google can permanently ban the site. Because it violates the Guidelines of Google.

2. Buying Expired Domains

It is very important to create backlinks for any website, which increases the chances of ranking your website coming to the top position of google search.

Grey Hat SEO also depends on the backlink of most of the part and this strategy works to some extent.

Some people use expired domains to create backlinks, but remember if they’re in your category before buying.

3. Getting Positive Reviews

A positive review is very useful for any business, it works as a measure for you and is also taken to improve the positive branding of the business.

Commenting on any article or blog is called a review or feedback, it is also part of Black Hat SEO and Grey Hat SEO.

Some people use the comment process to rank their websites on Google. And for this they also get some money.

4. Keyword Stuffing

Whenever you repeat a Keyword or Text again and again or within the blog post, it is considered Keyword Stuffing, many people Keyword Stuffing to increase the ranking of their website.

But Keyword Stuffing, Search Engine is considered Spam and it is a Black Hat SEO Technique.

Keyword Stuffing brings up an Article for a while, but as soon as Google indicates that your Article is Keyword Stuffing, your Article will soon be ranked down.

You should use keywords in at least in the article as it brings your blog into the spam category and the site may be blocked after some time.

5. Promote your Blog

After publishing a post on the blog, it is very important to Promote them, as the number of bloggers in blogging has increased considerably, which has also increased competition.

If you write good content on your blog but don’t share or promote them, you will fail blogging.

There are also many services and tools available to improve the list of followers in the internet world.

You can also use these Tools to Promote your Blog:

  • Share on Facebook
  • Share on Twitter
  • Share on Google+
  • Share on Reddit
  • Share on LinkedIn
  • Email Newsletter Send
  • Share on Pinterest
  • Share on Skill Infinity
  • Use Cross-Promotion Techniques

6. Buy Backlink

Buying links is also part of a kind of grey-hat SEO. In this, people buy backlinks to run more traffic to work on your blog or on a third-party website.

Search engines can also block your website if you work too much. That’s why you should buy that backlink before buying the link or not.


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