6 Tips: How to Write Biography like Professionally of a famous person

6 Tips: How to Write Biography like Professionally of a famous person
How to Write Biography of a famous person

If you want to write a biography of famous persons and finding some tips, so you’re at right place. Here you can find some simple tips and tricks How to write Biography like Professionally of famous person. 

There are so many people searching for guidance to become a writer.

When you love to write about someone’s life but as soon as when you pick up your pen and copy to write, then you think how and what to write. 

Suddenly at that time you forgot your all points. So don’t worry we will discuss here all points and questions about how to write a biography. 

Before start discussion we need to know some important information like what is Biography and Autobiography and what is the purpose to write a biography. So Let’s Start.

What is Biography?                                 

Biography means the complete details of someone’s life. It describes whole life of any persons like date of birth, birth place, mother’s name, father’s name, studies, success, failures, death and so much. When you start to write a biography, you have to be careful before writing.

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What is Autobiography?

Biographies and Autobiographies both are but same. In both we read about whole life of someone’s. 

But there is difference biographies is written by anyone while autobiography is written by itself. In it, the writer writes about his life himself.

What is the main purpose of writing a Biography?

The main purpose of writing a biographies is that to share all about information of any persons to an audience. There is hard work and consistency behind every successful person. 

That hard work inspire and motivate you to do so much effort. That’s why biography is so important. 

If we write a biography on any successful person and in biography talk about hard work, consistency, failure of that person. May be his hard work inspires you to do something in your life.

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What to write in Biography?

As we told you that biography means life of any person’s from beginning to end. In beginning most of the people before writing a biography they always think how to write a biography and what to write in biography. 

We suggest you first of all choose your subject because subject is very important part in a biographies, because without subject you can’t write biography on anyone.

How to write biography?

In a paper or a diary where you’re going to write a story of person’s life. Here it is a chance to learn interesting facts, research and great opinions about someone. 

Before write you need to find subject and research and collect all information about him/her. It is a best way to write a someone’s life story. 

First you need to take an enterview and collect all information before writing on them. By doing this you will reduce mistakes and biography will be based on true facts. 

By doing this, you will get the attention of people. Before Writing you need to have full details about the person:

1.Choose your subject.

2.Get permission.

3.Do Your Research.

4.Make important points in your notebook.

5.Use flashbacks.

6.Include your own thoughts.

So let’s start with Step by Step:

Step 1- Choose Your Subject

Remember that the person you choose to writing about life story from start to end of life should be famous. Whether it can be a Scientist, Politician, Brave Soldiers and any famous or successful persons.

Step 2- Get Permission

Before going deep into your research make sure, the subject give’s you the permission to write on them about his/her life. 

In some if you write a biography of any subject and published them without permission in those conditions the subject can files case against you.

Step 3- Do your Research

The most important thing is in biography is research if you write a biography without any research so it will not so good. That’s why before start writing on any person you need to do research on them. 

Writing anything with the full of research is the best part of any biography, story and anything you want.

For example-let us assume that when you start prepare your food at first time. Before preparing food you do research on that recipe which you want to prepare.

Step 4- Make important points in your notebook

The most important thing is that note down important facts, thoughts in your notebook before writing a biography. 

Because when you sit on your chair and start writing a biography of any famous person after some you forget your points and the flow of writing break.

Step 5- Use Flashbacks

Flashback mean’s a small part of any films, pictures etc. goes back and describe it. 

In simple steps- If a person sit with you and telling his own story and sudden he goes past to describe something. So this is called Flashback and that’s why it is so important.

There are so many movies, stories, biographies you shaw they use flashback. Use of flashback makes better your stories, biographies. 

Before using flashbacks you need to know why are you using flashback in your biography.


Step 6- Include your own Thoughts

Writer or biographer share his own feeling and opinions on their subjects life. Biography is nothing without words. Word makes biography more powerful and attract readers mind. 

When you implement your own words, thoughts in the biography then it become more powerful and attractive. 

As soon as reader start reading biography then they goes deep into the book.

Include your own thoughts means that writer feels the situation of any moment of the subject and describe that situation in own words. 

He feels the emotions of the subject and describe that emotion in own thoughts.

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How to write biography about myself

There is a proverb “Practice makes a man perfect”. If you want to become a writer, so first you need to write on yourself because if you write anything on yourself then you can deeply analyze your mistakes had been done by you and next time you can less your silly mistakes also. 

Every famous person wants that a biography was wrote on him with proper words without any mistake.

When you’re going to write on yourself and you’re beginner in writing. 

First you need to write some points on your Notebook because sometime when we start writing as going deep then we start forgetting our point that what should write after that.

How to write a 100 word bio

If you want to write a bio in 100 words then you have to remember some important point because in 100 words you can’t write bio in 4 to 5 pages. 

If you have skill to describe the subjects life in 100 words then it’s good. Writing biography in 100 words first of all you need to create table to do that because by creating table you can discuss the subject’s name, father’s name, mother’s name, school, college etc. 

If you’re in school and teacher told you to write in 100 words then you can do that because you can’t describe 100 words in full detail.