How to download YouTube videos on Mobile/PC or laptop

How to download YouTube videos on Mobile/PC or  laptop

How to download YouTube videos 

How to Download YouTube Videos on Mobile/ PC or Laptop:-  Hello everyone, I hope you all well. In today’s post, we are going to tell you how to Download YouTube Videos.

However, you may have heard that video download can be done from YouTube. Most people use Software and Application to download videos from YouTube.


It will take you a lot of time if you download a video from software or app. That's why you'll tell you how to download the video from direct YouTube here. It will save you time and you will be able to easily download any video.

So let’s start discussing our topic without wasting your precious time.

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YouTube is a platform where there is all kinds of Video are Available, sometimes when we're watching a video on YouTube and we like video and want to save the video in our gallery to watch it in the future.


People here share a variety of videos such as Education, Technology, Music, Health Tips, Entertainment, etc. If you also watch any videos on YouTube and you like it or you need to look again and again.


Or you want to share the video with your friends or even apply status on your Social Media. And while watching videos on YouTube, buffering or watching videos again and again costs more data. 

So you can save or download this video to your phone's gallery to avoid internet data expenses.

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There are almost all kinds of videos on YouTube, many people use it as tuition to study, many people learn Music, some people learn yoga, everyone is on YouTube to their own liking, which also ends your data, and being a Slow Network, video buffering also makes your time worse.


When you ever run YouTube and sometimes it happens when you see a favorite song, or you see a Video that you want to share with your friends or create your Whatsapp Status, you may have thought many times what is the method to download YouTube Videos.


Those who don't have time to watch Online Video think of how to download YouTube Videos with the help of Google, so that they can save Videos in Gallery to see Offline in their free time.

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If you don't know how to download YouTube videos on a Laptop and you want to know the method to download YouTube videos on Laptop. so let's discuss it.

How to download YouTube videos

How to download YouTube videos in Mobile

It's also very simple to download Mobile from YouTube. There are many ways to download YouTube Videos in mobile YouTube, but today we'll tell you two new and easiest ways to download your Video from Mobile and save it in your Gallery.


1. If you have enough Internet data on the smartphone, you can download it in the app only when you watch any favorite video.


When watching a video on the YouTube app, you need to tap on an option at the bottom right. It is displayed in the name of the download or offline button.


If you tap on this button as soon as video playback starts, the video will be played as well, as downloaded.


However, to download the video in this manner, you will have to play the entire video or wait for the entire buffering, but if you have data, there is no need to worry.


2. If you want to download YouTube videos to the mobile gallery forever, you need to install an app in your Android phone.


The name of this app is TubeMate. Let's say this app is not available on the Google Play store. You can download it from TubeMate's official website. Just while doing so you need to install the third-party app in the phone's settings.


Once the app is installed, you can press the share button below when watching videos anywhere in the Chrome SA YouTube app and open with TubeMate.


As soon as you do this, the video will be available on TubeMate for download. By downloading the video from here you can see it in the phone's gallery whenever you want.

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How to download YouTube videos on PC or Laptop

1. To download YouTube videos on PC, the user can take the help of the First, Google has to lose its web site.


Click on the download button by pasting the URL of your favorite video in a Download bar above.


This will let you see many quality formats of your favorite videos. Out of them, you can choose high quality or low quality. Then right-click on the video file and save it.


Save it to your desktop or drive by giving the file name. Now you can watch this video whenever you want without the internet.

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2. You need to install a downloader software to download YouTube videos in this way. These downloader programs can download videos not only from YouTube but also on other platforms like Facebook.


Paste the URL of the YouTube video on these desktop downloaders and download your favorite video whenever you want.

For this work on your PC you can download and install these  YouTube downloader software by Searching Google.

1- 4K Video Downloader

2- WinX YouTube Downloader

3- aTube Catcher

4- Any Video Converter Free

5- Free YouTube Downloader


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